“PRO”file piece – sarah lucero

Jan 11, 2011

it’s time to introduce you to our head artist, sarah lucero.  she’s pretty amazing – a celebrity makeup artist, stila’s spokesperson, our director of global education, a fashionista, trend setter, brooke shields look-a-like, friend, and more.  since red carpet season has arrived, we wanted to ask sarah a few questions about red carpet beauty.  here’s what she had to say...

tell us about red carpet makeup – why is it so special and is there anything different about it than ordinary makeup?
when I am helping someone get red carpet ready, i want them to look flawless.  cameras are everywhere on the red carpet and it’s important to be prepared.  so yes more makeup may be worn on the red carpet.  however, to me red carpet makeup is about making the most of someone’s features.  that is something anyone can accomplish any day – whether they have 5 minutes or 45 minutes.

how can someone who isn’t a professional makeup artist like you recreate a red carpet look?
stila’s new E! palettes are my favorite.  each option is a classic trend that always looks great on or off the red carpet.  plus every palette instructs the user where to apply each shade making it fail proof.  it’s the perfect starting point for red carpet makeup.  and its affordable.

do you have any tips for using these palettes?
yes.  i love applying the shadows wet with the #15 brush.  this technique turns the shadow into a paste-like texture and pops anyone’s eyes in an instant.  also, a good foundation is key to any red carpet look.  remember, if your skin looks good, anything you put on top of it will look that much better.

what is your favorite red carpet trend right now?
i love a colored cat eye.  my favorite is deep blue.  you can easily recreate this using the darker shades from the stunning starlet palette and the breathtaking beauty palette.  or try the new liquid liner in indigo.  it’s my amazing.

makeup faux-pas are scrutinized on the red carpet.  how can we avoid these mistakes on an everyday basis?
having walked the red carpet myself, i understand the pressure one feels to look good.  my advice is don’t try too hard, but have fun.  and pick the right shade of foundation!

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