pro artist tip of the week – how to use prime pots

Jan 31, 2011

there has been a lot of buzz about our new prime pots.  these new eye shadow primers are like non other.  the consistency is different.  they are available in two shades.  and, even better, they are completely waterproof – the first on the market today.  with all the hype, we wanted to make sure everyone knows how to make the most of this amazing product.  they really do hold up to their claims, so read up to learn more. 

for everyday use, blend the prime pot on your eye using a concealer brush or your finger.  a little goes a long way.  remember, you are priming the eye area, so you don’t need to see a lot of the product.  instead, you want it blended into the eye area so your eye shadow adheres to the prime pot best.

the prime pot doubles as a waterproof cream eye shadow.  load up lots of prime pot on the eye area.  it will create that editorial matte eye look that is very on trend right now.  when using the prime pot as a shadow, we find that it stays all day and never creases if you press it into the eye area with your finger until you achieve the desired pigment.  try to avoid blending because it makes this look more difficult!

lastly, you might have seen some press about the prime pot being used on the lips during fashion week. yep.  it happened.   and it is a great product for creating that pale lip that is so often coveted.  if you are adventurous enough to try this, make sure to prep your lips first.  chapped lips make this lip look somewhat tricky.

get the look - spring 2011

Jan 27, 2011

it's easy to fall in love with the look from stila's spring collection.  the products are incredible and the final result is unique and beautiful.  even better, the look is easy to recreate. for more info, check out our spring trend story and use the facechart as a guide!  we hope you enjoy lighting up the world everyday this spring :)

for more details, check out our website. have a great day stila fans :)

light up the world with stila's new spring collection!

Jan 26, 2011

stila's new spring collection is incredible.  we are in love.  it offers something for everyone, including the new and improved versions of our tinted moisturizer.  even better the spring collection includes fun products that are extremely wearable.  take a look at these swatches up close to get a better idea about what we are talking about!

stila's amazing new eye shadow primer is the first of its kind available for purchase today. the prime pot is waterproof!  and it is available in two amazing shades.  wear it underneath your shadows for all day staying power.  or load it up on your eyes for a modern matte eye that will look flawless!

try using the new shades of stila's eye shadow trios on top of your prime pot.  gilded and ethereal (pictured left and right) are the perfect warm and cool neutrals for any spring day.  we love the versatility of the eye shadow trios and think they look stunning when applied with a damp brush.

lastly, line away with these new eyeliners!  the indigo and dark brown are perfect shade extensions for stila's best selling stay all day liquid liner.  if you already own the black, you'll love the other colors just as much!  same great product, more options!  add to this an amazing glitter liner in kitten and your set.  here's a tip.  try using this liner as a top coat over any eyeliner you already own.  this trick works like a charm every time and transforms anyone's eyes in seconds!

enkoremakeup stops by the stila studios!

Jan 25, 2011

yesterday stila had an amazing visiter!  youtube guru, makeup artist, and beauty expert, koren, stopped by the stila studios for a visit.  it only takes a second to realize why koren has become an internet phenomenon.  he knows his stuff, he is real, and he is completely genuine.  we loved getting to know him better and enjoyed hearing about his favorite products - smudge pot and lip glaze!

you can watch his videos on his youtube channel, enkoremakeup.  we've learned a lot already.  did you know smudge pot can last a lot longer when you store it in separate sample jars?  this limits the amount of time the product gets exposed to air.  genius!  

thanks koren for your amazing tips!!!  we can't wait to see you again!

pro artist tip of the week - proper brush care

Jan 24, 2011

the brush is a vital tool for any makeup artist.  in fact, many makeup artists would argue that the tool we select is just as important as the product we use it with.  most makeup artists have a brush for just about anything!  the right brush will usually do the trick – unless of course it’s unclean or the bristles are damaged.  we hope that your brushes are helping you make the most of your makeup and we thought these brush care tips could be useful to any brush lover!

clean your brushes.  this is good for the brush and your skin.  we recommend a daily brush cleaner if you need to get rid of any minor residue. 

don’t forget to deep clean.  wash your brushes in a gentle shampoo.  rinse and lay flat to dry.  this process should occur approximately 2 times a month.

store your brushes properly.  too often, we store our brushes in spaces that ruin the bristles – i.e. makeup bags.  instead, try storing them separate from other objects or use a brush roll.

