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Jan 12, 2011

who wants to win our new tinted moisturizers?  we are in LOVE with much.  enter now.  one lucky winner will receive the new formulas of sheer color tinted moisturizer, illuminating tinted moisturizer, and bronzing tinted moisturizer.

comment and tell us why you must try these new products.  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.

103 Responses to win our new tinted moisturizers!

  1. I'd like to try the sheer color tinted moisturizer.

    Sounds perfect for those days when I don't have time to put foundation on (foundation always comes with a power, a setting spray etc. It's a whole to-do).

    This product doesn't seem like 'work' at all! And it's oil-free. That's also a plus, since I have oily skin.

    my email: onlineKizzy at gmail dot com

  2. I was in love with the old formula.. i told all of my friends to buy it.. it left your skin so soft and never looked caked on! I really wanna try the new formula.. i bet its even better than the old one!!

  3. i'd love to try the sheer color tinted moisturizer because it seems like the perfect light weight formula with some of the coverage of foundation... perfect for daily usage :)


  4. I already love LOVE LoVe my Stila Illuminated Tinted Moisturizer, I use is EVERY SINGLE DAY :) I would be thrilled to try out the new formula though given the chance!!

  5. I am obsessed with the illuminating tinted moisturizer for winter. My skin gets dull from the cold, dry air, no matter how much I exfoliate, and the illuminating moisturizer perks it right up! I have fair, fair skin no matter what, and so I would love to try the bronzing tinted moisturizer too, to give me a pop of color.

  6. I use my old formula tinted moisturizer every day and I am just at the point of needing to replace. I'm debating whether to order the new formula or search around and try to find the old in stock somewhere. If I try and like the new formula, decision is made!

  7. I live in tinted moisturizer... out and about around the city, at dance classes and the gym... pretty much at all times where I am not done up in makeup. Unfortunately, in my 30's, I can't get away without something on my face anymore, and this is a great, easy solution. I actually am about to run out of my usual tinted moisturizer, and I would love to try Stila's since everything else I wear on my face is by Stila! Thanks!

    jengarvin3 at hotmail dot com

  8. I am mom to twin toddlers(girls) and am trying to streamline my makeup and hair. Not having much time to do either nowadays, but still wanting to take good care of myself and be a GOOD LOOKING MOM!!! Tinted moisturizers sound like the PERFECT solution!

  9. I must try these new tinted moisturizers because I need that hint of color to wake up my skin. In addition, I love the fact that I don't have to moisturize separately. Two in one products are wonderful!!

  10. I currently work 2 jobs. washing my face and putting on more makeup for each shift is just a pain in the but. washing and reapplying makeup dries out my skin. I love tinted moisturizes and actually have never tried the stila line.

  11. Oooh, I need to try this! I have used Imanance from Lancome, in the past, but it's priced out of my reach now. I really HATE wearing makeup but, with the yellow undertones of my skin, I don't like going barefaced, even to the grocer. I have found that tinted moisturizers are an acceptable alternative. They don't offer the coverage that makeup does but, for me, that's ok --they're good for what I want them for--my days off :)

  12. um, i am fair and in winter i need a pop!!! love the stila products, they always smell soooo good, and give me a fabulous shine in eyes, face, lips, etc! love the touch of glitter in things sometimes, too! :)
    plus, i'm not a foundation person, so i rely on tinted moisturizers and sheer illuminators to give me color!!

  13. Haven't used a tinted moisturizer in years, but if Stila's making one, I've gotta try it! :D

    My name's Becca, you can email me at onehandwashestheother[at]comcast[dot]net

  14. These are perfect for year-round beauty! Illuminating moisturizer for the winter days that leaves your skin hydrated, the sheer tinted moisturizer for those regular days at the office in one step for those of us who need an extra snooze time, and the bronzing moisturizer for the summer and fun days in the sun. :-)

  15. I wold love to be able to try these out. I've never really worn foundation because I don't need the coverage on my skin, but I do have a slightly uneven tone that bothers me and I think a tinted moisturizer could help me fix that. Or at least help me not be so self-conscious about it.

  16. I'd love to try this. I love two in one products that help me to streamline my mornings! I've been using your products for years. I recently got one of your giant kits from Costco and am loving playing with all the new colors. This would be a great addition to my growing Stila collection!

