pro artist tip of the week - advice to help you choose your foundation shade

Nov 29, 2010

last weekend, as the official holiday shopping season began, we were very busy selling all sorts of products at stila.  obviously everyone had gift giving on their minds.  interestingly though, we seemed to sell quite a bit of foundation – an item you wouldn’t usually consider for a gift.  it appeared that although gifts were a priority, many shoppers were just as concerned about their skin this time of year.  as pro artists we are always excited when we have the opportunity to work with a customer one on one and help them find the perfect foundation.  unfortunately, this is not always the case and we cannot be everywhere at once.  with this is mind we hope these suggestions will help you the next time you are choosing a foundation.

first, match the foundation on your face not your hand.  too often we see people walking around with foundation on their hands assuming it’s a good match.  sadly, your hands are often a different color than your face.  this could result in the wrong color choice.

second, when testing the foundation on your face, the best place to swatch is usually the cheek area.  this is where you typically apply the most foundation and the area of your skin that people notice first when they look at you.

third, in regards to color selection, a foundation isn’t meant to look darker or lighter than your natural skin tone.  instead, choose one that blends best with your skin tone and also corrects the discoloration.

finally, choose a foundation that suits your skin type.  not all foundations are created equal.  for example, if you have dry skin, you will probably like a foundation like stila’s illuminating liquid foundation.  for those with oily or combination skin tones, the natural finish foundation may be a better choice. 

good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

how to recreate the ultimate party look

Nov 26, 2010

happy black friday stila fans!  we hope you are decking the halls, shopping away.  the holiday season is full of countless activities and it's important to look your best everywhere you go.  because of this, we created what we believe to be "the ultimate party look".  consider taking elements of this look and making them your own.  or recreate it entirely for a festive look that is sure to have heads turning.  for more details, check out the step by step guide below:

step one: apply black smudge pot to the lid of your eye like you would an eye shadow base.  this will ensure that your eye shadow stays on all day and it also deepens the eye look for the sultriest effect.
step two: layer black cat eye shadow over top of the smudge pot.  blend the color underneath the lower lash line.  soften the look by adding ebony eye shadow in the crease.
step three: line the inner rim of your eye with onyx kajal liner and coat your lashes with major major lash mascara.
step four: complete the look with per suede prime color on the cheeks and acai crush on the lips.  for added shine, top the lips with kitten silk shimmer gloss.

the color wheel look in nude

Nov 25, 2010

the nude makeup look is very popular right now.  it’s not about wearing no makeup.  instead, it’s about wearing the right makeup to enhance your features.  because of this, the look is usually very neutral and understated – perhaps it’s that vibe that allows people to think you aren’t trying to hard when in fact you just made some good makeup decisions.  dominick briguglio did this “nude look” from stila’s holiday color wheel lookbook.  “the shadow plays a key element in the look,” dom explains, “because it brightens her eyes and emphasizes their shape.”  if you focus on enhancing your features in a natural way – like dom suggests with the eye shadow – this look is simple.  in addition, dom also recommends a bronzer to help properly shape and contour your face.

do you need some inspiration for your own nude makeup look?  check out ours below.  it just proves that you can be an artist in any color!

what stila products are you thankful for?

Nov 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving from stila!!! we asked everyone at stila what product they were most thankful for and why. read the responses below and learn more about our favorites.

"i am thankful for smudge stick…because it never runs, smears, smudges….ever! and lionfish is the best shade ever!" - kara peterson

"i am thankful for stay all day liner. it’s my favorite liner ever! it doesn’t smudge or move. it’s so easy to apply. i am obsessed. i can’t live without it." -sam cutler

"i am thankful for the stila lip glaze in starfruit! i have never been a gloss fan until i tried stila lip glazes. they are not sticky, they stay on and they taste great! starfruit is the perfect shade to give a boost to your natural lip color! since i have been using stila lip glaze, i have never had to reach for a moisturizing lip balm again! no more dry lips!" -traci bucknor

"i am thankful for stila’s illuminating powder foundation. it makes my skin look flawless and 21 again!!" -dominick briguglio

