stila wins HBA international package design awards!!!

Jun 30, 2011

congrats to stila!  we received 2 HBA international package design awards. these awards spotlight innovative packaging from companies in the health and beauty industry.  

-our color wheel won the award for best cosmetics prestige packaging!  purchase yours today on our website to experience its greatness.

-also, stila won the grand prize for innovation.  we are so proud!!!

a huge shout out to our vp of product development and packaging, jill tomandl  (pictured above) and her team for their amazing efforts.  stila is so grateful for their hard work and for the talents they bring to our team everyday!

IMATS fashion show

Jun 29, 2011

last weekend at IMATS, the stila team put on an incredible fashion show reminiscent of the lincoln center catwalks.  no anna wintour wasn’t in attendance, but there were 17 models decked in amazing fashions styled by corina garcia, a packed audience, and stila makeup to complete the show.   it was a fun experience for all.  “stila style” was not only entertaining, but also educational – all who attended were able to learn how to create each of the 17 makeup looks on their own.

we loved the variety of makeup seen on the runway.  it spoke to our mantra that “makeup is as individual as your signature” and it honored what it truly means to have stila style.  models walked the runway in all types of looks from glam, sultry, pretty, cheerful, edgy, and more.  

this “no rules” mentally with makeup is inspiring.  we hope every stila girl will embrace it and walk with confidence in a style that is her own.  

4 fourth of july must haves

Jun 28, 2011

the 4th is just around the corner.  we love celebrating our country on this fun holiday and hope you do too!  make sure your makeup is just as patriotic as your clothing with these 4 must-haves.

happy 4th!!!

stila sponsors women in film crystal + lucy awards

Jun 23, 2011

last week, stila sponsored the women in film crystal + lucy awards.  the night honored great women including annette bening, nina tasler, katie holmes, pamela fryman, and reed morano.  in addition, the hilarious actress from bridesmaids, melissa mccarthy hosted the awards.  she is definitely as funny in person as she is on the big screen. 

stila worked backstage doing makeup touchups.  we teamed up with B2V salon in west hollywood to ensure that everyone looked their best!  our favorites from the night – long wear liquid lip color and perfect & correct foundation.

"PRO"file piece - david birdwell

Jun 22, 2011

meet david dirdwell, one of our stila stars from philadelphia. today he works in stores as a sales & artistry executive and as one of our pro artists. he is an extremely passionate individual, with a love for history and the arts. as a former model, david has a unique take on the makeup world. we love hearing about his experiences, advice, and insight and thought we’d share his thoughts with you. read our q&a below.

what was it like being a model? can you paint a picture for us?
i looked at modeling as an art form. i used photography to express myself and let the world know how i felt through the lens. i loved the makeup, hair, and clothes and felt like i could channel all my energies to fit how i was feeling. as for the lifestyle, there was never a dull moment. i remember running around milan and nyc like it was my playground in a world i only dreamed of. it was definitely an adrenaline rush.

being a model sounds fabulous – was it always that way?
i don’t have any horror stories, fortunately. i was really young and naïve when i first started modeling and i felt like many people tried to take advantage of that. there were also lonely moments when i was away from my family. and sometimes people were infatuated with the title “model”.

models seem to have confidence. do you have suggestions to help every individual be more confident?
my advice is to always be who you are, and to love yourself for it. even when you are having a down day, always hold your head up high.

what initially attracted you to makeup?
my mom. she would always get glammed up to do anything, and i always watched while she put her makeup on. i loved the whole transition of the face and the power of what a little bit of color could do. i was absolutely intrigued with color and how it could take you to another level.

do you think your experience as a model helps you as a makeup artist?
absolutely. i always asked questions to the makeup artists when i was i model, so i learned many tips & tricks for my own novice pleasure. in fact, one of the makeup artists from my shoots introduced me to stila.

obviously not all of us are models. what makeup advice can you share to help us feel model worthy?
to feel “model” worthy i believe a woman should never leave the house without a little bit of blush and some mascara. you will feel so fresh and beautiful. very “model” worthy.

don’t miss us at IMATS in LA!

Jun 21, 2011

we couldn’t be more excited to begin winding down the trade show season in our very own city of angels!  IMATS is heaven for any makeup junkie.  and we love seeing all of the west coast stila fans at this show!  make sure you stop by our booth in LA this weekend for all your stila goods and more!  

also, don’t miss a special runway show on saturday at 1:15pm!!

xoxo, stila

"escaping the office” for poolside makeovers

Jun 17, 2011

there is nothing we like better than a stila makeover.  OH WAIT.  we spoke too soon.  let’s try doing makeup poolside in the backyard of a beautiful house in beverly hills and call it a day!  that is what we call perfection J  and that is exactly what took place wednesday at the la stylist event.  we worked with via spiga, hanky panky, and zico coconut water to help women "escape the office" and stock up on summer essentials!  check out these pictures of our stila “candy bar” and pro artist viviana martin doing makeup for the cameras. 

our new sparkle waterproof eyeliners were a huge hit.  and everyone agreed that stila lip glaze is a must-have!

guest blog - lindsay from belle belle beauty!