  17. I already use the illuminating tinted moisturizer and am always interested in trying the latest, updated version of cosmetic products. It would be totally awesome to get to try this one!

  18. Who wants to win? I do!!! Pick me! Pick me! I'd love to try these# 1 b/c I love Stila #2 b/c I love multitasking products & #3 b/c my winter skin could use a boost, a nice treat. Really, I do love you Stila!!
    aprilfordyce (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. I LOVE wearing tinted moisturizers because they give me a light and natural coverage! I love how sheer they go on and how you can build to get more coverage. I love adding loose powder on top for a finished look! I am in love with everything Stila, so I know I would LOVE this tinted moisterizer.

    Thanks for everything Stila!!

    <3 Kimee

  20. Such a fantastic giveaway! I only use tinted moisturizers, foundation is way too heavy for my dry skin. I am a huge fan of Stila's illuminating tinted moisturizer!! Could definitely use a bronzing one, during this cold snowy winter.... I need a glow! : )

    Love my Stila products!!

  21. How very cool is that? I've been excited to try those ever since I heard the news. There are just some days you don't want to go the full foundation route, especially during these über skin-drying winter monhts. I think these are perfect as they're oil-free. I've got combination skin so that's a big plus for me. I'm dying to try them!

    rrcluff [at] gmail [dot] com

  22. I tried the original tinted moisturizer and it was really amazing never broke my face out and the formula never left my face with the cakey feeling. I would love to test these new products out and make this my favorite product.

  23. I MUST TRY THESE PRODUCTS. I've tried many tinted moisturizers before but none seem to work as much as your original tinter moisturizer. I think these would fit perfectly into my lifestyle seeing how easy they seem to apply, it would be amazing to win!

  24. I would love to try ANY of them but especially the sheer color tinted moisturizer. Honestly, I've tried NUMEROUS tinted moisturizers including STILA's in the past and NONE have worked out for my complexion. As a woman of color (WOC) I feel that a lot of products are condusive to our skin types and tones so therefore, I would love to try this new release from Stila to see if it is THAT product many of us in the African-American community have been anticipating!

  25. I really want to try out a good tinted moisturizer and heard lots of great things about Stila! My skin changed drastically when I turned 25 and now I can't even get away with a thin layer of foundation without looking as if caked it on The light weight formula will help me while the illuminating & bronzing TM will give me a nice glow & color on my dull winter skin. Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  26. I am an everyday user of the original spf 15 tm and the illuminating tm. In fact, I stopped using my other brand of foundation when I discovered Stila tinted moisturizer at Sephora.

    I notice that the new formula comes in a squeeze tube, is oil free, and has a higher spf--the improvements sound awesome! I would love to try them all out.

    erin_art (at)

  27. I would love to try these since I have wanted to try the Illuminating version for so long now but never have the $! I just had 2 post Christmas birthdays and just don't have the funds left for myself! I'm using a cheap version now but it's such an easy and convenient product to use and I love my other Stila products and brushes that I use every day! ;)

  28. I would LOVE to try these because I feel like my skin can be very dull! It's also been tough trying to find a true math foundation >.< Thanks for the chance!

  29. I’d really love to try the bronzing tinted moisturizer. I’m attending graduate school in Florida and I am the PALEST person in my class (I’m originally from Minnesota). I spend my day learning about medicine but I look like a corpse! Please help me!!! Thank you, thank you!

  30. Girls in Asia are proud with BB cream. The rest are interested with tinted moisturizer? I wanna try it with my true shade: medium

  31. OMG I would love to win these! I don't use foundation, only tinted moisturizer and Stila illuminating is my fave. I've always had such good luck with shade 01 so if it's been improved upon, I would love to give it a go! I usually don't win anything so winning this would be an UBER bonus!! Thanks for the great products! Oh, and by the way, your Kajal liners are the absolute best liners I've ever tried! Please leave them just as they are. Thank you again for the opportunity to win amazing products! Y'all are the best!

  32. I love my Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer! And the new formula could only make it better! I can't wait to try it out.

