giveaway day twelve - spring liners!!!!

Dec 16, 2010

christina won yesterday's mascara and lash set.  she said that mascara makes her eyes pop like nothing else!  sadly we have reached the end of our 12 days of giveaways :(  we've loved all of your comments and thank each and every stila fan for entering.  in honor of our final holiday giveaway, we decided to giveaway something REALLY good.  this giveaway is not only part of our new spring collection, but it is also a pro artist favorite.  the winner will receive 3 eyeliners - stay all day liquid liner in indigo, stay all day liquid liner in dark brown, and kitten glitter liner.  all 3 liners promise to be your new favorite!

to enter, comment and tell us why you need these liners!  please include your email address.  you have two days to enter this final giveaway :)

***winner must live in the continental united states.

108 Responses to giveaway day twelve - spring liners!!!!

  1. I am very new to eyeliners. I always had a hard time using them and gave up. I would LOVE to give these a try and I adore the colors. Especially the kitten one. Merry Christmas!

  2. I need these liquid eyeliners because I've always been afraid to try liquid eyeliner and have just stuck with pencils in the past, but I would LOVE for stila to be the brand of liquid eyeliner I'm brave enough to try!!

  3. i would say that i need these liners to create a perfect cat eye look and the kitten glitter liner to make the look fun and festive for the holiday festivities.

  4. I need these liners to help me create the perfect cat eye whenever I feel inspired by Audrey Hepburn...or for just every day, because eyeliner is one thing I can't live without!

  5. I need these liners b/c they would help my blue eyes pop and sparkle ;o) I love a great mascara with an even greater liner. You can do so many things with a great liner - cat eyes, create the illusion of larger eyes, just be plain flirty ;o) xo

    aprilfordyce at gmail dot com

  6. I need liners that are easy and fast to apply and that can keep up with my 14+ hour days. Winning these 3 liners would give me the perfect update to my make-up routine: dark brown for every day, a pop of blue for going out after work, and kitten for highlighting the inner corners. Plus, these won't budge even when my family makes me laugh so hard that I cry over the holidays!


    I am finally quitting a job I hate where I don't get paid enough!!

    So I gotta look good while I look for the next one!

    Merry christmas to me!

  8. I need these eye liners because it is a easy and great way to make my eyes pop. I have never tried these eye liners and would love to.

  9. I'm an eyeliner junkie who loves cat eyes and winged liner, so this would be perfect for me! Thanks so much, the colors are so pretty.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  10. I need these because I would love to add these liners to my stila collection! I need to experiment with more than smudge pots and shadow liner! :)

  11. i'm dying to try these colors!! i love the black one already, so the new colors must be amazing. the liners being smudge-proof is just wonderful. i'd like to use these liner for my upcoming trip to vegas for Christmas!

  12. i need these liners because i cant live without the black liquid, and I've been waiting for the day when a brown would come out! It will be so much easier than using a brush and brown smudgepots for those days that i need a brown line!


  13. i need these liners because it'll complete my collection of everything "kitten"! (eye shadow, silk shadow, lip glaze, pearl lip gloss, you name it!)

  14. This would be an amazing early Christmas gift. My eyes are the one feature I ALWAYS emphasize.

  15. these are some gorgeous shades that I don't already have in my collection. I love the shade "Kitten" and have all the other products in that shade, so to have a glitter eyeliner to complete my collection would be awesome!

  16. I need these because Stila is quite literally the only liquid liner I trust... not only is the application and staying power awesome, but just about every other liquid eyeliner out there irritates my eyes for some reason. Plus, my friend "borrowed" my brand new Stay-all-day liner and never gave it back, so I definitely need some new liner! Thank you so much for doing this... I love seeing my favorite brand give back to their fans :)

  17. eye liner is the one thing that I absolutely cannot live without, and stila's liners last FOREVER, I can now die happy and beautifully lined.

