pro artist tip of the week – how to apply bronzer

Nov 1, 2010

did you know there is actually a proper way to apply bronzer?  sure you can dust some bronzer all over your face, putting little thought and/or effort into your actions.  however, chances are you will not be making the most of this product.  in fact, you could be doing yourself a disservice.  many people assume that bronzers are used simply to “tan the face".  while this is partially true, a bronzer can also help shape the face.  with that in mind, here’s what you need to know to make the most of your bronzer.

avoid the urge to bronze everywhere.  it is good to have dimension in the face. when you dust one color everywhere you risk losing that.

that being said, be strategic about where you do apply bronzer.  at stila we like applying bronzer where the sun would naturally hit the face.  dust bronzer on your t-zone, use it to contour your cheeks, and then wrap it underneath your jawbone.

leave your cheekbones bronzer free.  this allows the bronzer to slim the face.  it also helps ensure that your features are properly highlighted. 

for the most natural look, avoid shimmer bronzers.  if you think about what you are trying to do with a bronzer - add color to the face - then a matte bronzer makes sense.  instead, use shimmer strategically to highlight specific features. 

contouring your cheekbones is easy. begin application at the apples of your cheeks and pull straight back filling in the hollow of your cheek with color.  this ensures that the color starts and fades properly. 

lastly, use a smaller powder brush for bronzer like stila’s #24 brush.  this brush offers you more control when you are bronzing and does most of the work for you!  

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