"i am thankful for our new custom color blush...not only is it the perfect shade, but its the perfect shade for everyone no matter there skin color. every time i apply it on a client they love effect...real natural custom flush of color. it beats having to try a million different know right off the bat it will suit you as it is custom enhancement." -sulema fernandez-honn

"i am thankful for convertible color. this product saves me so much time when getting ready as it is super easy to apply since you only need your fingers. since i am in store all day and do not have time to retouch my make-up, i love that the convertible color stays on! i also love the perfect flush of color it gives my lips and i am always getting compliments on my cheek color as well. thank you convertible color." -christine rozalowsky

"i am grateful for glamoureyes mascara! i no longer need a primer to achieve a false eyelash look!!!!" -lidia debaise

"i am thankful for illuminating tinted moisturizer. it is a fabulous tinted moisturizer. it also highlights my clients cheekbones and around the eye area beautifully! i love it to clean up any fallout around the eye area after you have finished your eye makeup while providing an amazing glow! -starr gentry

"i am grateful for the silk shimmer luxe gloss in kitten! i just LOVE the way that if feels, smells and looks on my lips! -stephanie schuler

"i am thankful for long wear liquid lip color!" -jennifer lim

"i am thankful for major major lash mascara. even if i don’t have time to do my makeup in the morning, just adding a coat of major major gives me a boost and helps me feel confident and polished." -lindsey kracum

"i am so grateful for the convertible lip and cheek colors. they are multi purpose use, and i love the beautiful, natural cheek color it gives me. love this product." -viviana martin

"i am especially thankful for the brushes- they are the best brushes in our industry! i would not be able to do my make up in the morning or my job without them." -tracy sharpe

"i am thankful for stila convertible lip and cheek color. couldn't imagine doing makeup without it! -david birdwell

***apparently, you might want to stock up on convertible color for the holidays!!! lots of love for that product here at stila! what product are you thankful for?

how to look fabulous in fiji

Nov 23, 2010

are you heading to fiji this holiday? it’s a romantic and exotic destination that is known for relaxation, beauty, and adventure. whether you plan to stay in a hut, lounge on the beach, or explore the volcanoes in the area, looking good is always a priority. fortunately, stila has created a fiji palette just for you. this palette will allow anyone to translate the beauty of the islands into their makeup look. try this anyday – on vacay or when you're in need of a change. it’s a fun colorful look that we love. here’s how to recreate it.

step one: dust r&r from the lash line to the brow bone using stila’s #9 brush.
step two: apply escape on the lid using the large end of stila’s #15 brush.
step three: line the upper lash line with wave. use stila’s #4 brush wet and wing up at the second to last lash to create a cat eye effect.
step four: blend palm onto the lower lash line using the small end of the #15 brush.
step five: complete the look with glamoureyes mascara, and plumeria on the lips and cheeks.

***pro tips: to brighten the eye, apply topaz kajal eyeliner on the inner rim. and for hydration and shine, apply mocha lip glaze to the lips.

pro artist tip of the week – thanksgiving must haves

Nov 22, 2010

happy thanksgiving week from stila!  we have so much to be thankful for, including our selection of long wearing lip products.  while thanksgiving is indeed a day for reflection, we also like looking good when we are celebrating and want every stila girl to be prepared for this special occasion.  since thanksgiving is a holiday that requires large amounts of food consumption, your lips should be a top priority.  after all, food is usually a top culprit for ruining that perfect pout you worked so hard to achieve in the morning.  in order to maintain great lips throughout the day, look good in photos, and skip the touch up, make sure you rely on these thanksgiving must haves.

lip stains.  what girl doesn’t have a crush on stila’s amazing lip stains that now come in 6 different shades?  we do.  and we might go bold this holiday and wear acai crush to our holiday parties.  it’s festive, fun, and extra longer wearing.

liquid lip color.  for a modern lip that is matte and pigmented, try the liquid lip colors.  these gems wear for hours no matter what color you choose.  plus, they won’t bleed or smear when you eat.

