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Nov 5, 2010

at stila we like to stay on top of the trends, or even one step ahead of them.  just look at our environmental initiatives - a concern that has been a priority to stila since our beginnings in the 90s.  today eating the right food is just as important as being eco-friendly.  and one of the most trendy and important foods to consume is superfoods.  foods like pomegranates and acai berries (both superfoods) offer substantial health benefits and are receiving raves not only in the health food aisle, but also in other segments.

it looks like stila wasn’t too far off when we began creating our superfood lip and cheek stains – a revolutionary product at the time.  these “crushes” offer users long wearing capabilities in addition to vitamins and antioxidants for their skin.  in a nutshell – it not only looks good, but it’s also good for you allowing you to feed your face one application at a time. 

even better, business week caught wind of this savvy product of ours last week.  they claim it to be part of what they refer to as the superfood chain.  from the basic pomegranate stems, POM juice, pomegranate yogurt, and even stila's pomegranate crush!  if you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend it.  this stain is an ideal shade for the winter season.  

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