  18. I NEEEEd THESE LINERS because sadly, i've never owned any STILA cosmetics. I'm not gonna lie and say that I need them because Stila is the best, but i'm being honest here, saying that i haven't had the opportunity to own any STILA cosmetics. :( I'm a college student and I don't have the luxury to own any cosmetics that aretoo pricy. :( AND having these liners would be SUCH a blessing to me! I really hope i'm considered to winning these liners. :*)
    my email is


  19. I need these because I love Stila eyeliner more then anything and I am almost out! hehe I only use Stila products! My little girl sits next to me when I get ready and she loves putting on Stila Lip gloss, she says it makes her a princess!

  20. Because a girl can never have too much eyeliner! :) I love how it can really pull together a makeup look.

  21. I dont have a liner that works right, always skips or looks thick. These would be perfect for a thin line and I would be doing it in Stila style!

  22. I absolutely need these liners to coordinate with my other stila liners, Onyx, Emerald and Sapphire to create that perfected cat eye chic look and to have a change of pace from my daily eye look!

  23. I'm looking for a job and really need to be at the top of the looks game when interviewing. These liners would help a great deal!

  24. I need these liners! I am in LOVE! I am a eyeliner fanatic and obsessed with Stila Cosmetics as well :) These liners (especially the glitter one) will help add to my Stila collection!


  25. I'm looking for a job and really need to be at the top of the looks game when interviewing. These liners would help a great deal!

  26. In all honesty I need these liners as I don't tend to were any shadow, just a primer, but use liquid liner to help my eyes make a statement. I love these these colors and would love to show them off.

  27. Yay! They look amazing. I've loved the sludge pots & have mult. uses for them including being an eyeliner. But having a stay all day liner seems like such a convenient great way to just apply a perfect line.

  28. I need these liners because i've never had good luck with liquid liners but I have a feeling stila spring liners will be my lucky charm!!

  29. I need those liners because they are the BEST. I have used a lot of different eyeliners, some of them very nice and highly recommended, but those really are the very best. They're so easy to use and they last a long time, and they have a great, strong line, thick or thin.

  30. I need those liners because the colors are subtle, yet gorgeous, and would flatter my eyes like nothing else! I could adapt them for pretty much anywhere I I live in NYC, where I always need to look on top of it :)

  31. I've always fought between gel, liquid, and pencil eyeliners my entire life. Each eyeliner has their pros and cons. However, stila's all day stay liquid eyeliner is a breed of its own that trumps the competition (application, staying power, and easy to use). I need these eyeliners because they have truly revolutionized my eye makeup. I will continue to use this product everyday.

    Jackie Schultz

  32. I would love these liners because they will compliment my stila eyeshadows so well!

  33. I need the eye liners because its almost NYE and I need something to make my eyes stand out and these will definitely do the trick!

  34. I love love love experimenting with different eyeliners to complete my makeup look. I would love to incorporate all of these liners into my rotation!


  35. I've been using the Stay All Day liquid eye liner in black for a few months now, and I LOVE IT!!! I wasn't a fan of liquid eye liner, but this one its just amazing. I felt in love with it since the first time I used it. I would love to have these eye liners because they are beautiful, amazing, and just what every woman should use to have beautiful and gorgeous eyes.

  36. Would be great to win so can update my makeup colors. Thanks for the chance!
    smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

  37. i need this liner because it is just amazing! It lasts for a long time and it's easy to use! :)

  38. I definitely think I should win for a couple reasons: the first reason is that Kitten looks gorge on my fair skin and blue eyes and the second and third reasons is that I never win anything and I just found out I was pregnant!! :)

  39. I need these liners because I'm always trying to play up my eyes (especially since I wear glasses). Would love to feel more confident wearing eyeliner!


  40. Every girl/woman should have this item. It adds so much sass to any look and its a must have and great stocking stuffer. Must have this for my new years look.

  41. I've never been a huge fan of liquid liners and I'm on the hunt for a good one, but seen as I love the smudge pots so much I'm sure that these would be just as good!

  42. I need these because eyeliner is the only makeup I wear, and although Smudgepots are my go-to, sometimes liquid is quicker, or just what you want!