long wear lip liners.  lastly, try one of the new long wear liners.  they offer more pigment than a regular lip liner.  pair one with a stain or a liquid lip color to ensure that your lips look defined and polished this thanksgiving!

the color wheel look in violet

Nov 19, 2010

one of our favorite looks from the color wheel lookbook is the violet look.  sarah lucero created this very modern look.  it's a great take on the popular cat eye trend.  instead of the typical liquid liner, strong upper lash line emphasis, this look is a heavy lower cat eye that was created with eye shadow.  "it's a great option for lifting and extending the eye shape.  and it's very sultry," sarah explains.  the best way to recreate the look is to use the small end of the #15 brush wet.  when you line your lower lashline, extend the line up and out.  and since this look is so bold, keep the lips nuetral.  try gerbera convertible color and topaz kajal eye liner for a great nuetral lip. 

if you are in need of some violet inspiration when using your palette, check out our inspiration here!  violet has never looked so good!

brea macy's shares their stila lip product must-haves

Nov 18, 2010

did you know that you can buy stila at macy's? in several locations, macy's has a beauty impulse department where stila can be found! yay! yesterday, we spent some time with the beauty impulse girls at the macy's store in brea. they love stila and have already sold out of the majority of their holiday stila sets. read more to learn what this rockstar team believes are stila's lip product must-haves.

kim is loving the red lip trend right now.  she says the perfect red is achieved with passionate lip liner, lover long wear lip color, and cranberry lip glaze.

natalie says every girl should own a lip stain.  she loves yumberry crush and often pairs it with flushed long wear lip color.

anna can't get enough of stila's lip glaze. it's her favorite. she loves every color - especially starfruit.

what stila products do you love for your lips?

the making of the color wheel lookbook

Nov 17, 2010

hi stila fans.  you may have noticed that we have started posting the looks from our holiday color wheel palette along with a how-to from each artist.  in addition, check out this fun behind the scenes video that was taken during the actual lookbook photo shoot.  it was an artistic process that we hope lives on through each and every person that uses this palette!

xoxo, stila

the color wheel look in pink

every stila girl wants to look pretty in pink!!!  there is no need to be afraid of pink eye shadow.  our new color wheel comes with a step-by-step guide to ensure you look fab in any pink hue.  viviana martin created this colorful look.  she packed on the darkest pink color on the lid using stila’s #15 brush.  to avoid it looking overly pink, she applied the dark brown shadow on the lower lash line and brightened the eyes by applying topaz kajal eyeliner on the rim.  for this look, viviana recommends lots of glamoureyes mascara!  also, she says it’s ok to keep it pink on the lips and cheeks as well, and recommends custom color blush and sugar plum lip glaze.

to see what inspired us and ignite the artist in you, check out this cool “pink” spread below!

congrats to our creme bouquet winner!

congrats to the winner of stila's creme bouquet roller ball fragrance.  there has been so much excitement surrounding the relaunch of this cult-classic fragrance.  amanda, the winner of this contest, shared her joy about the relaunch and why she loves creme bouquet.

"this amazing floral scent is filled with so many memories i can't even begin to explain.  it's so pretty and romantic.  my love for it is indescribable."

amanda, we are so glad that your love for this scent can live on and continue to fill your life with more memories to cherish.  thanks for sharing.  we hope you enjoy your prize :)

xoxo, stila

save the date - stila warehouse sale 2010!!!

we know you have been waiting and wondering.  today we are officially announcing our warehouse sale for 2010!!!  save the date - stila's warehouse sale is on saturday, december 11th.  come early.  chances are there will be lines.  people have been known to show up at 4am!  for more info, please refer to this flyer!

pro artist tip of the week - avoid looking older with your makeup

Nov 15, 2010

as women, we definitely have to face the facts and understand that we are all aging.  sure we can take advantage of procedures – topical and surgical – to make us look younger.  why do you think botox is a booming business today?  at stila we are like switzerland when it comes to botox - we aren't advocating or opposing the practice.  however, we are here to say as experts in the industry that certain makeup techniques are unfortunately aging.  avoid them.  now.  we want everyone to look as young as possible.  and makeup is a great resource for this.  here are some suggestions to ensure that you’re makeup is not aging you.