Jun 15, 2011

today we have a fun product review to share with you from lindsay at belle belle beauty!  read below to see why she loves our stay all day liquid eyeliner.  and learn more about her in this q&a...

have no fear, those of you who think you can’t handle a liquid eyeliner pen.  this stila thin marker-like tip is really a breeze!  the market is pointed to add precision and you can build the line with layers of application.  but that is just the beginning.  when I say “staying power”, i mean this sucker isn’t going ANYWHERE.  i can rub my eyes, shower and even wash my face and the line remains solid and pigmented as ever.   but along with no smudges comes a super fast dry. so be sure make adjustments as quickly as possible.  i generally prefer a black liner, and this is a wonderful, deep and inky shade.  but it is also offered in indigo and dark brown as well. won't be long before I cannot resist the "cool midtone blue".  this is absolutely my new favorite eyeliner, especially for these warm and sticky summer days. 

pro artist tip of the week – illuminate your life!

Jun 13, 2011

we love a lot of products at stila - we are makeup junkies always in search of the next best thing.  however, we also have our key products that we go back to time and time again because they just work.  one of those products is our illuminating tinted moisturizer.  it is amazing and there are unlimited ways to use this product.  illuminate your life with these tips below.

illuminating tinted moisturizer can be applied all over the face to instantly smooth and brighten the skin.  you can add foundation over top, or wear it alone.  shade 1 is more beige. shade 2 is more peach.

you can use illuminating tinted moisturizer as a highlighter to brighten certain areas of the face.  we love applying it to the cheekbones, browbones, bridge of the nose, and underneath the eye area.

shade 2 has a great peach tone that helps reduce blueness under the eyes.  it is a great product to combine with your concealer.

this product also mixes easily with foundation to promote a dewy, healthy glow on the skin.

we love it so much, we even apply illuminating tinted moisturizer on the body for airbrushed looking skin that shines on the red carpet!

"smile for me” in canada

Jun 8, 2011

to our lucky canada fans – we are coming to an area near you with an exciting event inspired by our summer collection.  see the flyer below for more information.

reserve an appointment today and be the first in your area to learn all about these amazing new products!  it won’t be long until you are “smiling” over how great you look! here are the dates:

-murale don mills centre (toronto) . 416.384.1858. june 10,11,12
-murale calgary southcentre mall . 403.278.8302. june 10, 11, 12
-murale calgary downtown . 403.261.3703. june 17, 18
-murale vancouver oakridge mall . 604.264.8035. june 10, 11, 12
-murale place d'orleans. 613.841.4166. june 17, 18, 19
-murale ottawa downton . 613.234.8426. june 8, 9, 10
-murale west edmonton mall . 780.487.2673. june 17, 18, 19

don’t miss “stila to the stars” event

Jun 7, 2011

listen up chicago fans! we are coming to you with a fabulous event. on june 25th, our stila artistry team will be recreating the glam of today’s hottest stars! participants will have the opportunity to choose from 4 hollywood inspired looks (shown above) created by our very own spokesperson – sarah lucero. we will be taking before and after pictures at this event. in addition, there will be fun music and a gift with purchase. reserve your spot today by calling the store…

sephora northbridge

***call soon before the spots fill up. we can’t wait to see everyone there! xoxo, stila

pro artist tip of the week - brush guide

Jun 6, 2011

one of the most overlooked areas of makeup is the tool.  imagine having a brand new canvas, an array of paints, and no brushes.  sure you could probably come up with a decent finger painting.  however, most paintings from renowned artists are created with countless brush strokes.  how vital then is the tool?  in the case of most artists, it’s essential.  the same is true with makeup.  so read up and take advantage of our brush guide.

  • #9 a must for all over blending.
  • #15 our favorite double sided brush for perfect sultry eyes.  use this brush damp for amazing results.
  • #30 create any shadow look with this brush.

  • #4 great for applying powder shadows as eyeliner.
  • #20 line and blend powder shadows or gels.  works best on bigger eyes.
  • #28 create a precise line or diffused line with this brush. 

  • #24 powder and blush brush.  use the flat side to buff and highlight.
  • #31 take powder on the go with this soft retractable brush.
  • #33 foundation and concealer brush in one.  it’s a complexion must-have.

our guide to looking great this summer

Jun 3, 2011

june is here, which means summer is just around the corner. it is our hope that you will embrace the season and take advantage of all that summer has to offer. whether you are at the beach, pool, waterpark, etc., use this helpful summer makeup guide below to look great wherever you go.

sheer color spf 20 tinted moisturizer. this water resistant product protects your skin and covers at the same time. what more can you ask for when you are spending a fun day in the sun?!

sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners. line and go with your favorite color this summer. the sparkle will stay all day, whether you are at work or lounging on a raft in the pool.

lip and cheek stains. pick your favorite "crush" and apply it to your lips and cheeks for a healthy looking, long wearing stain. you won’t look overdone, just a little better when you are at the beach – something we all want :)

happy summer stila fans!!!

2 tips for perfect eye makeup!

Jun 2, 2011

our very own sarah lucero recently shared her eye makeup tricks with "allure". we loved her pro tips so much that we wanted to share them with you. try them the next time you are doing your makeup.

  • “when you’re using liquid eyeliner, draw little dots along the lash line and then connect the dots. it makes drawing a straight line easier.”

  • “use eyeliner to make your lashes look fuller by drawing tiny marks in between the lashes with a pencil.”

***thanks for the tips sarah!!!

june giveaway – stila eye shadows!!!

Jun 1, 2011

happy june! avoid the gloom with this giveaway. to celebrate the new packaging of our eye shadows, we are giving away 9 different shades – kitten, cassis, pigalle, copper, wisteria, azure, jade, terracotta, and 14kt! enter now to win, and “like” this link to share this giveaway with your friends.

comment and tell us what your favorite stila eye shadow is. please include your email address.

**winner must live in the continental united states. you have until june 7 at midnight to enter! good luck! xoxo, stila

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