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The true definition of style is allowing you to look like…yourself. Trends come and trends go. And although the Stila woman is aware of them, she's also aware of what works for her, and never bows to a cookie cutter definition of beauty. Whether her unique, personal style is whimsical or sophisticated, feminine or funky, she always looks modern, approachable and individual. True for her clothing. True for her makeup.

Stila was created by a top Hollywood makeup artist whose vision was to help every woman look like the absolute best version of herself, without compromising what makes her special and unique. She innately understood that when we all try to look like someone else, we all end up looking the same-the very opposite of stylish. Putting her philosophy into practice, she imbued her new makeup collection with a sense of her own individuality and innovation. Recyclable packaging broke all the rules of the time, but reflected her personal values and respect for the earth. Lipstick shades were named for cherished friends. Clean, fresh illustrations of the Stila Girl allowed every woman to picture herself wearing the products instead of aspiring to be or look like anyone else. And because this was a professional makeup artist's brand, only the highest quality ingredients were used. Stila was fresh. Stila was fun. Stila was revolutionary. And it still is.

Today, Stila's makeup artists are incredibly busy, working behind the scenes on movie sets and backstage at the world's hottest fashion shows, creating distinctive looks for the world's top models and celebrities. It's a lot of what gives Stila its cachet, but it's certainly not the only thing that makes us special. No, what makes us special is our ability to make women-all women-feel special. It's partly our blend of high quality, innovative products; professional tricks of the trade; non-intimidating style; and easy accessibility. But most of all, it's our knowledge that real artistry and creativity doesn't mean copying: it means being confident, being creative, and being yourself-stylishly so.

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