choose the right foundation.  the other day we worked with this woman who was wearing the wrong foundation.  it looked ashy on her skin and didn’t do much for her complexion.  we hate to admit this, but it probably added five years to her age.  once we put the right shade on her and applied one step correct as a primer there was a noticeable change.  she looked younger and healthier.  keep this in mind.  and if you need help choosing the right foundation, ask.  you will be glad you did.

don’t forget the color.  sometimes women assume that color means bold or red.  this isn’t true.  color could be a nice neutral that pops your cheeks and lips like stila’s yumberry crush.  it is amazing how a product like this will add a youthful glow and brighten up anyone’s eyes.  sadly sometimes doing nothing can do the exact opposite, so don't be afraid of color.

be strategic about where you shimmer.  we love shimmer as much as the next person.  however, shimmer all over the face doesn’t look very good on too many people (especially as you get older).  and on a lot of people, it tends to be counterproductive - instead of highlighting the face, it ages the face.  to avoid this blunder, don’t skip the shimmer altogether.  instead, use it selectively.  apply it to the features that need highlighting.  a good place to start is on the lids of your eyes and on your cheekbones!

the color wheel look in gold

Nov 12, 2010

how much do you love stila’s holiday color wheel?  this palette offers you every color in the rainbow (and more!) allowing you to recreate limitless looks.  the gold look that was created using this color wheel palette is elegant and a definite show stopper.  stila’s pro artist, kaci harabedian, created this look.  she commented that, “gold is a versatile eye shadow color to wear during the day or night.”  kaci also told us how much she loved adding drama to the eye look by applying one of her favorite products on the lips – fiery long wear liquid lip color.  and, although this is an amazing look and a perfect party look, you could easily take it down a notch by applying a neutral gloss on the lips instead.  kaci actually recommended mocha lip glaze

to awaken the artist in you, check out our inspiration for this look below!  We hope it inspires you as you “paint” your eyes up everyday.

work party makeup look

Nov 11, 2010

take your day look into night with this simple "work party" look.  the look focuses on adding color to key features and ramping up your eyes with stila's $18 eye for color eye shadow palette.  recreate the look with these simple steps.

step one: dust a neutral shade from the palette over your eyes.  you just need a hint of shimmer to make your eyes pop.
step two: line your eyes with lionfish smudgestick eyeliner.  this is the perfect day look.
step three: take your look from day to night by adding coffee eye shadow from the eye for color palette.  apply it wet using stila's #28 brush, and wrap the color underneath the lower lash line.
step four: finish your eye look by adding glamoureyes mascara.
step five: complete this work party look by adding custom color blush and intriguing long wear lip color.

holiday party makeup look

it's time to deck the halls, and what better way to do that then with fabulous makeup for all of your holiday parties?  we are loving this $18 eye for color eye shadow palette to help anyone look fabulous this season.  it's the perfect little indulgence that you can justify at this time of year.  with only a few more products, you can recreate this classic holiday party look that is on trend and certainly festive.  just follow these simple steps.

step one:  apply the bronze shade to the lid using stila's #15 brush.  wrap the color underneath the eyes for more drama.  for best results, apply this eye shadow wet!
step two: create a cat eye using stila's stay all day liquid liner.  a good tip - wing up at the second to last lash!
step three: coat your lashes with glamoureyes mascara.  layer if needed.
step four: complete the look by adding bronze babe primecolor to your cheeks and acai crush to your lips.

new year's eve makeup look

celebrate the new year in style with stila's $18 eye for color eye shadow palette.  this palette is the perfect way to achieve a smoky, sultry eye look - a must have for your new year's eve party makeup.  like regular stila shadows, these shades too can be worn wet or dry.  and what we love most about them is how well each and every color pairs together.  recreate this smokin' hot look by following the steps below.

