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Jul 19, 2011

we are thrilled to introduce to you our multi-talented sales & artistry executive and pro artist shelby hardie. shelby oversees WA, OR, ID, UT, and quebec for stila. she grew up on whidbey island, spending the majority of her time outside. however, in 8th grade she learned french, a skill that still comes in handy for her today. in fact, whenever she travels to quebec, shelby is able to educate and train on makeup in french, the primary language of the area. how amazing, right? read more about shelby and her love of the french language below in this fantastic q&a.

many consider language one of the arts – do you agree?
having a proclivity to learning language with ease is an art of love. we all have special talents - some are excellent at math, others cook extraordinary things with few ingredients, some can make music, and some can paint a canvas that will transport you. i feel if you have a true passion for a language you can possess it and let your love for that particular language guide you in fearlessly conversing with native speakers. that is part of the trick, not being afraid to actually use your new found language skills, knowing that you will indeed make mistakes, but that’s how we learn.

what are the benefits of speaking to someone in their native tongue?
first and foremost, it opens your world up and you meet people that you may not have conversed with otherwise. i speak a couple of other languages as well and have had so much fun meeting people from other cultures and also learning from them. i enjoy the bemused yet relieved look on someone's face when i let them know that i speak their language.

is it difficult to describe makeup in the french language?
no. i will admit though, i had to learn some new vocabulary before my first trainings in quebec. i had to learn words like: high definition, shimmery, opalescent and waterproof. one of the things that i enjoy about learning other languages is that their are words that we don’t have in english. in french there is a really cool way to say “its bright and beautiful”; the translation in french is “ca flash!” it's one of my favorite expressions!

do people in the same region tend to like the same products or does it vary?
i find that women are very similar everywhere. in quebec, they love bright colors and are always interested in new technique. they're fascinated and drill me on every detail of new york fashion week. i do find however, that women in montreal are extremely discerning. you HAVE to explain in detail why a product is a must have and absolutely apply it on the client.

what is one product that everyone loves no matter where you go?
actually, there are three products that everyone loves no matter where i go: stay all day waterproof eyeliner in carbon black, one step correct, as well as our stains. all are favorites all over the world!

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  1. I remember Shelby as being long on smiles but short on substance. Good luck, billionaires daughter!

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