giveaway day four - double sided brushes!

Dec 6, 2010

congrats to lucy, friday's giveaway winner.  she said that one step correct and illuminating tinted moisturizer will keep her skin glowing and smooth this winter!!!  now on to today's amazing giveaway - three amazing double sided brushes!  we are giving away #28, #30, and #33 to a lucky winner.

comment and tell us what stila product you need these brushes for.  please include your email address.  the winner will be announced tomorrow, along with another giveaway!!! 

***winner must live in the continental united states.

happy holidays stila fans!!!  xoxo

83 Responses to giveaway day four - double sided brushes!

  1. I need these brushes to use with your wonderful tinted moisturizers and eyeshadows!!

  2. I need these brushes to consolidate my brush kit and keep the things easy and on the go! Not to mention they are AMAZING brushes and a must have for any makeup junkie like myself!

  3. I Just broke out of my fear of Foundations and recently purchased your One Step Makeup Foundation (The #33 One Step Complexion brush will help me out with this product) along with countless other stila products the past couple of weeks, Application is Key and this brush set will help me achieve the flawless face i've been dreaming of.

  4. I would use these brushes for applying my concealer, mineral bronzer, and my all time favorite foundation (one step makeup). I was also thinking maybe the concealer side could double for blending out my convertible color on my cheeks. For defining my eyes, I would use #28 and 30 brushes for application of, blending and smudging of my numerous Stila eye shadows and smudge pots. These products would allow me to optimize use of many of my Stila products including my color wheel palette that I'm anxiously awaiting!

    If there was one giveaway I NEEDED to win it would be this one (of course I'm sure I'd love any of they are all so great). However,the only brushes I currently own are some cheap Kroger brand one's and half the time I just use my fingers because these brushes are horrible. They leave streaks of makeup and blending is impossible. And with the impeccable quality of Stila products I know I would be able to achieve a flawless face with these brushes!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  5. I would use these brushes for application of my smudge pots, eyeshadows, and the complexion brush for when I try out the one step correct!

    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  6. I hope i win these!! i need some nice brushes to start my career in the beauty industry :)

  7. I would use these brushes for the application of my convertible colors as well as blending my eye shadows for a classic Stila look! I have wanted these brushes for awhile, but I'm in graduate school and trying not to splurge too often!

  8. So, I was cleaning my mom's makeup brushes last night (because she doesn't do it often enough), and I came to realize that some of her brushes are probably older than me...and I'm 24. My mom seriously needs some new makeup brushes. So, if I won, I would give these cool brushes to my mom. She can use them with the stila convertible color and eyeshadow trio that I am giving her for Christmas. :)

  9. I would use them to apply the Stila eyeshadow trio in Rocker and Stila custom color blush!


  10. #28 - I would use this with my smudgepots - the pointed side to line my eyes, and the other side to smudge the liner
    #30 - I would use this to put shadow on my lid and crease
    #33 - I would use this to apply convertible lip/cheek colors, foundation, and concealer

    Neeta Pramanik

  11. I would #30 with the backstage eye shadow palette, #33 with the sheer color tinted moisturizer, and #28 with Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot!

    Bloggytime20 at yahoo dot com

  12. i love all the stila lip glazes and the convertible colors ;) i would love these brushes for application of eyeshadows and foundation/concealer.

  13. I would use those phenomenal brushes for my favorite Stila product including, my favorite eyeshadow trio in champagne glow, and my perfect holiday glow inducing blush in Gerbera, followed by ,y all over shimmer luminizer to really make me glow! Those brushes are just what I need this year to give me my perfect Stila look.

  14. I want these brushes! I just retired all my old brushes from way back when I went to beauty school, and I really really need these!
    I have illuminating foundation, concealer, smudge pot(S), and shadows to apply!!!
    I'm an esthetician, so when I put my full face on, it has to be perfect!!!
    Thanks, Stila is my favorite!

  15. These brushes I could use for so many different things! Eyeliner w/ smudge pots, eyeshadows, concealer and foundation, lining lips and lipstick. The possibilites are endless!

  16. #33 would be great for the One Step Correct and foundation plus otherliquid and cream foundations I tend to use more in kit. #28 is a must have for me in my Kit. I love using it for the numerous smudge pots and gel liners I have and smudging them a bit sometimes for a smokey look. #30 I have never tried but it looks great for creases and blending the eye colors from the travel palettes I have.

