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Jun 22, 2011

meet david dirdwell, one of our stila stars from philadelphia. today he works in stores as a sales & artistry executive and as one of our pro artists. he is an extremely passionate individual, with a love for history and the arts. as a former model, david has a unique take on the makeup world. we love hearing about his experiences, advice, and insight and thought we’d share his thoughts with you. read our q&a below.

what was it like being a model? can you paint a picture for us?
i looked at modeling as an art form. i used photography to express myself and let the world know how i felt through the lens. i loved the makeup, hair, and clothes and felt like i could channel all my energies to fit how i was feeling. as for the lifestyle, there was never a dull moment. i remember running around milan and nyc like it was my playground in a world i only dreamed of. it was definitely an adrenaline rush.

being a model sounds fabulous – was it always that way?
i don’t have any horror stories, fortunately. i was really young and naïve when i first started modeling and i felt like many people tried to take advantage of that. there were also lonely moments when i was away from my family. and sometimes people were infatuated with the title “model”.

models seem to have confidence. do you have suggestions to help every individual be more confident?
my advice is to always be who you are, and to love yourself for it. even when you are having a down day, always hold your head up high.

what initially attracted you to makeup?
my mom. she would always get glammed up to do anything, and i always watched while she put her makeup on. i loved the whole transition of the face and the power of what a little bit of color could do. i was absolutely intrigued with color and how it could take you to another level.

do you think your experience as a model helps you as a makeup artist?
absolutely. i always asked questions to the makeup artists when i was i model, so i learned many tips & tricks for my own novice pleasure. in fact, one of the makeup artists from my shoots introduced me to stila.

obviously not all of us are models. what makeup advice can you share to help us feel model worthy?
to feel “model” worthy i believe a woman should never leave the house without a little bit of blush and some mascara. you will feel so fresh and beautiful. very “model” worthy.

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