giveaway – “In The Know” eyeshadow palette

Jul 3, 2012

stila fans.  we have an amazing giveaway today.  enter now to win our newest eye shadow palette.  “In The Know” comes complete with 10 matte eye shadows and a matte charcoal grey smudge stick.  it’s the perfect palette for the modern woman.  enter now and make sure to “like” this post to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us why you need this palette.  don’t forget to include your email address. 

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends at midnight tonight.  xoxo, stila

175 Responses to giveaway – “In The Know” eyeshadow palette

  1. This palette is great to use on the go! I love how the colors can make a beautiful daytime look and a dramatic nighttime look. Stila always knows how to make her fans happy! xo

  2. I need this pallet because I absolutley love Stila makeup, I am clean out of my favorite colors from Stila and I would put these colors to good use. Thank you!

  3. I need this because I love Stila and have many of their products. Also becuase I'm starting to do some freelance makeup work and I'd love to add that to my kit.

  4. I need this palette because it has the perfect collection of colors! Its perfect to wear everyday.

  5. Just started using Stila Products, I have loved everything I have tried so far. I use the bronzer and the kitten eye shadow everyday now. I would love to own this palette.

  6. This looks awesome! I NEED this palette because these are great colors to wear at my work (teacher) and can easily transition into colors to wear at night. LOVE these colors! Thanks!

  7. If I won this I'd give it to my best friend for her bday. She's been looking for a nice matte eyeshadow palette and I think this would be just right.

  8. Over the weekend I realized the lack of matte shadows in my makeup collection! I would love to win this and solve that problem! q smith 0812 at gmail dot com

  9. I need this pallete because the colors are perfect and getting it would help me to clean out my makeup bag of all the colors I don't use.

  10. I need this pallet because I absolutley love Stila makeup, I am clean out of my favorite colors from Stila and I would put these colors to good use. Thank you!

  11. I would love to win this palette first I've never tried anything from stila and second cuz I love the colors all matte! I'm uber modern also.

  12. I need this pallet b/c I need some summer color! I'm so blasted pale! We're half way through summer and I don't think I've gained any color to my skin. I need some energy and life to my look and this palette would really help me! Thank you for the chance to win! :) lacey.scheunemann at

  13. I love the Stila eyeliner, and this palette would be the perfect compliment. I need it because I really need professional help in the eye-color department. Stila -- help a girl out!

  14. I love Stila shadows and it's hard to find matte shadow pallets - this looks like a must-have for matte shadow lovers!

  15. I need this because I ove stila products and I need another palatte of eyeshadow.

  16. This is the perfect everyday palette. Love the neutrals can be played up or down depending on your mood. I need this palette in my life!!!

  17. I need this pallete cuz the colors are to die for! I would use them all! Thanks for the fun contest! xo

  18. These are the perfect colors for me! I wear these kinds of colors every day! And I could definitely use some new eyeshadow right now.

  19. Gorgeous colors that last all day! I NEED this :) The copper color is to die for! Imagine all the beatiful smokey looks you could do with this.

  20. I need this palette for all my summer travels. I see so many options for fun and different looks and its so convenient to have them all in one package! Love the neutral "naked" tones and the sexy charcoal tones and smudge stick.

  21. i have not bought new Stila in a long time, because it's difficult to find things that I like. I love this palette. It would be PERFECT for me to take to photoshoots.

  22. I would love to have this palette because I am starting a new job soon in a medical office and need some versatile matte eyeshadows to work with that can take me from an office appropriate look to a look that's hot for a night on the town! :)

  23. Because I don't yet have enough palettes to completely cover my bathroom counter!

  24. I need this palette because every color looks great, and it would be perfect for everyday.
    brandi [dot] delancey [at] yahoo [dot] com

  25. I absolutely love Stila eyeshadows! They have the most pigmented, fun colors out of all the prestige brands I am familiar with! Right now I am hooked on the "In the Lights" palette, but given a chance, I could find myself hooked on the new "In the Know" palette (hint, hint!). Thanks Stila! <3

  26. This would be the PERFECT travel palette! I could recommend this one for traveling -packs easily, and has all the colors you need for a beach vacation!

  27. I need this pallet because I will soon be going into the conservative professional work force and I'm looking for some high quality eyeshadow (especially matte)to keep me looking polished.

  28. I need this palette because all my other eye shadows are shimmery and I only have one or two matte eye shadows, plus I love stila and I own the 'In The Light palette' and the metal tin is beginning to show on a lot of the colors so its time to replenish my stila palette :(

  29. I'd like to win because I love Stilia's products and it's beautiful! Would look nice on me after I've worked hard to lose 25lbs, another 40 to go! Email is

  30. I need this because I absolutely love Stila Eye Shadows and I'm always on the look out for good matte eyeshadows!

  31. I would love to win this because for one the colors are just gorgeous and second I have decided to go back to school since I graduated HS in career goals in mind and this palette would just be perfect for it.