  17. I would use the foundation/concealer brush for one step foundation and I would use the other brushes to apply my new eyeshadow Stila set from Sephora!

  18. Would be great to use these for blending eyeliners and eyeshadows! Saw these on your website last week - Great prize!
    Thanks for the chance!
    smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. I would use:

    #33 brush to apply my one step correct primer and my favorite foundation and concealer.

    #28 I would use for my smudge pots and to smudge out my Stingray smudge stick

    #30 I would use to create a gorgeous smokey eye look.

  20. I would use these brushes to create the perfect holiday and new years look.

  21. I would use:

    #28 w/ my pomegranate smudge pot
    #30 w/ my Stila talking palette
    #33 w/ to blend in my poreless perfection, tinted moisturizer and concealer.

  22. These would be awesome for traveling! My life would be much simpler with combined brushes....

  23. i would use these brushes to do my entire makeup! face - eyes - lips - its amazing the kinds of things you can do with a couple simple tools -

  24. I would LOVE these brushes for all my fun Stila eye shadows, perfecting conclealer, prime color, and smudge pots!


  25. i need these for natural finish oil free makeup & perfecting concealer in shade b, eye shadow in indigo & jade, smudge pot in bronze & black.

  26. I could definitely use these brushes to create some dramatic, colorful, gorgeous eye looks that would make my eyes pop and simultaneously make my day pop ;)

    -Kiran Amir Ali

  27. I would use the #33 for any product from the Stila One Step line (one step makeup in tone), the #30 to apply and blend Stila shadows from the Backstage eye palette (or the from the travel palette in Aspen), and the #28 to line my eyes with Stila's smudge pot in cobalt on top and in kitten on the bottom lash line.


  28. I would use #33 brush with Stila's One Step foundation to create a flawless look. #30 and #28 brushes would be great in creating the perfect smokey eye with my eyeshadow colorwheel palette.

  29. I would LOVE these brushes to use for eyeshadow, smudge pots, smokey eyes, and for my itm and one step makeup! They are the only brushes you need!

  30. I would use these brushes for my smudgepots, for my KITTEN eyeshadow, and illuminating watt foundation (50 watts) which is the best foundation in the entire world. Seriously the best.

  31. I would use the brushes for the color wheel eye shadow palette. The double sided brushes would be able to handle the color wheel of eye shadow possibilities!

  32. I need the #28 brush for stila smudge pots, the #30 for stila eyeshadows, and the #33 for stila one-step make up.


  33. I need these for everything! My daughter watched a video on how to wash brushes the right way, but apparently they were wrong...she washed them all this past weekend and ruined every one of her brushes. So now she has to start from scratch! Winning these would be awesome!

  34. i need these brushes to use with my stila limited edition travel palettes. Just love each and every one. The eye & convertible colors and palette themes are fabulous!

  35. eyeshadows! (i asked for the color wheel for christmas so this would be a perfect match!

  36. I need these brushes for Stila Smudgepots, eyeshadows (Mambo is my current favorite!) and tinted moisturizers!

  37. I need these brushes to create, create and create...I love the make-up because it allows me to express myself through colors!
    Creativity, imagination and colors make me a child!=)

  38. The great thing about these double-sided brushes is that I could do my entire face with this set! I would use the #33 for one step makeup and perfecting concealer, the #30 for all of my eyeshadow needs and the #28 for smudge pots and using shadow as liner to create the perfectly blended smokey or cat eye looks!

  39. i would use these for my eye shadows (love me it girl palette!) and my illuminating facial powder in gold!

  40. So far, I've used these brushes for eyeshadows, smudgepots, & convertible color! I have only one of them, so the other ones would be nice. :-)

  41. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I would use those brushes for your correcting concealer, kitten eyeshadow, and smudge pot in black. :)

  42. I would start with the #33 to apply my foundation and under-eye concealer, and then I would use the #28 and #30 brushes with my new Stila purrfect cat eye palette that I just bought!!!

  43. I have been looking for a nicer set of brushes and these look like they would be perfect.

  44. I would use these to apply my eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, and lipstick. It would be great to only use these to apply my makeup.

    karenar22 at yahoo dot com

  45. I'd use the #28 & #30 brushes for my stila smudge pots and eye shadows. I've been looking for a good brush to use to apply my illuminating liquid foundation & the #33 brush would be perfect. I'd love to even try the one-step foundation.

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