giveaway day two - a pair of kittens!

Dec 2, 2010

on to our second giveaway already...  geez aren't the holidays fun!  yesterday's winner was shanon who said she loves how shiny the lip glazes make her lips!  congrats!  today we are giving away a pair of kittens - one kitten eye shadow and one kitten lip glaze.  we hope the winner enjoys using stila's most beloved shade of makeup.  meow!

to enter comment and tell us when you began using kitten eyeshadow - we're interested to know!  include your email address please.  

***winner must live in the continental united states.

good luck stila girls!  xoxo

98 Responses to giveaway day two - a pair of kittens!

  1. I haven't tried any Kitten products yet. The closest I have gotten is a dupe from Wet n' Wild. I would love to try any of Stila's products! (I have yet to try any so far.)

  2. Please enter me to win!!! I LOVE Kitten Eye Shadow, but have not tried Kitten Lipglaze! I love Stila products and have been wearing Kitten eye shadow for about 4 years!!! Totally love it!!! Stila is one of my very favorite brands!


  3. The kitten eyeshadow is a versatile, beautiful and eyepopping color. I've not had the opportunity to try the kitten lip glaze, but would LOVE to try it since I love Stila's lip glazes in almost every color!

  4. i have been coveting the kitten shadow now for months. Everytime i go into sephora i leave all kittened out!

    And im just a tried and true fan of lipglaze, so this set is perfect for me!

  5. I finally started using kitten eyeshadow this past year, and I love it. Don't know why I waited so long to try it! I've never tried the lip glaze though.

  6. ***********************************************************************************************************************************************I fell in love with the stila kitten eyeshadow when I saw it at Wally World. Instantly fell in <3. I totally love eyemake up and this is one of my FAVs. *********************************************************************************************************************************************
    Jade D

  7. I have been using kitten almost daily since last fall when I bought my first tin of the eye shadow. I LOVE it. It looks super natural and gives my eyes a light pick-me-up.

  8. I started using Stila Kitten eyeshadow over two months ago.. its was my friends eyeshadow I tried it and love its a pretty color that makes my brown eyes pop ! this one of my fav eye shadows from Stila

  9. I started using Kitten eyeshadow 5 years ago! I loooove it! Its THE world best eyeshadow..I would know, Ive tried EVERYTHING! My good friend from work got me addicted to everything else! I loves me some stila! ;)

  10. oh i forgot to write my email...

    I recently started using kitten and i absolutely LOVE it. i don't know why I didn't buy it sooner, I wear it every day!

  11. I've not been kitten-ized yet but I look forward to becoming one when I start using these two goodies!

  12. I haven't had the chance to try Kitten eyeshadow yet. But I've heard so many good things and would love to try the duo! :D

  13. i've used Kitten eyeshadow for about 5 years now-i love how it brightens my eyes! haven't been able to try the lipglaze yet though...

  14. Started using Kitten when I was 14 or 15, so it's been at least ten years now! It's my absolute go-to, perfect eye shade.

    alliestruzik at gmail dot com

  15. I tried Kitten eyeshadow after hearing great reviews about it from friends! I haven't tried Kitten lipglaze yet though. (:

  16. I started using it about a year ago, one of my fav all time go to shades, very versatile for casual & dressy looks.

  17. I started using Kitten about 2 years ago when I first started getting into makeup. I heard it was a cult fave so I had to get my hands on it. It's definitely a universally flattering shade. I use it lightly all over the lid with black cat smudged along the lash line.


  18. i began using kitten about a year ago. this is the first shadow that i've used down to the bottom of the pot. kitten really is MEOW!!!

    tmcclain23 (at) mac dot com

  19. I started using kitten a couple of years ago. It is the perfect shimmery base. In fact, I use it for my ballroom competitions, just to "brighten" up my eyes for the lighting on the floor. Kitten is part of my daily routine.

  20. I've been using Kitten for a few years, after reading so many rave reviews.

    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  21. I absolutely love the Kitten eye shadow and lip glaze. The shades go so well with my light skin. I've been using both of them for about 4 months. My daughter has been sneaking my eye shadow whenever she can get her hands on it.

  22. I began using it when my son said I looked tired. Just a little bit on my inside lid gives my eyes an instant wake up :)
    Parkdalemanor at yahoo dot com

  23. I've been using kitten for the last 6 months or so. I loved it because it gave me a subtle sun-kissed glow when I wear light make-up during the summer. Now I realize that added with some mascara, it's a great superfast way to add some color when I'm in a hurry and can't go through my usual make-up routine. And it's pretty cool that it's a color that seems all skin tones can use!

  24. I have been dying to try kitten..really really really hope I can win! :) STILA rocks. I love your eyeshadows!

    kellierosewilson AT hotmail DOT com

  25. OMG kitten is totally my trademark eyeshadow color! I wear it everyday, even if I'm mixing up some bold colors on top, I never leave the house without it on! I always get so many compliments on it and I won't tell my best friends the name of the shade so its MY little secret! Hahaha I <3 it!!!!!

  26. I started using this just about 6 months ago on a recommend from my sister, who likes to pretend she doesn't wear makeup. Kitten is a great natural color!