***good luck with your brushes.  if you haven’t tried stila’s #15 brush yet, it’s a must-have!

lynn tilton to be honored as "living legend of aviation"

Jan 20, 2011

this friday, january 21st, ms. lynn tilton, ceo of patriarch partners and owner of stila, will be honored as the “aviation entrepreneur of the year” at the 8th annual living legends of aviation awards at the beverly hilton in beverly hills, ca.
on friday night, hollywood notables and famous aviators will mingle at the 8th annual living legends of aviation awards event, in beverly hills, california. actors john travolta, harrison ford, morgan freeman, tom hanks and kurt russell are scheduled to participate, as well as aviation legends including sean d. tucker, capt. "sully" sullenberger and bob hoover. among those receiving awards for their contributions to aviation are lynn tilton, cep of md helicopters, capt. james lovell, commander of the apollo 13 mission; u.s. rep. sam johnson, r-texas, a former u.s. air force pilot; and clay jones, ceo of rockwell collins. the event is produced by the kiddie hawk air academy, a nonprofit group that works to inspire young children, ages 5 to 11, to take an interest in aviation and excel academically.

the "living legends of aviation" is a group of 70 aviation entrepreneurs, innovators, industry leaders, record breakers and astronauts, as well as celebrities who fly. the group meets once a year to recognize those who have advanced aviation and to induct new members. other celebrities and well-known aviators attending the event include cliff robertson, clint eastwood, clay lacy, kermit weeks and tom selleck. 

we are so proud of lynn and honored to work with her.  she is truly a remarkable woman.

art of elysium - vogue charity fashion show

what do you get when you mix high fashion, stila, charity, and a bunch of a-list celebrities? the answer - a great night. this is exactly what the art of elysium vogue charity fashion show is all about. stila was fortunate to sponsor this runway show last weekend. it was an honor to participate in an event that was held for such a great cause. even better, the makeup was stunning. see for yourself by checking out the pictures from the event below.

learn more about the art of elysium charity.

sarah and lindsey prepping models.

lots of makeup backstage.

the final look!

gorgeous models backstage about to walk the catwalk!!!

so you can recreate this look on your own!!! xoxo

the winner is...

Jan 19, 2011

congrats to syzia, the winner of our tinted moisturizer giveaway.  like most of you, syzia commented and explained that she doesn't like to wear foundation on her face everyday.  she says a tinted moisturizer is perfect for day-to-day makeup situations.  we totally agree.  hopefully she loves the the new and improved versions of our tinted moisturizers as much as we do!

stay tuned for more giveaways!  let us know if there is anything you are dying to win!!!

our favorite golden globes trends

Jan 17, 2011

our friends at E! recapped the top fashions from last nights golden globes.  we loved their favorite moments and noticed some top makeup looks.  check out our top trends and suggestions for recreating each look.

gloss.  there was lots of talk about angelina's lip gloss on the red carpet.  she was one of the many stars that opted for a gloss this season.  does this mean matte lips are out?  probably not.  but at least it's great to know you're on trend either way!

bold lips. many stars including natalie portman, scarlet johanson, and january jones dazzled us with pretty pouts last night.  even better, they complimented their lip look with a more subdued eye look that can be achieved using the glamour goddess palette.

sultry eyes.  we loved the sultriness of olivia wilde's and halle berry's makeup.  the smokier eye can be recreated with the breathtaking beauty palette.  it creates a nice smoky eye and a natural lip.

lashes. no look is complete without perfect lashes - especially on the red carpet.  try glamoureyes for your go-to mascara that will work every time.

pro artist tip of the week – don’t neglect your brows

hey stila fans!  we recently finished a long week filled with lots of makeup.  you could say that we pushed our skills to the limit and beyond using some of our best tricks.  it was definitely fun and we learned so much.  looking back, one thing stood out – good brows.  regardless of the look you are going for, keep this in mind – good brows are the icing on the cake.  they transform and frame your face.   when you neglect them, you do yourself a disservice.  instead follow these helpful tips.

avoid over plucking.  you are not engaging in spring cleaning when you pluck your brows and there is no need to remove more hairs than necessary.  instead, try a minor clean up to get rid of any hairs that get in the way of the natural shape of your brows.

the color of your brows makes a difference.  blondes' brows look best one shade darker than their normal hair color. those with darker hair usually look better with their brows one shade lighter than their hair color.

fill in your brows for the perfect shape.  stila’s brow set is an easy way to fill in the brows.  the 2 colors allow anyone to find the perfect shade.  also, try using upward strokes with the #10 brush to create the illusion of brow hairs!

golden products for your golden globes weekend!

