how to look fabulous in fiji

Nov 23, 2010

are you heading to fiji this holiday? it’s a romantic and exotic destination that is known for relaxation, beauty, and adventure. whether you plan to stay in a hut, lounge on the beach, or explore the volcanoes in the area, looking good is always a priority. fortunately, stila has created a fiji palette just for you. this palette will allow anyone to translate the beauty of the islands into their makeup look. try this anyday – on vacay or when you're in need of a change. it’s a fun colorful look that we love. here’s how to recreate it.

step one: dust r&r from the lash line to the brow bone using stila’s #9 brush.
step two: apply escape on the lid using the large end of stila’s #15 brush.
step three: line the upper lash line with wave. use stila’s #4 brush wet and wing up at the second to last lash to create a cat eye effect.
step four: blend palm onto the lower lash line using the small end of the #15 brush.
step five: complete the look with glamoureyes mascara, and plumeria on the lips and cheeks.

***pro tips: to brighten the eye, apply topaz kajal eyeliner on the inner rim. and for hydration and shine, apply mocha lip glaze to the lips.

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