  32. I'm all about earthy, neutral tones & have a hard time finding ones that are matte, so this would be perfect for me! dr_clemente[at]yahoo[dot]com

  33. I have been looking for a matte palette for a while. IN my opinion, this Stila palette has the most beautiful combination of matte colors!

    Thank you,

  34. I need this palette because these colors are perfect for a day look or an evening look. Also it would be easy to travel with.

  35. I so need this palette I had a hard year of teacher training at school and start teaching this fall! these shades are natural and professional appropriate. would love this to start of my year!

  36. I need this palette, because it would be perfect for my almost 70 year old mom. I know that Stila matte shadows are great quality, so I know this would be a great & easy neutral palette for her to use.

  37. This palette looks amazing! The colors look perfect for everyday wear and for a pop of color for night. I don't have any matter colors in my eye shadow collection so I would love to win this!

  38. Beautiful neutrals, this collection would be very flattering for my skin tones!

  39. Because its an amazing pallette and would look even more amazing on me! but no, i would really love this palette. stila has such great products and it would be a great addition to my make up.

  40. I absolutely am in love with stila cosmetics, and I need this palette to add to my growing collection. :D

  41. It is time to update my eyeshadow wardrobe! I have been using the same few colors for the past year and I think it's time to try something new! :) Thank you for the opportunity!

  42. I usually don't wear makeup much, but my life is slowly changing as I start pursuing my dreams in fashion design. This pallet will be perfect as I revamp myself for my new journey in life, it'll probably be the one and only pallet I bring along!


  43. My daughters think my wardrobe and my make up are boring because I love neutrals and earth tones. I think it is perfect! Would love to have this collection to support my cause! Natural is where it is at!

  44. I need this for several reasons. I would love to try your products. I have been stuck in a rut using the same colors (beige and brown) for years. I am almost out of eye shadow, and I hate to go out and by brown, again! I would like to try new shades, but lack funds to buy just anything.

  45. I would love to win this palette so I can show off and accentuate my beautiful features.

  46. I need this because I love Stila and I just started a new job. I want to look amazing at work & out for date night with my husband. I even already have the Stila primer in taffy to put on before I swipe these gorgeous colors on my eyes!

  47. I love this palette, it has all the colors I love to use! I am huge on the neutrals and would use this for basically every occasion!

  48. To be quite honest, I don't need it, but my life is one lived largely deficit of nice things, & the ritual of applying makeup is one which emboldens me to strike out into the world that I may successfully attempt to connect with it, & in doing so better myself, & the lives of those around me. Makeup is a powerful tool, but I do not need it. I do, however, revere beauty's ineffable allure, & revel in the rare ability to partake in such luxuries.

    -Morgana K

  49. Looks like a great set of shades to try out and be able to use in a daily routine!

  50. I need this pallet because it has great colors for any occasion for a stunning smokey eye and for more natural look for work or for a night out love the colors.......

  51. i have mostly shimmer shadows and ive been playing with matte shadows and discovered i love them but i have almost none... this would make a great addition to my collection

  52. This palette would be really easy to depend on and use for on the go which is exactly what I need! I could literally wear these shadows to any ocassion!

  53. I need this palette to show it off to my friends because they always say I don't have nice make up!

  54. I need this pallet because they are great colors for an every day look would like to win. this would be a pallet great eye matte look for any ocassion.

  55. Oh I'd love this! So pretty! I only have one eyeshadow from Stila and it's basically the only one I use. Would love to have more colors to work with!

    kendra . bruton @ gmail . com

  56. I need this palette because I just started getting into make-up and I'm in love with your lip glosses and this "In the Know" eyeshadow kit will be a perfect compliment to my skin tone.

  57. Definitely most in favour of your winning this palette. Your seventy year-old mother in Stila... There is just too much I adore about that :)

    -Morgana K

  58. The "In the Know" eyeshadow kit will give me the clean, modern and perfect look for any occassion.

  59. I need this palette because I'm getting darker due to so much sun exposure and I look so much better in light matte colors then in shiny ones! I need new colors!

  60. Im in my late 20s and just starting to learn how to use makeup. I only use eyeshadow in "kitten" but an looking to expand my color and skill! Would *love* this! Just bought the HD Beauty Balm and never knew what I was missing out on!

  61. I need this palette to add to my ever growing Stila collection. Ic am also a huge fan of mattes, and I love these colors.

  62. Hi I love to look at stila products but i never have enough extra money to buy makeup, especially eye shadows. I don't even own one! I have a party coming up and I would like to try out new things like this palette.

  63. I need this gorgeous palette because I could really use for every look I try to achieve! From getting coffee with the girls, working in a cubicle, and going out to the club, all you'd have to do is add a couple colors to your lids and you're good to go! I also know that with Stila's long lasting consistency I wouldn't even have to worry about fallout or creasing throughout the day.
    Also, this palette would look amazing with my favorite glass of all time Stila's Kitten.
    All around a very beautiful, practical, and wearable palette.

  64. I'm a teacher; I need the palette because it would allow me to get a natural, yet put-together look very quickly in the morning or evening (as I'm running to get to work).