    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  33. I would love to receive the tinted moisturizer. My skin is very dry, especially in the winter. My skin color is also very blotchy, and I think the tinted moisturizers will give me a nice and even glow.

  34. I'm frustrated with my skin right now. I need some coverage, but, want a natural looking glow. I'm thinking these may solve this problem for me. When your skin doesn't look it's best, it distracts from your whole look . Thanks!
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  35. I would love to win these because the coverage of the previous Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer was perfect for me, except for the fact that it wasn't oil-free.

  36. I love your tinted moisturizers and NEED to try these new ones now that they're improved! I didn't think that was possible! I love how natural it looks and that it evens things out.

  37. Stila products have always been at the top of my list of Beauty Loot Must Haves. The lip glazes provide tons of moisture, long wear and great shine. Their eye shadows and liners are soft and easy to blend and are so much fun to play with!

    The lip & cheek stains provide a natural flush of color and are perfect to wear on those minimal-makeup days. I think the tinted moistruizers would be an ecxcelent addition to this type of face.

    I'd love to try these out and add them to my beauty loot!

  38. In my opinion, there is no other cosmetic company that can do what Stila does! My face is dry, but when I use my Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer I get such an amazing glow. With my Stila Makeup on, I always feel gorgeous!

    I would love to be able to experience these new and exciting products!

  39. I used to work at a Sephora and would show clients Stila products all the time, especially the tinted moisturisers. Why? They're really great and affordable and I could match pretty much anyone into the shades! They fell amazing on the skin and aren't heavy. I also loved showing stay at home mum's these products because they wanted something quick and easy, but that looked amazing. I'm now a stay at home mum and would love to try the new formula's (& I'm almost out of my current Stila tinted moisturiser!) xx

    maredahl at gmail dot com

  40. I would love to try the Sheer Color. I use One Step but it's a little too heavy. I really liked my Stila Tinted Moisturizer, too, and that it's SPF and oil free.

  41. I've been wearing the original sheer tinted moistuizer in Fair for years. I am ready for a change. I always have a spare in case my color is old out. I just bought lilium convertible color and my next purchase will be the illuminating tint. Love being a stila girl since Lobell's launch.
    caitylyn corolle

  42. I don't go out without using tinted moisturizers! I've been looking for a new one lately and this might be the product my skin is looking for!

    chishabee at gmail dot com

  43. I don't wear makeup most of the time, i only put some tinted moisturizer on when I need to cover up some post acne dark spots. Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer is one of my go to products. The compliments I get for having great skin when i have this on cracks me will be our little secret! Can't wait to try the new formulation because it is supposed to be more hydrating than the old one and I do always have to put moisturizer under the tinted moisturizer to get the level of moisturization I need.

  44. Although I'm blessed with good skin, I still like to always wear some sort of foundation, light bronzer or tinted moisturizer on my face for a variety of reasons. First, I like to incorporate my sunscreen into anything I put on my face. That kills 2 birds with one stone. And the time of year will definitely play a key role in what type of coverage I'll want on my face. I am extremely pale, extremely fair skinned, with red hair and green eyes. Sitting out in the sun has always been a big no no for me for 30 minutes in non direct sunlight would make me appear as if I had a very bad case of chicken pox.I am always on an endless search for a tinted moisturizer, bronzer, foundation that evens out the pigmentation of my skin on my face but without looking heavy and cakey. There's a real fine line between achieving full coverage and just a smidgen too much which makes your face appear caked or baked on. These three new Stila products look very interesting in that they seem to offer everything one could possibly want from face make up. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a lot of coverage on my face but I do want to look bright, fresh, well rested, which one should be able to achieve with the illuminator, the tinted moisturizer for a little more coloring and then for that healthy glow, the slight tan or bronzer that doesn't turn your skin orange but instead, makes the skin radiate, like one had just spent a few days in Bermuda. I have never been able to find any products that could achieve those things for me. However, knowing how hard Stila works to achieve exactly what I described in terms of coverage for the face, I am very anxious to give these 3 new products a try.Since I've never been lucky enough to find what I'm looking for and since I've wasted so much money trying, it would be a wonderful gift to be able to win these products in this giveaway. Good luck to all. I'm sure everyone would like to win these products as much as I do. Thanks Stila for maintaining a close relationship with us, your fans, keeping abreast of our wants and desires in skincare and cosmetics and doing your best to provide them to us. I don't know of any other company that actually comes close to doing the same. We love you as much as you love us.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  45. I would love to try these products only because I have yet to find the perfect tinted moisturizer for my skin! I love stila products :)
    -Shirley L