Jan 14, 2011

the golden globes are just around the corner.  at stila, we are always anxious to see who shines on the red carpet, and we love to take that inspiration and use it everyday.  after all, you don't need a red carpet to look your best.  with that in mind, here are some of our favorite golden products.

oasis eyeshadow.  this golden hue looks beautiful dusted on your lids or painted intensely with a wet brush.  it's a must-have among stila girls and celebs because it looks good every time.

all over shimmer.  try this liquid luminizer in shade three to enhance your cheekbones.  we like that it isn't to sparkly.  instead, it gives the skin a nice sheen.

gold glow. this baked eye shadow trio is a perfect for any bohemian goddess.  it can be used wet or dry depending on the desired pigment.  and if you are really adventurous, dust it on your cheekbones for a subtle golden highlight.

sneak peak of the upcoming E! news stila segment

Jan 13, 2011

we had so much fun filming with E! news the other day.  this soon to be aired segment teaches viewers how to use the new E! red carpet palettes.   we filmed inside the burbank ulta store while sarah lucero recreated the glamour goddess look on the beautiful cassie scerbo.  after the shoot was over, we were all empowered and in need of every stila red carpet palette.  here are some fun behind the scenes photos from the day.

win our new tinted moisturizers!

Jan 12, 2011

who wants to win our new tinted moisturizers?  we are in LOVE with much.  enter now.  one lucky winner will receive the new formulas of sheer color tinted moisturizer, illuminating tinted moisturizer, and bronzing tinted moisturizer.

comment and tell us why you must try these new products.  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.

“PRO”file piece – sarah lucero

Jan 11, 2011

it’s time to introduce you to our head artist, sarah lucero.  she’s pretty amazing – a celebrity makeup artist, stila’s spokesperson, our director of global education, a fashionista, trend setter, brooke shields look-a-like, friend, and more.  since red carpet season has arrived, we wanted to ask sarah a few questions about red carpet beauty.  here’s what she had to say...

tell us about red carpet makeup – why is it so special and is there anything different about it than ordinary makeup?
when I am helping someone get red carpet ready, i want them to look flawless.  cameras are everywhere on the red carpet and it’s important to be prepared.  so yes more makeup may be worn on the red carpet.  however, to me red carpet makeup is about making the most of someone’s features.  that is something anyone can accomplish any day – whether they have 5 minutes or 45 minutes.

how can someone who isn’t a professional makeup artist like you recreate a red carpet look?
stila’s new E! palettes are my favorite.  each option is a classic trend that always looks great on or off the red carpet.  plus every palette instructs the user where to apply each shade making it fail proof.  it’s the perfect starting point for red carpet makeup.  and its affordable.

do you have any tips for using these palettes?
yes.  i love applying the shadows wet with the #15 brush.  this technique turns the shadow into a paste-like texture and pops anyone’s eyes in an instant.  also, a good foundation is key to any red carpet look.  remember, if your skin looks good, anything you put on top of it will look that much better.

what is your favorite red carpet trend right now?
i love a colored cat eye.  my favorite is deep blue.  you can easily recreate this using the darker shades from the stunning starlet palette and the breathtaking beauty palette.  or try the new liquid liner in indigo.  it’s my amazing.

makeup faux-pas are scrutinized on the red carpet.  how can we avoid these mistakes on an everyday basis?
having walked the red carpet myself, i understand the pressure one feels to look good.  my advice is don’t try too hard, but have fun.  and pick the right shade of foundation!

pro artist tip of the week – tinted moisturizer 101

Jan 10, 2011

in case you were unaware, stila now has an entire new lineup of tinted moisturizers!  our product development team took the old tinted moisturizers and gave them a nice upgrade. they are oil free, spf 20, and packed with a lot of other benefits for your skin.  now you just need to know which product to use when.

illuminating tinted moisturizer.  consider this to be your skin saver.  it will brighten and smooth your skin instantly.  this product has a pinch of pigment and provides a fantastic glow that is perfect for any occasion.  combine it with other face products or wear it alone.

