guest blog - heather from hello beautiful

Jul 27, 2011

We are excited to share an amazing review of our smudgestick eyeliners!  Like all of us at stila, heather from hello beautiful is in love with this fantastic product.  Read why below and check out the q&a to learn more about her.

i love my stila smudgestick!

love stila's smudgepots but hate the fuss? the stila smudgestick is a smudgepot in an easy to apply eyeliner applicator.  true to stila form, this liner is extremely pigmented, and the staying power is second to none.  the best part?  once you've applied this liner, it literally doesn't budge!  this liner doesn't flake, transfer, or fade.  the color range is beautiful;  my personal favorite is stingray;  a very rich matte black.  atila also has colors ranging from a beautiful slate blue (blue ribbon), to a must-have bronze sheen shade (lionfish).  and this liner will last you a very long time.  a little goes a loooong way!  here is why I put stila above all other traditional pen/pencil eyeliners:

pigmentation:  atila is best known for their superior color pigmentation - the smudgestick is no exception
ease of use:  this retractable eyeliner glides on smoothly and blends easily
waterproof:  yes, this is actually a waterproof liner
color range:  stila's colors range from rich matte to eye-catching shimmer shades
smudge-ability:  this product can be smudged; however, it does set quickly

this pencil is not meant for the waterline, though.  you are better off using a stila kajal eyeliner or the traditional smudgepot for the waterline.

stila is a fantastic company with consistently superior and innovative products;  the smudgestick is no exception and i highly recommend it!

want more beauty reviews?  visit my youtube channel!  

NY mag suggests stila lip products!

Jul 26, 2011

have you ever visited  they are a great resource for everything that is “NOW”.  who are the hottest designers?  they know.  what places should you be frequenting.  they will tell you.  and they even offer amazing beauty advice.  in their latest shop-a-matic feature they showcased their must-have lip products, 2 of them being stila favorites!  we agree with their choices.  bubblegum lip glaze and coconut crush are amazing for the perfect natural pout with a little pop.  try them together.  it’s one of our go-to combos!

xoxo, stila

miami swim week with l space

Jul 22, 2011

last week we had a blast working with backstage with l space at miami swim week.  sarah lucero created the makeup look for their new collection that debuted on the runway in miami.  we loved everything about the show, from the swimwear, to the amazing models, to the beautiful makeup.  use this guide below to recreate the makeup look:

perfect & correct

natural eye palette (kitten, gilded, sandstone eyeshadows, damsel smudgestick)
tiger's eye kajal eyeliner
forever your curl mascara
stay all day brow color

custom color coral

gladiola convertible color
lemongrass lip glaze

have a great weekend stila fans!!! xoxo

don't miss stila's pro team in LA this weekend!

Jul 21, 2011

hey stila fans! our entire pro team is in LA this week. we have had so much fun catching up with them and now it's your turn! learn their tips and tricks firsthand at one of our LA sephoras. beauty lessons will be taking place all day, so make sure you stop by the location closest to you. here are the details:

fashion square 12-6
century city 1-7
manhattan beach 1-7

santa monica 1-7
hollywood 1-7
americana 2-8

christine avanti shares her healthy beauty tips!

Jul 20, 2011

last week, we were on the set of the photoshoot for christine avanti’s new book. christine, a top la nutritionist shared some of her healthy beauty tips while the fabulous viviana martin did her makeup for the shoot.  check out these fun photos of viv and christine, and read below to learn how food can enhance your appearance.

-tired of puffiness under the eyes?  christine says that coconut water is a great option to reduce puffiness.  she also recommends caffeine if you are in a punch.

-want your skin to look better?  add omega 3s to your diet.  foods like salmon, walnuts, and grass fed beef are all great sources of omega 3s.