  46. I would love to try this tinted moisturizer because i have been looking for one lately. I have an uneven skintone ( the inner part of my face is much lighter). I really dont need that much coverage because i have overall have pretty great skin. No acne, blemishes, dryness , etc. So just a light coverage with this moisturizer would be perfect, PLUS i love stila products! =]

  47. i would love to try your tinted moisturizers! the midwest winter has left me pale and dry!!

    courtney.allisunfair@yahoo (dot) com

  48. I work at the Princeton Ulta in NJ in the prestige department! Stila is my favorite brand that we sell and the makeup artists that come into the store are the best!! Our store is actually the highest volume Stila selling store out of all the Ulta! The tinted moisture is one of my favorite products, because it give you just the right about of light coverage. I don't like to wear heavy makeup especially in the summer so the tinted moisturizer is perfect for me!! And it give me that heavy beautiful glow I just love!!
    -Nicole M

  49. I just got back to college from a semester off -- from warm Florida to freezing Michigan! My skin is freaking out -- it's so dry! I would LOVE to have great looking, moisturized, protected skin!

    It may be cloudy out, but a girl always needs spf :) And when my friends comment on my great skin, I'll have one word for them: STILA.

    - Melissa

  50. I would love to try these products because I love tinted moisturizers and love stilla products :) In the winter my skin is very dry and I usually can only use tinted moisturizers so I dont look flakey, and the one I am using now I am not crazy about!

  51. I would love to try these, seeing as I live in a winter-most-of-the-year climate (could use some illuminating & brightening of my full skin). I will also be moving to Italy this year and would love to be able to bronze my skin slightly without the sun damage :)

    @thisenvy on twitter & gmail

  52. I want to win the tinted moisturizer because first of all I am obsessed with your products and secondly I have never been able to find any tinted moisturizer or cover up or anything similar that has worked for me. Some things seem to cake on and others don't have any coverage. Most moisturizers in general don't even keep me from getting dry for very long! Plus if you pick me I would definately buy more and more of that and everything else you come out with forever!

  53. I'm new to the whole make-up product things, and i heard that tint moisturizer is a good product to use if you like a naturak look; i really want to try it out. I want a good coverage but a light weight product but don't know what to get. I'm still a high school student that have limited spending fee, so it would be really nice to get something like that. I also want to show my truth beauty and able to feel confident without having to wear tons of make-up. I want something that can help me feel confident when i'm at school where tons of cute guys are at.
    Thanks you if i can win the tinted moisturizer.

  54. You sound convincing so I'd like to win any of these and discover how fabulous they really are. I'm always looking for great new products!

  55. I love that you have both the illuminated and bronzing shades. I am dark tan and would love a bronze moisturizer. Most others do not have such a dark tint. I think thats awesome. But better still is that I can mix the bronzing shade with the illuminating shade and be able to have BOTH color and luminessence!!

  56. I've never really tried a tinted moisturizer but I think this would be great for me because most days I go bare faced but would like some nice coverage. I would love to win!

    fantasiesdecay @ gmail dot com

  57. Love that a tinted moisturizer evens the redness and color of my skin without looking to heavy! I am currently using another brand (gasp) and would love to try Stila!

  58. I'd love to win these products because these products make you feel like a luminous starlet. The pretty sheer color compliments they skin so well and it light so your natural glow can shine through. It just stunning. Can't wait to try the new formulas.

  59. I have been a loyal Stila user for 15 years!! *where's my norma!*

    I do not wear foundation, instead I mix: Clinique DDMG, Clinique SPF 30 and NARS Brightening Serum together and apply.

    Sheer Colour Tinted Moisturizer in Light would be my customized 1-Step!!

