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Jun 15, 2011

today we have a fun product review to share with you from lindsay at belle belle beauty!  read below to see why she loves our stay all day liquid eyeliner.  and learn more about her in this q&a...

have no fear, those of you who think you can’t handle a liquid eyeliner pen.  this stila thin marker-like tip is really a breeze!  the market is pointed to add precision and you can build the line with layers of application.  but that is just the beginning.  when I say “staying power”, i mean this sucker isn’t going ANYWHERE.  i can rub my eyes, shower and even wash my face and the line remains solid and pigmented as ever.   but along with no smudges comes a super fast dry. so be sure make adjustments as quickly as possible.  i generally prefer a black liner, and this is a wonderful, deep and inky shade.  but it is also offered in indigo and dark brown as well. won't be long before I cannot resist the "cool midtone blue".  this is absolutely my new favorite eyeliner, especially for these warm and sticky summer days. 

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