step one: dust the petal pink from the palette from the lash line to the brow bone.
step two: apply the black shade from the palette to your lid and lower lash line.
step three: brighten your eye by popping more petal pink on the center of your eye lid and on the inner well of the eye.  add definition at the lash line with black smudge pot.
step four: rim the eyes with onyx kajal eyeliner and coat the lashes with major major lash mascara.
step five: complete this look by adding lillium convertible color to your cheeks and nirvana lip enamel to your lips.

exclusive interview with total beauty executive editor, kristen giordani

Nov 10, 2010

stila fans – meet kristen giordani, senior editor.  we met kristen a few months ago at our office in the midst of fashion week prep.  it was a bond over makeup when she admitted that she too couldn’t wait for fashion week.  “you’ll find me backstage. it’s the beauty i’m interested in,” she told us.  kristen's success is evident, especially when you mix together her passion, personality, and skills.  with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, she is more than an expert.  and today her efforts help millions of readers everyday online.  learn more by reading our exclusive interview below.

have you always been a big-time beauty editor?
no. i started as an intern at bazaar in the photo department, actually, and then worked at CosmoGIRL as an editorial assistant.

from photo intern to executive editor – tell us about it.
most of my background is in print publications, and obviously, in beauty.  after CosmoGirl, i worked for Seventeen magazine as their beauty director.  then, in 2007 after relocating from new york city to los angeles, i decided to take a dive into the web world when i helped launch

what do you love about your job?
there are so many aspects of my job that i love...
  • playing with beauty products and having the ability to test products before they hit the shelves and counters is at the top.  i never get tired of seeing what’s new and discovering whether it lives up to claims or not – and sharing that scoop with my millions of users. 
  • i also love to dish out advice, so speaking with the top experts in the business – makeup artists, dermatologists, hairstylists, etc – and being able to forward that knowledge on to my readers is thrilling. 
  • being a part of the beauty community in general is wonderful.  connecting with brands, public relations agencies and experts is fun for me – probably because i don’t know how to keep my mouth shut – i can schmooze for days.  i love being social in an industry filled with so many smart, creative, and talented people.

as a beauty editor, you are constantly discovering new trends – what do you love right now?
i have to admit that i’m loving the ombre hair color trend (it’s allowing me to go for months without touching up my own color!).  i also love red and bold lips and the craze surrounding all things nails (though mine are short and stubby these days since i’m learning to play guitar).

what can every woman do each day to look and feel better about themselves?
in general, take the time to apply a bold lipstick that might give you confidence or spend a few minutes, at least, for foundation, concealer, and blush that will make you feel and look amazing.   no one feels good when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror and think “yikes, i look exhausted” or “omg, i can’t believe i’m walking around in public with an uncovered zit that size” – or at least i don’t.  call me vain, but a little makeup can go along way in making me feel better about myself.  and though i’d rather not have to take the time to apply it, it’s always worth it.

have you discovered any new beauty tips and tricks recently?
two, actually!  a makeup artist mentioned that if you dab a bit of brightening concealer at the outer corners of your lower eyelids it will help draw the corners of your eyes upward.  i’ve been testing it out and i think it may actually work!  also, i had a stylist say that you should brush through your hair each night with a boar bristle brush before going to bed.  it removes dust and debris from your strands so your hair stays clean, which will make your blowout/hairstyle last longer.

what are your favorite stila products?
i have a couple favorites, but the one i tell people about over and over again is the crème bouquet hair powder.  it perfectly hides greasy roots and has a fabulous, subtle, warm, floral scent.  is it random that my favorite hair powder comes from a makeup brand, a bit, but i don’t care.  it’s the best (please don’t ever discontinue this).  my top makeup pick is, of course, the smudge pot in kitten.  i use this as a base for all other shadows and i use it alone on the days when i want a minimal makeup look.  it adds a hint of sparkle and polishes off my look – in seconds.

any last words of wisdom for our readers?
if you get compliments on a certain makeup look you’re wearing, recreate it – over and over (and over!) again.  consider making it your signature.  i once had a boss (years ago) tell me that i should make red lipstick my signature – i would totally do this, if it didn’t require so much upkeep - and to this day anytime i wear bold red lipstick, i feel confident and i continue to garner compliments from others.  you don’t always see what others do when you look in the mirror, so paying attention to what friends/colleagues say looks great on you is a perfect way to know what really does make you stand out and look gorgeous.

thanks for all of your advice kristen.  you are amazing!!! xoxo, stila.

creme bouquet is back. WIN yours now!