-what about damaged hair?  we all want healthy looking hair that grows.  according to christine, the vitamin biotin is your best bet for generating results with your hair.

thanks christine for your amazing tips.  and viv, we loved the makeup – especially the new custom color blush in coral!  it looks amazing on christine!

xoxo, stila

"PRO"file piece - shelby hardie

Jul 19, 2011

we are thrilled to introduce to you our multi-talented sales & artistry executive and pro artist shelby hardie. shelby oversees WA, OR, ID, UT, and quebec for stila. she grew up on whidbey island, spending the majority of her time outside. however, in 8th grade she learned french, a skill that still comes in handy for her today. in fact, whenever she travels to quebec, shelby is able to educate and train on makeup in french, the primary language of the area. how amazing, right? read more about shelby and her love of the french language below in this fantastic q&a.

many consider language one of the arts – do you agree?
having a proclivity to learning language with ease is an art of love. we all have special talents - some are excellent at math, others cook extraordinary things with few ingredients, some can make music, and some can paint a canvas that will transport you. i feel if you have a true passion for a language you can possess it and let your love for that particular language guide you in fearlessly conversing with native speakers. that is part of the trick, not being afraid to actually use your new found language skills, knowing that you will indeed make mistakes, but that’s how we learn.

what are the benefits of speaking to someone in their native tongue?
first and foremost, it opens your world up and you meet people that you may not have conversed with otherwise. i speak a couple of other languages as well and have had so much fun meeting people from other cultures and also learning from them. i enjoy the bemused yet relieved look on someone's face when i let them know that i speak their language.

is it difficult to describe makeup in the french language?
no. i will admit though, i had to learn some new vocabulary before my first trainings in quebec. i had to learn words like: high definition, shimmery, opalescent and waterproof. one of the things that i enjoy about learning other languages is that their are words that we don’t have in english. in french there is a really cool way to say “its bright and beautiful”; the translation in french is “ca flash!” it's one of my favorite expressions!

do people in the same region tend to like the same products or does it vary?
i find that women are very similar everywhere. in quebec, they love bright colors and are always interested in new technique. they're fascinated and drill me on every detail of new york fashion week. i do find however, that women in montreal are extremely discerning. you HAVE to explain in detail why a product is a must have and absolutely apply it on the client.

what is one product that everyone loves no matter where you go?
actually, there are three products that everyone loves no matter where i go: stay all day waterproof eyeliner in carbon black, one step correct, as well as our stains. all are favorites all over the world!

pro artist tip of the week – how to use stay all day waterproof brow color

Jul 18, 2011

at stila, we love brows.  bold brows dominate the runways of new york fashion week.  and you can easily recreate this trend with our new stay all day waterproof brow color.  we love it.  here are some tips to make the most of this waterproof product!

-create “hair like” strokes with the felt tip point to shape the brow.  use light pressure and follow your brows natural hair growth.

-the stay all day brow color can be used to create a soft shadow or to shade behind the natural hairs of your brows.  this creates the appearance of a polished and groomed brow.

-we love to use this product to fill in scars in the brow area and to enhance the appearance of thin brows.

-this product is ideal for events when you want you brows to stay in place.  the stay all day brow color will not melt off like a pencil or powder because it is waterproof.

-combine this product with your favorite brow gel or brow powder for brows that look amazing everyday!

stila on the ESPYS red carpet

Jul 15, 2011

stila makeup was on the ESPYS red carpet wednesday with some of sports top female nominees!  we had a blast working with kelly clark and sarah burke - both inspiring women.  kelly, an olympic gold medalist snow boarder, was nominated for 2 ESPYS including female athlete of the year.  sarah, a freestyle skier and x-game gold medalist, was nominated for best female action sport athlete.  check out these amazing women on the red carpet with a rundown of their makeup looks.


perfect & correct foundation
chinois and puppy eyeshadows
sequins sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner
glamoureyes mascara
custom color blush - coral
apricot lip glaze


sheer color tinted moisturizer
kitten and pewter eye shadows
starry sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner
major major lash mascara
peony convertible color
grapefruit lip glaze

guest blog - city chic talks natural makeup

Jul 13, 2011

were you ever afraid of makeup?  krista from city chic shares how she overcame her makeup fear in this guest blog below.

i admit it: ive never been a big fan of make-up - ever.

until i was 22, i only had bad memories and bad pictures with foundations that were too dark, and products that were too heavy and clumpy.

