pro artist tip of the week - pick a feature and go with it

Mar 28, 2011

as makeup artists, we understand that doing your own makeup can be overwhelming.  we even struggle with it at times.  many of us feel that its hard to see our own faces the way we see someone else's.  perhaps you agree - you stare at the beauty of others around you failing to notice the beauty that is your own.  in an effort to end this negativity, we have a suggestion.  pick a feature and go with it.

pick the feature about yourself you like the most, and enhance that when you are doing your makeup.  it could be your lips, your eyes, your cheekbones, your brows.  whatever it is - make the most of it.

not sure what your best feature is?  ask a friend.  they will tell you.  they look at you and are the best judge.

focusing on a feature is a good makeup technique as well.  it ensures that your face is not overwhelmed with lots of makeup.  instead, balance is achieved.

lastly, remember, there is beauty in everyone.  one of the things we love most about beauty is that it has no set rules.  there is not one "kind" of beautiful.  so, everyday let your true beauty shine through.

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