what is youth revival bio available mineral complex?

one of the reasons we love perfect & correct foundation is because it not only looks great, but it is also really good for your skin as well. the foundation comes complete with a youth revival bio available mineral complex (formulated with arclay).

in short, this complex promotes the following:

y – youthful looking skin
r – radiant finish
b – balanced skin
a – adapts to your skin type and tone
m – multi-use product (layer for more coverage)
c – classic clean complexion

in addition, since perfect & correct is energized with youth revival bio available mineral complex formulated with arclay, you will enjoy the following benefits:

-the complex is comprised of 15 bio available minerals that go through a proprietary system that uses spring water to extract and suspend the ionically charged minerals, therefore it can absorbed and adsorbed in the skin.

-youth revival bio available mineral complex does not just conceal and correct imperfections on skin like most mineral formulas, it actually works with your skin and reads and reacts to your skins needs.

-clay deposits throughout the world are carefully studied and selected for their unique benefits caused by their environmental locality. stila's complex comes from glacial deposits in canada and southern region of france.

win before you can buy!

Mar 30, 2011

remember this...

now you have a chance to win the entire set of these amazing, waterproof glitter liquid eyeliners.  oh and did we mention you can't even buy them until next week?  

to enter, comment and tell us which shade you want to wear during your summer festivities.  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  you have until sunday, april 3rd to enter!

sports spectacular fashion show

Mar 29, 2011

every year in los angeles, cedars-sinai sports spectacular is held.  what is it?  an exciting charity event established to promote genetic research for numerous diseases.  this event has raised over $20 million dollars and contributed to life-saving work throughout the years.  guests of the event include members from various industries - banking, entertainment, and of course sports. 

this year, stila was honored to do the makeup for the event's fashion show.  stila pro artist, sulema fernandez-honn, created an amazing look for the fashion show.  we love it and are so excited for you to see these pictures from this event.

recreate this look with the following products...





pro artist tip of the week - pick a feature and go with it

Mar 28, 2011

as makeup artists, we understand that doing your own makeup can be overwhelming.  we even struggle with it at times.  many of us feel that its hard to see our own faces the way we see someone else's.  perhaps you agree - you stare at the beauty of others around you failing to notice the beauty that is your own.  in an effort to end this negativity, we have a suggestion.  pick a feature and go with it.

pick the feature about yourself you like the most, and enhance that when you are doing your makeup.  it could be your lips, your eyes, your cheekbones, your brows.  whatever it is - make the most of it.

not sure what your best feature is?  ask a friend.  they will tell you.  they look at you and are the best judge.

focusing on a feature is a good makeup technique as well.  it ensures that your face is not overwhelmed with lots of makeup.  instead, balance is achieved.

lastly, remember, there is beauty in everyone.  one of the things we love most about beauty is that it has no set rules.  there is not one "kind" of beautiful.  so, everyday let your true beauty shine through.

guest blog - popmakeup's must haves in india

Mar 25, 2011

we have an amazing story to share with you today from popmakeup!

in my final semester of my social work degree, i had the opportunity to travel to india to complete my final social work placement. as well as living and working in mumbai for three months, i had also planned a backpacking trip around the sub-continent. the first challenge i faced was packing everything i needed for the next four months into a backpack that would almost never leave my side. that meant i needed to make clever decisions about the makeup products i was going to take with me and finding multi-tasking products was key.

india is beautiful and devastating. there were times i felt utterly overwhelmed. as i travelled through india to mumbai, i was struck by the juxtaposition of beauty and joy and filth and desperation, which came to represent india for me. to be honest, there were weeks when i was lucky to have a shower, let alone think about makeup. but even still, one of the most enduring images from my time in india was the grace of a group of Indian women walking alongside the train tracks in the middle of the rajasthan desert. in their block-colour saris, they were jewels in the sand, and they held themselves accordingly.

as well as the lessons i learned about myself and the world, there were many small but important lessons i learned in India about beauty. one such lesson is what indian women taught me about makeup: that makeup doesn’t have to be so much about covering up your perceived flaws, but can instead be about emphasizing your unique beauty and expressing yourself in a world that does not always make it easy to have your voice heard. in my small makeup bag, i had everything i needed: 

-a wash of stila sheer color tinted moisturizer, a sheer tint to even out my skin tone
-a swish of concealer under my eyes 
-black mascara on my lashes
-stila convertible color in gerbera, a warm pink coloured cream on my cheeks and lips, topped with a generous dollop of stila lip glaze in grapefruit.

was i ever as glamorous as the indian women i saw every day? um... no.  did I feel confident enough to dance all night at a traditional indian wedding, spinning and laughing, open to everything that country had to offer? definitely.

