what stila products are you thankful for?

Nov 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving from stila!!! we asked everyone at stila what product they were most thankful for and why. read the responses below and learn more about our favorites.

"i am thankful for smudge stick…because it never runs, smears, smudges….ever! and lionfish is the best shade ever!" - kara peterson

"i am thankful for stay all day liner. it’s my favorite liner ever! it doesn’t smudge or move. it’s so easy to apply. i am obsessed. i can’t live without it." -sam cutler

"i am thankful for the stila lip glaze in starfruit! i have never been a gloss fan until i tried stila lip glazes. they are not sticky, they stay on and they taste great! starfruit is the perfect shade to give a boost to your natural lip color! since i have been using stila lip glaze, i have never had to reach for a moisturizing lip balm again! no more dry lips!" -traci bucknor

"i am thankful for stila’s illuminating powder foundation. it makes my skin look flawless and 21 again!!" -dominick briguglio

"i am thankful for our new custom color blush...not only is it the perfect shade, but its the perfect shade for everyone no matter there skin color. every time i apply it on a client they love effect...real natural custom flush of color. it beats having to try a million different blushes...you know right off the bat it will suit you as it is custom enhancement." -sulema fernandez-honn

"i am thankful for convertible color. this product saves me so much time when getting ready as it is super easy to apply since you only need your fingers. since i am in store all day and do not have time to retouch my make-up, i love that the convertible color stays on! i also love the perfect flush of color it gives my lips and i am always getting compliments on my cheek color as well. thank you convertible color." -christine rozalowsky

"i am grateful for glamoureyes mascara! i no longer need a primer to achieve a false eyelash look!!!!" -lidia debaise

"i am thankful for illuminating tinted moisturizer. it is a fabulous tinted moisturizer. it also highlights my clients cheekbones and around the eye area beautifully! i love it to clean up any fallout around the eye area after you have finished your eye makeup while providing an amazing glow! -starr gentry

"i am grateful for the silk shimmer luxe gloss in kitten! i just LOVE the way that if feels, smells and looks on my lips! -stephanie schuler

"i am thankful for long wear liquid lip color!" -jennifer lim

"i am thankful for major major lash mascara. even if i don’t have time to do my makeup in the morning, just adding a coat of major major gives me a boost and helps me feel confident and polished." -lindsey kracum

"i am so grateful for the convertible lip and cheek colors. they are multi purpose use, and i love the beautiful, natural cheek color it gives me. love this product." -viviana martin

"i am especially thankful for the brushes- they are the best brushes in our industry! i would not be able to do my make up in the morning or my job without them." -tracy sharpe

"i am thankful for stila convertible lip and cheek color. couldn't imagine doing makeup without it! -david birdwell

***apparently, you might want to stock up on convertible color for the holidays!!! lots of love for that product here at stila! what product are you thankful for?

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  1. I am thankful for the lipglaze in just about every color! When I want to spoil myself, this is my go to treat. Thanks Stila!

  2. i'm trying to think of a Stila product I am not grateful for...thinking...failed. I love every product I have ever tried. From smudge pots to lip glazes and stains to convertible color, etc... I love it all. I can not pick a favorite, honestly, I usually spend about two to four hours on your website prioritizing what I want because if I could I would just order everything, lol! thank you Stila for creating an all around amazing line of cosmetics! I am truly thankful for this!

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