Nov 9, 2010

we know a lot of stila fans have been missing this popular fragrance.  good news!  creme bouquet is back!!  get it now for only $16.  this rollerboll version of the classic stila scent is available for purchase online only.  to celebrate its return, we are giving one away to a lucky winner.  enter now!

comment and tell us why you love creme bouquet.  please include your email address in the comment.  the winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends friday at midnight.

best of luck stila fans!!! xoxo

stila at IMATS!!

Nov 8, 2010

did you miss stila in toronto at IMATS?  we missed you.  the weekend was full of beauty junkies, lots of stila makeup, an amazing class taught by dom, and lots of expert advice from christine and kaci.  everyone in canada was raving about one step correct, topaz kajal eyeliner, and our smudge pots!  for those of you who weren't able to attend, check out these fun looks that were created for the attendees at dom's workshop!

what is your favorite look????  we are having a hard time deciding.  maybe we'll try them all!

pro artist tip of the week – winter pick me ups

we can’t believe it's the second week of november and that 2010 is nearly over!  time truly does fly when you are having fun, like we are, at stila.  we hope every stila girl enters this holiday season in the best of spirits and finishes 2010 in style!  although you will be busy shopping and celebrating, it's important to take care of your skin during the winter season.  just as the holidays can take their toll on you, the weather can too take its toll on your skin.  avoid winter skin blunders and follow these helpful suggestions.

take care of dry skin.  during the winter, many suffer from drier skin due to the weather.  this can cause the skin to lose its luster.  make sure to moisturize, use an exfoliator if necessary, and consider adding in products like stila’s hydrating primer that will provide your skin with extra hydration.

add back the glow to your skin that is lacking during the winter months.  try a product that will brighten your skin.  we love using stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer or one step correct for this quick fix. 

don’t forget your blush this winter.  it is known that women get paler during the winter.  for a healthy winter look, blush is a key product.  it provides a natural flush that is always in.  blush will wake up your skin instantly!  not sure what color to use?  easy.  try the custom color blush – it does the work for you by adapting to the pH in your skin.  it’s amazing and perfect for the wintertime.

keep your lips hydrated.  your lips are just as likely to suffer from dryness as your skin.  take care of them, so they look pretty and pouty.  use a lip treatment at night if you suffer from dry lips.  and for added moisture during the day try the lip stains.  the antioxidants in these stains will keep your lips hydrated!

feed your face one application at a time

Nov 5, 2010

at stila we like to stay on top of the trends, or even one step ahead of them.  just look at our environmental initiatives - a concern that has been a priority to stila since our beginnings in the 90s.  today eating the right food is just as important as being eco-friendly.  and one of the most trendy and important foods to consume is superfoods.  foods like pomegranates and acai berries (both superfoods) offer substantial health benefits and are receiving raves not only in the health food aisle, but also in other segments.

it looks like stila wasn’t too far off when we began creating our superfood lip and cheek stains – a revolutionary product at the time.  these “crushes” offer users long wearing capabilities in addition to vitamins and antioxidants for their skin.  in a nutshell – it not only looks good, but it’s also good for you allowing you to feed your face one application at a time. 

even better, business week caught wind of this savvy product of ours last week.  they claim it to be part of what they refer to as the superfood chain.  from the basic pomegranate stems, POM juice, pomegranate yogurt, and even stila's pomegranate crush!  if you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend it.  this stain is an ideal shade for the winter season.  

the results are in...