stila says goodbye to elizabeth taylor

Mar 24, 2011

the passing of elizabeth taylor yesterday was sad for all of us at stila.  she was a beauty legend who will definitely be missed.  makeup trends definitely come and go; however, elizabeth taylor's look was classic no matter what day or year.  she had a timeless beauty and her style was contagious.

for those days when you are in an elizabeth taylor kind of mood, we recommend her signature smoky eyes and bold red lip.  it's feminine and confident at the same time.  try stingray smudge stick eyeliner and espresso eye shadow on your eyes.  keep your cheeks neutral - maybe adding just a hint of bronzer.  then polish off your lips with lover long wear lip color!  you will look like a bombshell every time.  plus, you will be honoring the memory of elizabeth and her iconic style.

may her inspiration live on for many years to come.

xoxo, stila

"PRO"file piece - christine rozalowsky

Mar 23, 2011

we are thrilled to introduce you to our shining stila star, christine.  she is an artist working in the canada region.  christine’s passion is evident in her work.  she loves educating people about her favorite products, and she is always open to sharing experiences she’s learned doing makeup backstage at fashion week.  in fact, her enthusiasm for fashion is what makes her unique as a makeup artist – she easily combines fashion and makeup trends and is always in the know.  to learn more, read her q & a below.

what have you learned working backstage at new york fashion week?
i was beyond nervous during my first fashion week.  however, the most important thing i learned was team work!  the stila team works together and learns from each other.  in addition, i was also able to see clothes that women only dream about.  the makeup looks are created to go with these clothes.  i loved the lela rose spring 2011 look.  i realized that when you mix lover and outrageous long wear lip colors, it looks amazing on everyone – no matter what skintone.

do you have a favorite makeup trend right now?
my favorite makeup trend is clean, edgeless skin.  you always want a person to tell you how amazing your skin looks.  you do not want them to ask what foundation you are using.  plus, this look never detracts from the clothing :)

when the winter ends, we tend to get rid of our layers.  does this concept apply with our makeup?
yes.  especially in canada.  i notice that the skin takes on a different life in the winter and we tend to wear more makeup.  when it warms up, we use less complexion products on our skin.  similarly, we use tinted moisturizer a lot backstage at fashion week.  instead of packing on layers of complexion products, the eyes or lips become the focal point of the show.

do temperature changes affect your makeup routines?
canada is very extreme in temperature.  you need two sets of clothing and two sets of makeup.  during the summer months, i love relying on the tinted moisturizer.  it has spf and is oil free.  plus it covers.  i also like to use lip products that won’t slide off.  my favorite is the caprice long wear liquid lip color that we used backstage at betsey johnson for spring 2011.

how can the everyday woman stay on trend?
don’t be afraid of runway.  at the end of the day, designers are just making clothes, and hair stylists and makeup artists are just doing their jobs.  instead try a trend like the rocker look from rebecca minkoff's fall 2011 show.  it is easy to pull off and wearable. 

what is the one product you can’t live without for spring and summer?
prime pot in taffy.  i love this product because it is multi-functional.  we have used it at so many shows backstage, and you can use it everyday on your eyelids, lips, and as a spot treatment.

get the look from the fidm fashion show

Mar 22, 2011

last weekend's FIDM fashion show makeup was all about drama.  the more makeup the better - in a good way.  the makeup was stunning on the runway.  check out these pics to see for yourself, and use the facechart as a guide to help you recreate this look.

have fun with this look like we did!  if you mix a small amount of black smudge pot with lover long wear lip color, you will achieve the cranberry red lip seen in the photos.  good luck :)

pro artist tip of the week - tricks to try with your kajal eyeliner

Mar 21, 2011

at stila we love multi-tasking products.  it seems like a great idea to make our lives easier while making people beautiful at the same time.  and the kajal eyeliner does just that.  it is no ordinary eyeliner.  it truly is extraordinary.  here's why.

this eyeliner can be blended all over your eyelid and used as an eye shadow base.  how?  line first.  then diffuse with the small end of stila's #15 brush.  finally, apply shadow over top.  

we love using topaz kajal eyeliner to correct blueness under the eyes.  this shade also helps neutralize redness in the lips when you are trying to achieve that perfect matte lip.

use these liners on the inner rim of the eye for more drama to the eye look.  the pencils are soft and will not irritate your eyes.

lastly, the kajal liners are great for adding depth to any eye shadow look.  they offer great pigment.  line and blend to punch up the intensity in seconds!

shop our "green" products on st. patrick's day!

