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Mar 23, 2011

we are thrilled to introduce you to our shining stila star, christine.  she is an artist working in the canada region.  christine’s passion is evident in her work.  she loves educating people about her favorite products, and she is always open to sharing experiences she’s learned doing makeup backstage at fashion week.  in fact, her enthusiasm for fashion is what makes her unique as a makeup artist – she easily combines fashion and makeup trends and is always in the know.  to learn more, read her q & a below.

what have you learned working backstage at new york fashion week?
i was beyond nervous during my first fashion week.  however, the most important thing i learned was team work!  the stila team works together and learns from each other.  in addition, i was also able to see clothes that women only dream about.  the makeup looks are created to go with these clothes.  i loved the lela rose spring 2011 look.  i realized that when you mix lover and outrageous long wear lip colors, it looks amazing on everyone – no matter what skintone.

do you have a favorite makeup trend right now?
my favorite makeup trend is clean, edgeless skin.  you always want a person to tell you how amazing your skin looks.  you do not want them to ask what foundation you are using.  plus, this look never detracts from the clothing :)

when the winter ends, we tend to get rid of our layers.  does this concept apply with our makeup?
yes.  especially in canada.  i notice that the skin takes on a different life in the winter and we tend to wear more makeup.  when it warms up, we use less complexion products on our skin.  similarly, we use tinted moisturizer a lot backstage at fashion week.  instead of packing on layers of complexion products, the eyes or lips become the focal point of the show.

do temperature changes affect your makeup routines?
canada is very extreme in temperature.  you need two sets of clothing and two sets of makeup.  during the summer months, i love relying on the tinted moisturizer.  it has spf and is oil free.  plus it covers.  i also like to use lip products that won’t slide off.  my favorite is the caprice long wear liquid lip color that we used backstage at betsey johnson for spring 2011.

how can the everyday woman stay on trend?
don’t be afraid of runway.  at the end of the day, designers are just making clothes, and hair stylists and makeup artists are just doing their jobs.  instead try a trend like the rocker look from rebecca minkoff's fall 2011 show.  it is easy to pull off and wearable. 

what is the one product you can’t live without for spring and summer?
prime pot in taffy.  i love this product because it is multi-functional.  we have used it at so many shows backstage, and you can use it everyday on your eyelids, lips, and as a spot treatment.

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