    I can't wait to review it on my blog:

    as well as

    @fashionCHICsta on twitter

  60. I would love to win these products because I have been looking for a new tinted moisturizer and I love Stila! :)

  61. I haven't always had the best of luck with tinted moisturizer with my 40-year old, oily skin and uneven (tending toward blotchy sometimes) skin tone but I am a huge Stila fan and have a ton of their products. I haven't tried this yet because I always thought I needed a bit more coverage but after reading all these glowing reviews, I may have to change my tune. I'd love to try it out and see if it's as awesome as all their other makeup!

  62. I would love the illuminating tinted moisturizer because I always love how tinted moisturizers give me natural coverage while still taking care of my skin! It's easy to apply, and Stila products are always perfect at highlighting, so I trust that the illuminating tinted moisturizer would give me a gorgeous glow!


  63. I have just recently found Stila products and I love what I have bought so far! I would love to try these tinted moisturizers because the only brand I have found that I like is MAC and my pocket book cannot afford it at the moment. I would like a little more options.

  64. I'm a Stila fan, blogger, and business owner. I'm always showing & telling my clients about your line and would love to test out the new and improved products.

  65. I don't usually use foundation since my skin usually looks fine with just a little bit of lose mineral powder. Now that I work at a year-round pool, my skin is not as flawless as it used to be from so much exposure to chlorine. I don't want to use foundation since I feel like it's too heavy, so I've been wanting to try tinted moisturizer to help make my skin less dry and to even out my skin tone.

  66. i dnt like using foundation every single day, my skin doesnt need that thats why tined moisturizers would be really great to try on my face!!! love you stila <3

  67. I would like to try the tinted moisturizers because I have oily skin but with my 43rd birthday coming up in a little over a week I need to moisturize my skin plus I like the idea of not having to wear foundation all the time.


  68. I'm a working college student, and appearing awake and bright every morning is very important to me-- which is why I think that Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer would be perfect!!

    Rather than do full foundation, etc. and run the risk of clogging up my pores and looking too overdone for a typical day, I need a light-weight tinted moisturizer that can provide me with enough SPF and hydration throughout the day. I def think Stila's newly formulated tinted moisturizers could accomplish this, since I know other Stila products quite well. Also, oil-free is a huge plus!!

    I would top off the illuminating tinted moisturizer by using the "make me blush" palette.


  69. I must try these because foundation drives me INSANE, but i still need coverage... i am constantly on the search for my holy grail

    erica_kempf at yahoo dot com

  70. I would love to try the sheer color tinted moisturizer.

    I don't have time to apply full makeup in the morning and haven't found a tinted moisturizer that is lightweight and oil-free, yet still hydrating enough, and is not a garish color.

    Moreso, my coworkers would like me to try the sheer color tinted moisturizer, as I am sure they are tired of me looking like a clown or a corpse!

  71. I would LOVE to try these tinted moisturizers! I live in New England and my skin requires some extra moisture in the winter months. Also I am pale, pale, pale! Did I mention I am pale :) The illuminating and bronzing formulas can really help perk up my skin! And perk up my attitude in all this snow and ice! I neeeeeeed these! Thank you!-Jenn

  72. I've been wanting to try a tinted moisturizer, something I could just slap on and go for those days that my alarm clock doesn't wake me up.

  73. I need the tinted moisturizer because it's perfect for brightening my dull skin, it contains SPF, oil-free and mos def it will even out my color skin/discoloration and that's a PLUS!


  74. I think I need the illuminating tinted because ever since I've had my second baby, I've lost alot of "glow".

  75. i LOVE LOVE LOVE The illuminating tinted - gives my skin a nice soft glow.

  76. I never wear foundation because I have yet to find a product that matches my skin tone and feels light. This would be a perfect way to start!

  77. This is one product that I have not found a substitute for! I am constantly buying more and I love them all because they moisturize so well, and the tinted ones give you enough color to go without foundation if you feel like it.

  78. I've never tried tinted moisturizer before but I love Stila products, and would love to try these out!

  79. I love stila makeup and I would love to try these new tinted moisturizers because that's exactly what I need! they come in fabulous colors and it's nice to use with or instead of foundation and I love the idea of moisture and color in one! thanks!!

  80. I'd like to try Stila tinted moisturizers because I've hears so many good reviews about them. Also, I haven't tried any tinted moisturizers at all and I'd really like it if I win a Stila tinted moisturizer.

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