Mar 17, 2011

let your true colors show this st. patricks day-go green and invest in products that are eco-friendly.  we care about the environment at stila, and we make an effort to be green.

have you ever tried one of our refillable eye shadow palettes?  you can personalize these palettes with your favorite stila eye shadows.  how amazing!  and very eco-friendly.

in addition, our illuminating powder foundation is also refillable.  you never waste a compact.  instead, you refill it, limiting waste.  it's a greener option that also looks amazing on the skin!

happy st. patrick's day everyone!  have a fabulous holiday and celebrate in style.
xoxo, stila

congrats rudy

Mar 16, 2011

congrats!!!!!!!  rudy is the winner of the E! camera ready blockbuster palette.  she told us that she would love to try anything green.  there's definitely an amazing green shadow in this palette and we think she's in the right frame of mind.  st. patty's day is tomorrow!

thanks for entering this fun giveaway.  what else are you hoping to win on our blog?  let us know and we just might give it away soon...

xoxo, stila

top stila products at trade shows across the country

Mar 15, 2011

we've been working a lot of trade shows over the last few weeks, which has given us the opportunity to meet lots of new faces! all of the attendees around the country definitely have their favorite stila products, and we enjoyed the individuality that each new customer brought. however, we also realized that no matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, there are a few must have stila products for everyone. these products were always high in demand, and they seemed to sell out fast no matter where we went!

one step correct. this product looks good and feels good. it's a win-win every time.

smudge pots. liner and shadow in one!

liquid liner. if you haven't tried this, you are missing out. we love it in all shades - especially the carbon black. and believe us - it stays... all day.

convertible color. cream blush that looks natural and is fun and easy to apply. did we mention you can use it on your lips too?

pro artist tip of the week - make the most of the long wear liquid lip colors

Mar 14, 2011

stila's long wear liquid lip colors are extremely popular. and if you haven't tried them, you are definitely missing out. there's nothing better than a pigmented matte lipstick that stays.  no bleeding, touching up, or fuss when it comes to this product. just paint it on and go.  to make the most of this innovative lip product, read these tips below.

stila's head artist, sarah lucero, suggests starting the application in the center of your lips where you want the most pigment.  blend the product from there.

this product offers flexibility in terms of pigment.  add a little liquid and blend with your finger for a less pigmented look.  or layer for maximum pigment and coverage.  it's truly up to you!  have fun with it!

to perfect the lip look, use the long wear liquid lip colors with the long wear lip liners.  both with allow you to achieve that perfect pout that turns heads every time.

tip from christine

Mar 11, 2011

we love tips!  and christine, one of our artists in canada, just gave us a great one that we thought we share with all of you.  christine has been educating a lot of people in her region about our new spring line.  when she was working with the sephora at market mall, she discovered this great trick using the new prime pots.

use both shades of the prime pot for a long wearing, contoured eye look, that will definitely make your eyes pop.  christine suggests using taffy as your base all over the eye.  then, apply caramel to the crease to create a contour.  the look creates great depth on the eyes.  and it is perfect for anyone who wants their makeup to stay in place all day!

thanks for the tip christine.  such a beautiful, simple eye look that creates amazing results!


Mar 10, 2011

enter now to win the camera ready red carpet palette!  there's no way you can't shine using the shadows, blushes, and lips that come in this palette.  it's perfect for any occasion.

to enter, comment and tell us what color you are most excited to try from the palette!  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends march 16 at midnight.  best of luck.  

xoxo, stila

fashionchicsta's product review/look

Mar 9, 2011

we have another fabulous guest blog for you from our friend fashionchicsta.  read about her in this q&a and learn why she loves our new kitten products and how she uses them in her guest post below.

opening the convertible color-style compact of stila’s new kitten all over shimmer reveals 2 gorgeous shades - kitten, meet your beautiful cousin, pink!  wow - the possibilities are endless with these two shades. i wanted to try something different, so please let me introduce you to the puuurrrrfect kitten eye!
i used the firm end of my #30 brush to apply kitten (the browner shade) all over my lid.  then i took the blending end of the brush and softened the shade by my brow bone.  i did not use a shadow base because I wanted to get the full feel and true colour of the new collection.  it goes on smooth, easy and did not settle into my creases. this kitten is a 'softer' version of it's shadow counterpart; not as theatrical and high-impact / high-pigment.
next, i added brown smudgepot along the lash line and topped it off with the *new* kitten glitter liner. yes, kitten glitter liner.  so amazing.  i love liquid glitter liners.   my eyes usually do not for several reasons.  however, kitten glitter liner is purrfect.  no flaking, no smudging and no cracking.  It's been on my eyes for 5 hours and looks like it was just applied.  it has an amazing golden/coper base, so you can wear this liner without having to apply a base product for colour intensity.  best of all - it is hands down, the easiest liquid liner that I have applied!  the brush is short and firm so you have total control of the line - you can make it is thin or thick as possible.  It dries quickly, comfortably and is weightless.
i completed my eye with major lash mascara in black. then used kitten's long lost cousin, pink, the best highlighter for... well, everywhere!  use it on your brow bones to open your eyes, sculpt and brighten your cheek bones and liven your forehead and chin. i used it as a blusher and felt completely kissed by the sun.  
i highly recommend both of these products!