you see, i grew up with two "issues" that caused me to have a natural aversion for makeup.  i had an ultra-fair complexion that could likely garner me a role in the next twilight saga, and i was an avid performer and talent competitor, where heavy make-up was the norm under bright stage lights.

while high school is usually a fun time of experimentation with fashion and make-up for most teenage girls, it was a horror show for me.  people constantly asked if i felt sick because i 'looked so pale'. in a failed attempt to counter-act this crazy perception, i started trying out different drugstore foundations that left lines and looked completely unnatural. i still hate every picture of me from those days!

college wasn't much better; in those years, i decided to take the completely opposite route and 'go natural', which, while more me, left me looking tired and un-refined. i shrugged off the idea of make-up in general.

as a young adult entering the workforce as a business sales rep, i was self-conscious enough about my pastiness to try tanning. i spent that summer as the queen of fake-baking, and while i definitely looked better, i had a faux orange tone that was never quite me either.

everything changed when i had an opportunity through work to go to the at&t pro-am golf tournament at pebble beach. i was beyond excited for the event and i wanted to look my absolute best in pictures - this was a new me! it just so happened that one of my guests of honor was a gorgeous friend who has a background as a make-up artist.

as soon as i suggested a make-over, danielle whipped out her arsenal of product and assured me that whatever she did, i would still look natural. i was honestly scared to look in the mirror, fully convinced that I was about to see what i always had - un-even color tone, cakey lines or worse, a face that couldn't breathe and left smudges all over my camera, cell phone and shirt collar. yuck.

much to my surprise, that was NOT the image in the mirror at all.  i looked like me, but better! a wide sweep of bronzer and dash of convertible color complimented the contrast of my dark hair and made my hazel eyes pop. it even appeared that I had cheekbones! the best part? the total time i spent as Danielle's project took less than TEN minutes. how AMAZING!

beyond happy, i made her take me on a shopping trip before she left that day.  i'm happy to report that in the two years that have passed since then, i haven't strayed. not once, not ever.

this, my friends, is why i love stila.  it's perfect for the beauty maven who loves experimenting with fun colors and new looks, but its perfect for someone like me too.  so here's the rundown on my ten minute morning and CANNOT (I repeat, cannot) live without stila favorites:

1) one step correct - a true godsend, itís super light, goes on easily & takes all the uneven tone out of your skin in 30 seconds. seriously! If you don’t like make-up, this is one thing I would recommend wearing.

2) tinted moisturizer with spf - since i absolutely despise foundation, powder, etc. or anything that FEELS like make-up, this is perfect for me.

3) bronzer - i use a huge soft brush & superlight hand to apply this.  I start with the forehead and sweep down, in/out along cheekbones and back down along the jaw line for a super natural application.

4) convertible color in gerbera - a few dots on of this cream based blush always does the trick!

5) natural eyeshadow palette - i'm a big fan of taupe by the brow bone and inner corners of the eye, darker browns on the lid and a slightly smudged dark shade along the bottom lashes.

6) major major lash mascara - curl, coat and repeat. ooh la la.

7) lip glaze - never sticky and ultra-light, it's the perfect shine.

 a few weeks ago, i had someone randomly stop me on the street in the city. "can I just tell you that you're beautiful?" i thought that I must have heard him wrong over the screeching horns and slamming breaks.  beautiful, really? ME? i looked around, but there was no one else nearby.

shocked and blushing, i had to smile. while looking good is nice, feeling good about yourself and being confident in your own (pale!) skin is even better.

**for more about me & my favorite products, stop by my san francisco based blog 'city chic'. i'd love to hear from you!

waterproof just got better

Jul 12, 2011

at stila we love products that stay. makes sense right? you don’t want to apply your makeup only to have it disappear a few hours later. that’s why we are in love with the new additions to our waterproof products – 2 new stay all day liquid eyeliners, 2 new smudge stick waterproof eyeliners, and the brand new stay all day brow color. check out the swatches below. all products are waterproof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

left to right: (stay all day: alloy, moss, smudge stick: triggerfish, bluefin, brow color: light, medium)

pro artist tip of the week – lather up

Jul 11, 2011

with summer in full swing, we thought it was only fitting that share our feelings on sunscreen.  although we may be in the makeup business, we can’t say enough about the importance of sunscreen.  lather up for your health and for good looking skin.

