pro artist tip of the week - proper brush care

Jan 24, 2011

the brush is a vital tool for any makeup artist.  in fact, many makeup artists would argue that the tool we select is just as important as the product we use it with.  most makeup artists have a brush for just about anything!  the right brush will usually do the trick – unless of course it’s unclean or the bristles are damaged.  we hope that your brushes are helping you make the most of your makeup and we thought these brush care tips could be useful to any brush lover!

clean your brushes.  this is good for the brush and your skin.  we recommend a daily brush cleaner if you need to get rid of any minor residue. 

don’t forget to deep clean.  wash your brushes in a gentle shampoo.  rinse and lay flat to dry.  this process should occur approximately 2 times a month.

store your brushes properly.  too often, we store our brushes in spaces that ruin the bristles – i.e. makeup bags.  instead, try storing them separate from other objects or use a brush roll.

***good luck with your brushes.  if you haven’t tried stila’s #15 brush yet, it’s a must-have!

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