"take me home tonight" premier party!

Mar 8, 2011

who loves the 80s?  "take me home tonight", starring anna faris and topher grace, is the perfect movie for any 80s fan.  stila was on site doing 80s make overs at last week's premier party for this popular movie!  the event was fun, inspiring, and full of 80s glam!

the setup was great!

we loved using caprice long wear liquid lip color and custom color blush on everyone at the party!

 we thought our crew look pretty good too!  they had fun getting 80s glammed out for the party!  

pro artist tip of the week – products to rely on any day

Mar 7, 2011

one of the greatest things about makeup is the idea/fact that just one product can make a difference.  sure, you combine an assortment of products and you have an award-winning look that turns heads on the red carpet.  but on those days, when time is of the essence, and you simply need to make the most of your inherent beauty, be sure to rely on a few key products.  in a pinch, they will always make you look great.  and they aren’t hard to use!

tinted moisturizer.  tinted moisturizer will revitalize your skin instantly.  it’s an all in one formula – moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen – that is easy to use and looks great every time.  we love that our new and improved version is oil free.

cream blush.  a great cream blush like convertible color is perfect for a few reasons.  first, it’s easy to apply.  fingers are the suggested method!  second, cream blushes instantly add life to the skin.  it’s like youth in a compact!

waterproof eyeliner.  your eyes take the most abuse during the day, and if you are pressed for time you probably don’t want to worry about reapplying.  waterproof is the way to go.  stila’s smudge stick is very easy to apply, but if you prefer a more dramatic line, try the liquid eyeliner.

mascara.  don’t waste time coating your eyelashes.  instead, pick a good mascara that does the work for you.  this is one of the benefits of glamoureyes mascara.  the brush makes it easy to get every last lash coated.

lip glaze.  we can come up with a lot of reasons why you need lip glaze.  but, at the end of the day, this product will hydrate your lips and look pretty at the same time.  what more could you want out of a gloss?

stila's red carpet wrap up

Mar 3, 2011

with award season officially over, we thought it was only appropriate to give our very own red carpet wrap up.  the last few months were full of fun trends and beautiful makeup.  it's always so exciting to take part in.  and the greatest part about red carpet makeup is that those trends live on throughout the year.  they can be easily recreated on a daily basis.

here's some fun face charts to give you an idea of the looks sarah demoed on E! news in case you missed the segment.  both are perfect looks on and off the red carpet!

also, enjoy these fun red carpet makeup tips from a few of our pros...

  • "i love to use topaz kajal liner in the inner well of the eyes to brighten all my clients eyes.  they always seem to need it because they are tired during award season!" -viviana
  • "try layering a cream and powder blush on your cheeks for a nice glowy effect.  apply this after contouring with bronzer or a powder/cream foundation 2 to 3 shades darker than your natural skintone for an amazing sculpted look." -jason
  • "i use illuminating tinted moisturizer on my clients' bodies!  it creates an airbrushed finish on the body that is fantastic for any event.  it's perfect for the red carpet."  -lindsey
  • "i've been using pearl kajal liner as an eye shadow base to make shadows more pastel.  i love this trick and it's perfect for spring!"  -dominick

trade shows galore!

Mar 2, 2011

stila is busy busy busy right now.  it's trade show central at our office.  we just finished the first show of the year - the la makeup show - and we are on to our next show this weekend.  for those of you in new york, stila will be exhibiting at the international beauty show (march 6-8).  get excited!  lots of good products and so much fun.  to get a sneak peak of the trade show experience, check out these photos from the makeup show.

sneak peak!

Mar 1, 2011

hey stila fans!!!  here's a sneak peak of sarah showing our summer products to the the editors in new york city.  she's live from the stila studios across the country right now.  amazing products and a great use of technology.  go stila!

check out sarah's oscar trends on E! tonight

don't forget to tune into E! news tonight to see sarah recap the amazing trends seen on the red carpet at the oscars.  these beautiful looks are easy to do on own.  consider this a DIY must for 2011!  check out sarah working her magic with our lovely models below:

all of the amazing, on trend looks were created using the camera ready blockbuster palette.  get yours today for unlimited fun!!!

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