sheer color tinted moisturizer.  this may be the best no makeup look available today.  the light diffusing pigments really do smooth the skin.  plus it’s effortless, easy, and all in one.  oh, and have you checked out the new shade range?

bronzing tinted moisturizer.  a sun kissed look is so simple with this product.  simply apply it all over your face for the perfect “fake tan”.  as a bonus, your skin will look healthy and fresh.

make these your makeup resolutions for 2011

Jan 7, 2011

hey stila fans.  here are 3 decisions we encourage everyone to make in 2011.  start today!

spend less time on your makeup.  time is limited, but you always want to look great.  here are five products that will allow you to look your best in five minutes:

let your emotions run wild.  laugh, smile, and even shed a few tears when you are wearing some of our favorite waterproof products.

spend more time outdoors.  why stay inside when you can look fabulous outside using long wearing products that will nourish and protect your skin – perfect for any adventure.

go for it!  no need to make up your mind when it comes to these makeup resolutions :)

facecharts for the new red carpet palettes!

Jan 6, 2011

who doesn't want to look red carpet ready everyday?  at stila, we are in love with the new E! red carpet palettes that make it easy for anyone to recreate red carpet beauty looks on their own.  not only are these palettes beautiful, but they are also a great deal.  check them out on our website and use these face charts for further inspiration!

what look would you choose?  for $25 a palette, we're considering all 3!!!  xoxo

new and improved tinted moisturizers - for ANY skin tone!

Jan 5, 2011

today is a great day. one of our most popular products just got better. stila's sheer color tinted moisturizer has a new revolutionary formula. you may be wondering - is it really possible to perfect perfection? yes! we did just that. and what we love most is the new shade range - suitable for ANY skintone.

shades (pictured left to right): bronze, deep, warm, tan, dark, medium, tone, light, bare, fair

add to this incredible shade range these key features and benefits:
  • this new tinted moisturizer has an spf 20
  • it is oil free
  • the product contains light difusing pigments to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • it will blend into your skin effortlessly without feeling tacky
  • oh, did we mention it's water resistant?

simply amazing. get yours today! we are in love :)

happy new year! check out some of stila's resolutions.

Jan 4, 2011

the new year is the best time to create a new you.  even sarah lucero, stila's head makeup artist, said, "i just might get out of my own makeup rut in 2011."  while she looks great everyday, she admits to relying on the same products and thinks it might be fun to venture off the path a little and try something a little different.  although we encourage makeup minded resolutions, it is also fun to get a little creative and thoughtful when you set goals.  and inspiration from others could be perfect starting point.  so we thought you might enjoy reading some resolutions from our stila stars!

  • learn to be more patient.
  • spend more time with the people i love.
  • take the time to enjoy life and my family.
  • quit smoking.
  • let those i love know how much i appreciate them everyday.
  • share tried and true recipes every sunday via facebook.
  • follow my dreams.
  • walk on the beach every week.
  • hit the gym.
  • be more organized.
  • buy more jewelry.
  • learn something new everyday.

happy 2011 everyone!!  what are you resolutions???

pro artist tip of the week - a new year, a new you

Jan 3, 2011

happy new year stila fans.  we are 3 days into the new year and already so excited about what 2011 has in store.  by now you have probably made a list of resolutions a mile long.  in the spirit of resolutions, may we add one more to your list?  let 2011 be not only a new year, but also a new you, and take a risk with your makeup.  risks are different for all of us when it comes to makeup, so we came up with some great ideas.

embrace liquid eyeliner.  yes it’s a major trend right now.  yes it’s the perfect way to look amazing everyday.  yes it’s our best selling product.   and no it’s not hard.  go for stila's stay all day liquid eyeliner in 2011.

wear blush.  sadly, some people are afraid of this imperative product.   however, blush adds life to anyone’s face instantly.  use it daily in 2011 to make the most of your features. 

try a new lip color.  are you stuck in a lipstick rut?  too often we hold on to the same color for years.  but trends come and go.  most likely one of today's trends will look fabulous on you.  try it in 2011.

look red carpet ready no matter where you are going.  red carpet beauty is the ultimate showstopper.  it’s the way every girl wants to look anytime.  and it’s attainable in 2011!  

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