olympic giveaway!!!!

Jul 31, 2012

stila fans!  enter now to win this award-worthy, olympic giveaway.  one lucky fan will receive our beauty balm and lovely in london palette.  these two must-haves are ideal for a day on the town, your olympic debut, or a london vacation.  

comment and tell us what stila product is worthy of a gold medal!  don't forget to include your email address.  

contest ends at midnight tonight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  good luck!!!  xoxo

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  1. Stila deserves a gold medal for every single product! I have the whole line. Yet, the one thing I couldn't live without is the "one step corrector" primer since I have severe rosacea. It works like magic, I just put it on mix a little of the one step bronzing, voila! Im out the door and still looking good. Thank you stila for making me feel amazing with your gold medal worthy products!

  2. I have several Stilla products-when I can afford to splurge, which hasn't been too often, lately. I have a few favorites, but my Gold Medal would go to the: Stilla One-step Bronzing Serum. I have tried alot of bronzers & this is, by far, the best!
    Robin Mozingo

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