olympic giveaway!!!!

Jul 31, 2012

stila fans!  enter now to win this award-worthy, olympic giveaway.  one lucky fan will receive our beauty balm and lovely in london palette.  these two must-haves are ideal for a day on the town, your olympic debut, or a london vacation.  

comment and tell us what stila product is worthy of a gold medal!  don't forget to include your email address.  

contest ends at midnight tonight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  good luck!!!  xoxo

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  1. Stila one step bronze is my current obsession! It's the first Stila product I've used, but I am excited to try more! I love you, Stila!!


  2. I love Stila's one step bronze. Although its Bronze it deserves the gold! This can be used so many ways: as a primer, a gel bronze, under foundation, over foundation, on face, on body, its great for the beach or weddings! I absolutely love this product because it can be used in so many ways.

  3. Lovely in London palette because it's name is so representative of today's Olympics...Now if you had one named after the women's gymnastics team I would so vote for that.


  4. The Stila One Step Correct, because it's a unique product and works great for people like me who have problems with redness.


  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Stila! By far the brand that has more favorites of mine than any other so it's so hard for me to pick ONE thing...

    Something that I definitely don't buy anywhere is is blush! Your custom color blush in pink is by far my most prized procession and definitely deserves a gold medal for prettiest/most pigmented/ and best setting!


  6. Stila One-step-correct!!! My favorite Stila product to date, so amazing!!! I even use it on my chest if it's looking a little blotchy -or a little pink from too much sun!

  7. The smudgesticks are awesome = great for summer days because they are waterproof. sunbird1100@yahoo.com

  8. I love all Stila products but I must say that the illuminating liquid foundation is AMAZEBALLS!!

  9. Primers! Both the triple-color and the Kitten primers cannot be touched by any other brand! The Stay-All-Day liquid liner is also a daily must-have. Lasts through sweat, tears, and looooooong nights!

  10. Stila Set & Correct baked powder trio! I use it every single day.
    Thanks Stila!

  11. I love all of Stila's makeup, particularly your eyeshadows and lip glosses. However, the product that deserves a gold medal is your fragrance Creme Bouquet!!! THAT is the most beautiful perfume and I'm so thrilled you brought it back!!

  12. Stila definetely WINS the GOLD!!!! Stila's cosmetics are the BEST!!! They have proven themselves over & over again!!! Love it!!!!

    BTW...I love that it can now be purchased at Nordstrom :)


  13. Teak Convertible Eye Color--great on my eyes and brings the color out, easy application!


  14. Apricot lip glaze! It's my everyday go to gloss and the packaging is amazing :) allimillion@gmail.com

  15. Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Jet Black: it creates the perfect liquid line! It's highly pigmented, goes on smooth, and stays put! I couldn't live without it! Best liquid liner I have ever used BY FAR (and I have tried them ALL - believe me)! Don't ever stop making it!


  16. I recently tried the Stila brand ever since I found it at Nordstrom Rack and out of all things I don't like, in example LIP GLOSS!! Stila converted me to my new obsession of lip glosses BUT I ONLY wear the Stila glosses.

  17. the one step bronzer deserves a gold medal not a bronze medal (weak pun)!! it goes on so lovely and so naturally looking!!!

    thank you for the chance :)


  18. Convertible color in peony for sure! It comes everywhere with me and works on my cheeks and eyes. Such a great product!


  19. Stilla eye liner pencil in Onyx is the bomb! It is soft so easy on the eyes while applying and it stays on even when crying. It is the best product on the market!

  20. Absolutely the Stila One Step Correct Triple Swirl Helix Primer. To win the Gold, you have to put your best face forward. You have to start with a perfectly primed face and Stila is the best! <3


  21. Stilla's eye shadow in Kitten and their illuminating tinted moisturizer take the Gold. They are staples in my makeup collection!


  22. Stila's lip glazes because they are moisturizing and pigmented! Also Stila's eyeshadows because they apply smootly, evenly, and are long lasting. They have great staying power even on my oily lids. Kitten is my favorite. :) Both are definitely gold medal worthy!!


  23. I was really disappointed by this discontinuance of the concealer stick as it was beyond GOLD for me for 10+ years! I am happy to say that the perfecting concealer has replaced it quite well. GOLD for GOLD!!

  24. Passion Fruit Crush Lip & Cheek Stain is a Stila must have!!!!!!!!! Even with no other make up on a lil on your cheeks and lips and your a stunner!

  25. smudge proof crayon waterproof eye color. Anyone can get a great smokey eye using this!! ddronen@yahoo.com

  26. the stila one step correct! it has made a lot of the redness in my face disappear!
    Thanks Stila!


  27. I would definitely have to say Stila's eyeshadow in Kitten definitely deserves a gold medal! No matter what else I try, nothing compares to the beautiful color and the staying power of this eyeshadow. You are awesome, Stila!


  28. I haven't used many Stila products but my favorite to date is probably the major major lash mascara. I love that stuff.


  29. Gold Medal for the Bronze! stila's One-Step Bronzing Serum has single-handedly saved my skin by giving me the exact amount of "sun-kissed" I want without the dangerous sun worshiping! Paired with your Passion Fruit Crush Lip & Cheek Stain, I don't need any other makeup for the summer!


  30. I have never used Stila products but read about them all the time in Allure magazine. I would love to try some Stila products! wendy7s@hotmail.com

  31. I love all of Stila's illuminating products but the all over shimmer liquid luminizer is really wonderful and gets an easy gold medal (The London Palette looks pretty amazing too). (tinytina3@verizon.net)

  32. Loving the 10-1 HD BB cream, makes my face look and feel flawless! A definite "Gold Medal" winner! :)

  33. Long wear lip color- matte

    In outrageous

    Because I love how it looks and stays on. It's perfect.


  34. ok so i will go with the eyeshadow trio that they are sellin at sephora rite now the rome trio omg the colors are so pigminted i absolutly love them i wear them all the time thats my go to eyeshadows and ive had it for about a month they eyeshadows are so smooth i just love them and im sure everyone else will too i also like the lipglazes but they eyeshadow trio are the best i dont know bout the rest but i do love mine :-) ive never tried a beauty balm hopefully i will soon and i also dont have a stila palette hpefully they are as pigminted as the trio :-)


  35. Stila water proof mascara is worth the gold. It does not smudge, the brush is very easy to work with and it does not clump up.

  36. I love all things Kitten!!! From the lip gloss to the smudge pot to the eye shadow. I also love the Illuminating foundation and my multiple shadow pallets! I'm just a still lover!

  37. I love all things Kitten!!! From the lip gloss to the smudge pot to the eye shadow. I also love the Illuminating foundation and my multiple shadow pallets! I'm just a still lover!

  38. Kitten eyeshadow!! AMAZING for an all over color, a highlight, and to brighten the inner corner of the eye! LOVE IT..

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