  27. I have not tried the kitten products but I see them all of the time at work and have been wanting to try it! These are like my absolute favorite shades!! I would LOVE to win!

  28. I started using Kitten shadow last year when it recommended to me as a good "go to" item by the team at Rouge in Salem, MA. They were so right and I use it every day!

  29. I started using Kitten when I worked for a .com selling it. We had a Stila rep come in to do our product training and I fell in LOVE with it! I use only Stila since then and that was 3 years ago now :) I am happy to say I have also converted all my sisters and mother to Stila!

  30. I started using Kitten when I opened the Sephora store at the Las Vegas Venetian back in 1999. Still one of my faves and use it all the time on my clients!

  31. Pretty little kittens! Would love to try them out as great neutrals.

  32. I love stila lip glaze in kitten!! I tried it for the first time last year, when I bought the lip glaze set.. I must say kitten was the FIRST to go!! it was a sad day when i ran out..

  33. I started using it about 5 years ago - at the recommendation of a lovely lady at the make-up counter. :)

  34. I have dark skin, so I use the kitten shadow as a highlighter under my brow, under my bottom lashes at the outer corner, and in the inner corner. The perfect highlighter for my skin tone!! LoveLoveLove it!! :-) (oops!)

  35. My boyfriend knows I liked Stila products so he went online for Christmas last year and got me the smudge pot set that included kitten :) It was my favorite shade before I even realized it was kitten, lol

  36. Hi! I know it's the "it" eyeshadow color because it flatters every skin tone, but I've been unemployed for the past 2 yrs. so this will be a luxury item right now....I was a loyal lip glaze wearer in my working days :) Here's hoping to get a new job soon so I can afford all these goodies! LOVE U STILAAAA!!!

  37. i haven't tried kitten yet, but i would imagine myself sweeping some on my eyelids on days i don't feel like wearing a whole lot of eye makeup but at the same time want to add a special something to make them look...better?

  38. the kitten eyeshadow was actually my very first stila purchase!! I still love it to this day..

  39. I haven't tried kitten but I'd love to since all of my friends rave about how pretty and natural the color is. The sheer nude color must look great on all skin types to match every woman because it is Stila's signature color.

  40. I haven't tried Kitten yet, but from what some of the ladies are saying about this product it looks like i'll be trying it weather i win or go to my local Ulta this weekend. either way im excited to try it!

  41. I tried it with my customer appreciation kit last December? It was amazing! Now I LOVE the kitten primecolor and kitten smudgepot, I use it everyday.

  42. I started using both the Kitten Lip Glaze and eye shadow this summer and I absolutely love them and I can not live without them. It is nice and neutral and it goes with everything. I also love the Kitten eye shadow. It is a wonderful highlight to the eye. It has the perfect amount of iridescence.

  43. I started wearing Kitten shadow three years ago and haven't been without it since. It looks awesome with any shade of eyeliner (and I have plenty) and looks great on every skin color. And it stays on my lids!! Now that my daughter has started wearing make-up, I've noticed my Kitten disappearing a little faster...

  44. started using Kitten lipglaze a few months ago; it's pretty much my go to color.

  45. I began using Kitten eye shadow about one year ago and haven't stopped yet! It is my all time favorite eye shadow...great neutral shade, just the right amount of shimmer, and works well with other colors. It is Purrfect!

  46. Having trouble remembering the first time I used kitten eyeshadow... I began using a lot of Stila products back in 2003, and loved the Stila Pro store that used to be at South Coast Plaza!

  47. I wear the kitten eyeshadow just about everyday! I love it! A friend was wearing it at a party a couple years ago and her eyes looked beautiful...I have been wearing it ever since. If there is a piece of makeup I like more than the kitten eyeshadow iit is the kitten lipgloss. I love the flavor, the color, and the shine. Keep making great products Stila!


  48. i began using kitten eyeshadow in the pro artist palette when that 1st came out. it's too bright for me to use as a lid color, so i use it as a highlight and on my inner tear duct area.


  49. I havent used the basic Kitten eyeshadow but I do have it in Smudge Pot form and <3 <3 <3 it!! I use it on its own or underneath something and its just beautiful!

  50. I started using Kitten eyeshadow because of my MOM! yes thats right! lol she got me sooo hooked i would always take hers when i ran out! i love it. like mother like daughter ;) i need to try the lipglaze now!

  51. I have been using Kitten eyeshadow for a few years and I can see what it is a fan favorite - I LOVE it! I have never tried the lipglaze so that would be a great treat for me!

  52. Not that long ago, actually! Now I always use the Kitten smudge pot as an eyeshadow base. And I often wear the regular Kitten eyeshadow as a highlight in the corner of my eyes. It works perfectly!

  53. This summer I ordered the $10 It Girl palette from Sephora and it was my first Stila purchase... I use kitten to brighten up the inner eye area. Less than 6 months later and I'm more than hooked on Stila.. With this past sale I'll be over the $250 mark, yay!!

  54. I have been using kitten for less than a year. I love the color and name :)

  55. This is one of my favorite eyeshadow colors ever. I heard a lot about this shade from magazines and got one at Ulta about a year ago. I have since bought several Stila eyeshadow palettes with this color in it. It is just beautiful alone or mixed with other shades!!! Well done Stila!!

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