happy new year! check out some of stila's resolutions.

Jan 4, 2011

the new year is the best time to create a new you.  even sarah lucero, stila's head makeup artist, said, "i just might get out of my own makeup rut in 2011."  while she looks great everyday, she admits to relying on the same products and thinks it might be fun to venture off the path a little and try something a little different.  although we encourage makeup minded resolutions, it is also fun to get a little creative and thoughtful when you set goals.  and inspiration from others could be perfect starting point.  so we thought you might enjoy reading some resolutions from our stila stars!

  • learn to be more patient.
  • spend more time with the people i love.
  • take the time to enjoy life and my family.
  • quit smoking.
  • let those i love know how much i appreciate them everyday.
  • share tried and true recipes every sunday via facebook.
  • follow my dreams.
  • walk on the beach every week.
  • hit the gym.
  • be more organized.
  • buy more jewelry.
  • learn something new everyday.

happy 2011 everyone!!  what are you resolutions???

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