Nov 4, 2010

thank you to everyone who entered our halloween makeup contest.  we had so much fun looking at all of your creative looks!  it was extremely difficult to determine a winner.  fortunately, we enlisted the entire office to help us select the results!  check out our favorite submissions and the contest winner below.

this young stila girl was definitely the cutest!  we love her :)

the scariest makeup award goes to the wicked witch!  incredible makeup!

best artwork was definitely seen with this spiderweb on the face.  amazing!

the runner up award goes to this dead makeup look.  wow.  she really looks dead!

and the winner is kerri!  she was a peacock.  everyone at stila loved her bright shadow, fun brows, and peacock lashes!  her shadow reminds us of one of our favorite products - peacock smudge stick eyeliner!  congrats kerri.  we hope you enjoy your new stila products.  

***thanks everyone for entering!!!!! xoxo, stila

the color wheel creates everyday magic

Nov 3, 2010

this month allure’s editor, linda wells, discuses the concept of everyday magic.  wells makes an interesting comparison to today’s gimmicks out there, saying they are not too different from the placebo effect.  and often, when you buy an expensive tool promising to reduce wrinkles, your mind is possibly more powerful than the tool – just like taking a sugar pill.  hmm.  this idea does somewhat complicate the process of selecting products in a world with limitless options.  however, wells says that many products have legitimate claims and/or medicine. 

if the placebo effect is true in the beauty world, it is no wonder that makeup is a significant confidence booster.  in fact, wells pointed out one study where, “women who wore more makeup were thought to be more self-assured and to have better, more lucrative jobs.”  she described this phenomenon as “everyday magic”.

at stila we can’t think of anything more magical than our current color wheel – a palette offering you 37 different shades for only $38.   this palette was designed with the artist in mind.  we hope when you look at and use it, you will feel like an artist at work on a masterpiece.  think of all of the incredible artists who have painted with their color palettes – van gogh, monet, da vinci, picasso, etc.  the brush is in your hand now. and the time is yours to create everyday moments that are magical and fun. 

what makes this palette so great…
  • the color wheel provides unlimited looks.  it’s all you need to look great.
  • the color wheel allows you to play up your eyes.  every girl should have beautiful eyes each day.
  • the formula of the shadows can be used wet or dry.
  • our pro artists have already created several looks.  view them in the color wheel lookbook or on your iphone with stila’s new “get the look” app.

prepping for IMATS this weekend!

Nov 2, 2010

IMATS toronto is almost here.  we know there are lots of canada beauty junkies and/or makeup professionals out there who love stila, and this event is definitely one that you do not want to miss. the tradeshow lasts for two days – november 6th and 7th. on sunday, november 7th, stila’s very own dominick briguglio will be speaking about our one step collection. check him out on the runway stage at 11:45am. here’s a sneak peak at the looks we are creating for this amazing event.

every look is unique. yet at the same time, each look combines various stila products and focuses intensively on our one step collection (one step correct, one step makeup, and one step prime color).

we love makeup in one step! do you?

pro artist tip of the week – how to apply bronzer

Nov 1, 2010

did you know there is actually a proper way to apply bronzer?  sure you can dust some bronzer all over your face, putting little thought and/or effort into your actions.  however, chances are you will not be making the most of this product.  in fact, you could be doing yourself a disservice.  many people assume that bronzers are used simply to “tan the face".  while this is partially true, a bronzer can also help shape the face.  with that in mind, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your bronzer.

avoid the urge to bronze everywhere.  it is good to have dimension in the face. when you dust one color everywhere you risk losing that.

that being said, be strategic about where you do apply bronzer.  at stila we like applying bronzer where the sun would naturally hit the face.  dust bronzer on your t-zone, use it to contour your cheeks, and then wrap it underneath your jawbone.

leave your cheekbones bronzer free.  this allows the bronzer to slim the face.  it also helps ensure that your features are properly highlighted. 

for the most natural look, avoid shimmer bronzers.  if you think about what you are trying to do with a bronzer - add color to the face - then a matte bronzer makes sense.  instead, use shimmer strategically to highlight specific features. 

contouring your cheekbones is easy. begin application at the apples of your cheeks and pull straight back filling in the hollow of your cheek with color.  this ensures that the color starts and fades properly. 

lastly, use a smaller powder brush for bronzer like stila’s #24 brush.  this brush offers you more control when you are bronzing and does most of the work for you!  

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