don't go outside without this...

Apr 26, 2012

summer is just around the corner.  HOORAY!  we could not be more excited for weekends on the beach and bbqs.  prepare for summer with the right complexion products.  set aside your foundation for a long wearing, light weight tinted moisturizer - the perfect look for summer.  don't go outside without it.  this product is perfect for the beach, the pool, and errands.  plus, you can bump up the coverage by pairing it with the stay all day beauty balm.  happy early summer :) xoxo, stila

total beauty's best brow enhancer

we are thrilled to announce that our stay all day brow color recently received the "editor's pick for best brow enhancer" on  this product is a gem.  we use it to define full brows and to fill in sparse brows.  it provides amazing long lasting brow color that looks natural.  try it today and see what the fuss is about.  you won't be disappointed!  xoxo, stila

jada paul's prom dress giveaway

Apr 24, 2012

last week stila teamed with jada paul and the chris paul foundation for a prom dress giveaway.  this amazing event honored over 100 special teens in los angeles.  each girl received a prom dress, accessories, and shoes for their special night.  the stila team helped each girl compliment her look with the right makeup.  they looked beautiful!  

happy prom to all of our teenage stila fans!  xoxo 

convertible color - a hall of fame beauty product

Apr 23, 2012

we are thrilled to announce that our convertible color recently became a hall of famer!  in style magazine honored this lip and cheek duo with the "best beauty buys" hall of fame award.  convertible color has been a fan favorite for years.  it's constantly used on the red carpet, for magazine covers, and in movies.  get yours today, for a hall of fame lip and cheek look that shines every time.  for even more fun, try mixing them.  we are loving rose and peony together!

xoxo, stila

four for friday!

Apr 20, 2012

happy friday stila fans!  we hope you're excited about today's amazing giveaway.  one lucky winner will take home all four shades of our limited edition sparkle luxe gloss.  stock up on your favorite colors today and enter now to win.  make sure to "like" this post to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what makeup product makes you "sparkle" each day!  please include your email address.

***contest ends at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

we have a new crush!

Apr 16, 2012

we have a new crush at stila!  no, it's not peeta or gail from the hunger games. ha. our current obsession involves a new multi tasking wonder - passion fruit crush. get your hands (and lips!) on one today. we know you'll fall in love too!  then make sure to try one of these tips.  

-layer for more pigment.  use your fingers to blend.  

-mix it with illuminating tinted moisturizer.  apply this mixture to the cheeks for a bright, cheery, on trend blush. this long wearing look is perfect for hot days!

-apply outrageous long wear lip color on top of this lip stain for a bold, long wearing lip color.

xoxo, stila

coachella makeup guide

Apr 12, 2012

hey stila fans!  we are counting down the hours until coachella.  are you?  consult this makeup guide to ensure you look your best for the occasion.

make sure your makeup holds throughout the day. use long wearing products like our stay all day beauty balm, smudge crayon, and long wear liquid lip color. these products stay put and look amazing.

transform your day look to night with a lip color. pack a bold lip color and apply it at night to revamp your look. 

protect your skin from uv rays. use our tinted moisturizer for water resistant coverage and SPF. your skin will thank you.


today’s tip from sarah…

Apr 9, 2012

stila fans!  we have a great tip for you from sarah lucero, our amazingly talented head makeup artist.  she recently taught us how to make our own cream shadow.  try it today for sultry, colorful eyes that pop.

step one: layer a good amount of stila’s smudge stick on the back of your hand.
step two: with your finger, add lip balm to the back of your hand and mix.
step three: press the mixture on your eyes. 

***this technique turns makeup into finger paints for the eyes.  it is easy to do and so beautiful.  xoxo, stila

"egg"xtraordinary easter makeup!

Apr 4, 2012

happy easter stila fans!  we are excited for easter weekend, easter dresses, easter egg hunts, easter food, and easter makeup!  are you?  read more for our easter makeup recommendations.

spice it up with color.  accessorize your outfit with a bright lip color.  not sure what to use?  try our lip and cheek stains.  long wearing and easter appropriate.

have fun colorful eye makeup.  there is no better day than easter to ditch the brown eye shadow and opt for color.  weary of color?  try the rose quartz and amethyst jewel eye shadows.  soft, subtle, and colorful.

don't forget to blush.  dab some color on your cheeks for the perfect flush.  try our favorite easter blush combo - a mixture of peony and rose convertible color.

xoxo, stila


Apr 3, 2012

hey stila fans!  enter today's fabulous tuesday giveaway to win one of our favorite DWTS looks.  one lucky winner will receive antique smudge crayon and golden topaz jewel eyeshadow - a combo that will make anyone's eyes pop.  enter now and don't forget to "like" this post on facebook.

comment and tell us what stila product you would wear if you wear dancing with the stars!  please include your email address.  

***contest ends at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

"dose of divine" giveaway

Apr 2, 2012

we absolutely adore lisa vanderpump from the real housewives.  she says, "everything is better with a dose of divine".  this week only, you can enter lisa's contest to win your daily dose of stila makeup.  one lucky winner will receive over $300 dollars of makeup, including everything necessary for the classic cat eye look.  enter now!

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