-sunscreen will not only help protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, but it will also prevent the aging of the skin.  wear it daily.

-we love our tinted moisturizers with spf for a great daily sunscreen.  they wear well, look natural, and protect at the same time.  for more coverage, you can always mix a drop of perfecting concealer with the moisturizer.

-don’t forget about your lips!  try using your favorite lip and cheek stain underneath spf when you are in the sun.  this way your lips look good and remain protected at the same time.

happy summer everyone!!!  

giveaway!!!! win our new fall eyeliners!

Jul 7, 2011

stila’s eyeliners are always a favorite among fans and celebrities. and this fall our eyeliners get even more exciting with new shades of the stay all day liquid eyeliner and the smudge stick eyeliner. YIPPEE!! one lucky winner will be the first to try moss and alloy stay all day liquid eyeliners and triggerfish and bluefin smudge stick eyeliners. enter now and “like” this page to share this giveaway with your friends.

comment and tell us which stila eyeliner is your favorite. please include your email address.

***deadline for entries is wednesday, july 13th at midnight. the winner must live in the continental united states. good luck! xoxo, stila

stila loves roxy

Jul 6, 2011

stila recently teamed up with roxy to create a limited edition makeup collection.  this fun collection honors roxy’s beachy vibe and was introduced to the media with an amazing merchandised luxury bus.  how cool?!!  the bus was parked outside bryant park in nyc, while jason araujo and his team of stila pro artists touched up those invited to this special launch party.   we wanted to stay in this bus forever it was so much fun!

we hope you are as excited as we are for stila’s new collection with roxy!  xoxo

guest blog - shamini theverajah from norway

Jul 1, 2011

meet shamini from norway. she has an incredible story to share with us and an amazing passion for makeup. it's contagious!

i started writing back in 2002 because i, a young woman dependent of my wheelchair, desperately needed a place to vent, to share my thoughts and prevent myself from going insane from thinking. i needed a place where i could be open, honest and still be respected for the person i am.  so i started sharing my thoughts with other people through the internet. i wrote about obstacles, experiences, frustrations and feelings. writing quickly became an awesome kind of therapy for me, and my life escalated from sitting at home doing nothing, to taking an online course of web design, going to parties, and eventually moving away from everything known to an entirely new city.  my diary slowly turned into a “blog”.

i discovered makeup for real back in 2008, when i found an american makeup forum that ignited a spark in me - a spark that quickly grew into a full-blown fire! i learned so much, so quickly! i started watching tutorials on youtube, posting my own makeup looks – and really enjoying the feedback i was receiving. it meant a lot to me, and my self-esteem grew.  at first i purchased a few random items here and there, but as my love for the beautiful and really unique products grew i turned into a collector, and i’m proud to say that i’m in possession of many a sought-after piece.

i’ve developed a deep passion for colors, they somehow make me happy when i feel like life is otherwise dark and grey, and makeup has become the perfect way for me to escape my everyday life and express my creativity. when most physical activity is difficult for me, i really appreciate having an extensive makeup collection to reach for whenever i feel the need to actually create something – and the satisfactory feeling of mastering something, conquering an obstacle, is indeed priceless.

my collection consists of many different brands, and i don’t quite remember when i was introduced to stila cosmetics, but it quickly became one of my all-time favorites. it’s very difficult to obtain stila when in norway, but I’ve still managed to include must-have pieces like kitten, diamond lil, black cat, a few smudge pots, some of the fantastic smudge stick eye liners, two of their talking palettes and the super cute travel palettes to my collection nonetheless. and i love them! i have a hard time choosing one single favorite, but the one product i reach for most often is the smudge stick in koi, a fantastic gold. i’m already planning on purchasing the rest of these liners, that’s how much i love them. diamond lil follows close behind on my favorites list, as the smooth buttery feel of these eye shadows are just unbelievable! how can you beat a sultry smoky eye done with diamond lil on the lid, black cat in the outer corner and crease, kitten as a highlight – and a surprising pop of color using for instance koi on the lower lash line? unbeatable, just take my word for it.

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