  43. Looking for a new job, and going to an interview with a pop of color on my eyes is the perfect way to brighten up a drab interview palette. These colors are perfect for my brown eyes! I need them!

  44. I need to win these liners to help give my pocketbook a break from my Stila addiction =)

  45. I need eye-liners that can last all day from going to work at 7 am to leaving the gym at 7 pm!!


  46. On the 12th day of christmas oh Stila gave to me..
    Eyeliner to make my eyes oh so pretty!

  47. Would pair fabulously with my newly purchased Stila Color Wheel eye palette -- to complete the effect. Have been impressed with the tool/applicator quality as well as pigment and texture of your products. I tend to stay in the brown tones and would love to venture out!

  48. I've just started using liquid liner and I'm in love...! Guess why I started? Because a friend of mine gave me a stila mini. And now I'm totally hooked! Just need a few more to add to my repertoire and I'll be an eye lining machine...


  49. i absolutely need these liners because i love when i can outdo the last do i did with my please, kick to me cuz the colors kick azz!!! and so do i!!!!

  50. I need these liners to brighten up the eye looks on myself and my clients. These are 3 beautiful colors that I can dress up or down.

  51. I have been on the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner and would love to try these out.

  52. Especially in these very difficult financial times, where so many children in this country will not be unwrapping presents Christmas morning because their parents have been laid off, it's difficult for me to state why I NEED these eyeliners. However, as a beauty junkie who fell in love with these eyeliners the second I saw them, I can definitively state that the reaon why I love these liners so much is because of the ease of application plus I have never seen colors as rich and beautiful as the new ones here.These colors will match beautifully with any outfit you wear because the colors are neutral. However, the colors are so rich that they can be an easy replacement for even someone like me, who generally prefers to wear black eyeliner only. Black always makes the eyes pop but if these eyeliners are true to the color on the computer screen, they will look gorgeous on all people regardless of skin, hair or eye color. Another fine job Stila. I look forward to many new and exciting products in the coming year. Happy Holidays.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  53. kitten glitter liner?! need i say more! i need these because I have yet to get really adventurous with my eyeliner colors (i'm talking black!) it would be great to try out the featured colors!


  54. Love these! That's why I NEED it. ;) I love Stila cosmetics. I was introduced to your products on my wedding day (11 years ago) by the lady who did my make up. I have been a HUGE fan ever since!!!

  55. I love make-up so much that I turned it into a career. I do not have these in my bag yet and would love to try it on myself and my clients. =) or

    Thank you.

  56. eyeliners are essential in any makeup collection! they help define and draw focus to the eyes. i would love to try the new stay all day liners, i normally use black or wet stila's eyeshadows so these would be fun!

  57. I need these so my wife can think I'm the best husband ever to give these to her as a gift!

  58. Hi!
    I need these liners so I can get a glamorous look for my best friend's wedding on New Year's ex-boyfriend will be there! Thanks!
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  59. I so need this desperately! My eyeliner has run out and I haven't had the chance or funds really to buy another one! Plus it will be another reason for my fiance to look into my eyes that much longer <3 Oh and did I mention the obvious? Eyeliners are essential for every woman!

  60. I have oily eyelids, so liners rarely stay put on me. Anything called "stay all day" is exactly what I need! Indigo and dark brown are even the best liner colors for my eyes. And who doesn't love glitter eyeliner, especially in a fabulous shade like Kitten!


  61. I need these to look beautiful at my brothers upcoming wedding. These colors are perfect for my brown eyes. I need staying power and it looks like these will do the trick and when I look gorgeous I can thank stila for it.

    Thank you.

  62. These are fun colors to use for cat eyes or lining your eyes in a bright pop of color for spring. I would adore these!

  63. I need these liners because lining your eyes (with liquid liner especially) creates such a feminine look and alters the shape of your eyes as much or as little as you want. I line my eyes every day and love Stila products!
    dfloyd15 at gmail dot com

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