  65. Well ive never tried anything from stila, and this pallete is just perfect for me! Im also a youtube beauty guru, so this is something id get GREAT use out of, my subscribers would love to see a tutorial using this pallete!

  66. Working for a non-profit, I'm not always able to spend a lot of money on things like makeup. I turn 30 next month and need to step up my routine to a more professional one. I love stila and have been coveting a few pieces lately including some of the eye shadows, so it would be nice to get this as a Stila Starter Kit!


  67. I need this palette because I do not own much make for being unemployed, and I would love to have a beautiful Stila shadow palette to wear on my interviews. Thanks so much for offering it to us all!

    email: jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  68. I would love to win this palette because it's a one stop palette to do from smokey eye to natural. It would be of great help now that I am starting to do different looks to go out, but I don't have a variety of shadows. Thank you.

  69. I am a skin care professional and I always need to be on the cutting edge of amazing products. What better way to do this that with Stila!!

  70. I love this palatte! The naturals are great, and while I don't normally stray away from browns and champagnes, I love those colors too! This kit would make the perfect addition to my Stila collection!

  71. I need this palette because I have been looking for a matte natural looking palette. I quite haven't found one like this one; till now that you guys have created it. Your eye shadows are one of the best I have tried with great pigmentation and long lasting. Can't wait to try it!

  72. I need this palette because as a mom to a very awesome & very active 2 year old boy, taking the time to look good always makes me feel better! Stila is my favorite makeup, especially for eye shadows (which is prob. one of my top 3 staples). The last one I bought was the Dream in Full Color Palette, but this one would fit into my bag, and the matte colors are great for work! I'd put these to good use :)

  73. I need this because I'm getting ready to turn 51 this month on the 13th and I'm trying to start using more matte shadows instead of shimmers. I'm having a hard time finding some that I really like and these look perfect! email address;

  74. I need this palette because I am just starting to get back into wearing makeup now that I am finishing graduate school and entering the work force. My budget is tight and I would LOVE to try something from Stila!

  75. I need this new look because, I really need a makeover, I'm 8months pregnant with baby boy #5 and I need to glam it up! The colors look great to try:) thanks.

  76. I need this palette because I'm trying to get into wearing neutral colors and this palette would be perfect for that.

  77. I need this palette because there are too many shimmers and sparklies in my makeup bag and I need some good neutrals to get that everyday professional and polished look.
    geminicalli at yahoo dot com

  78. I haven't tried Stila yet and I would love to see how it compares to Revlon, my normal brand. That palette has some wonderful colors in it. I sure hope I win!

  79. i got raided by my daughter so i actually go bare right now cause she only left me with eye liner before she went on vacation and didnt tell me

  80. I need this palette because it's the perfect size and the right colors for my upcoming summer trips!

  81. I have never tried stila products before and this would be a fabulous introduction to the brand! The matte colors can definitely enhance my professional image as I go on to apply for graduate school.

  82. I need this pallette because I am getting married soon and I need some amazing new makeup for my big day!

  83. I need this palette because I don't have that shade of smudge stick and I don't have any stila matte shades!! Would love this!

  84. I would LOVE this palette so I can feel fabulous more often vs. feeling barely put together as a mom on the go.

  85. I have very few matte eyeshadows and I NEED that matte smudge stick for a bomb diggity smoky eye.


  86. Stila has the perfect eye shadow palettes; and I would love to make this part of my daily routine.

  87. I had never heard of this line of cosmetics. I love the name and the colors look amazing!!!!!!!!! I think I have to have this!!! Thanks Stila!

  88. I need this palette because I love to use matte colors as a change from all the shimmer. The neutral colors are so versatile and perfect to coordinate with any look!

  89. Love makeup & especially stilla products. I am trying to be more dramatic with my eye makeup, so the palette will come in super handy. Thank you.

  90. Stila please! I absolutly need these matte eyeshadows! I have a lot of your shimmer eyeshadows but need some mattes for the crease (definition). I hope to win! Thanks! (i live in USA)

  91. I would love to win this palette because I love the look of matte eyeshadows and I am lacking such beautiful colors in my collection!

  92. This palette has a wonderful set of colors that I do not own that I can use to start my every day makeup.

  93. I'd love it because it has wearable yet beautiful shades and I need it because I'm trying to get myself one good palette that I can carry with me when I travel! :)

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  94. I am in looove with those colors! I don't have any matte shades and at the moment and would be great to wear in my everyday look.

  95. I'm a matte fanatic and I've tried all the major high-end matte palettes this market has to offer! I'm still looking for the perfect palette with buttery smooth shadows that don't skimp on the pigments for that sophisticated and polished look. Matte is my obsession and the moment I found out about this palette I knew I just had to have it.

  96. This would be my everyday palette! The colors are wonderful and I absolutely love matte shadows. You can never have too many of your favorite colors <3

  97. Ive always wanted to try stila makeup, unfortunately it wont be happening any time soon as I was recently laid off from my job. Time for a strict budget!! :(

  98. Well being a modern woman and a mother of 4 children I would absolutely love to win this palette of matte colors, being that I'm always on the go this would fit perfect in my make up bag.

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