giveaway day five - a 3 pan filled with shadows!

Dec 7, 2010

kristen won yesterday's giveaway.  she said she needed the doubled sided brushes for everything!  maybe she'll even clean with them!  haha jk.  today's must win item is a 3 pan filled with twig, grace, and copper eye shadows.  this amazing must-have eye shadow set could be yours tomorrow if you just enter now!

comment and tell us what kind of look you would create with these shadows.  please include your email address!

***winner must live in the continental united states.

96 Responses to giveaway day five - a 3 pan filled with shadows!

  1. I would put the light brown all over the lid, the copper color along the crease, and the dark brown in the outer-v. Then I would just add a highlight and a pale pink blush, and I'm good to go!!

  2. I would create a fabulous versatile look with the pallet! I'd sweep Grace all over my lid, then line my upper lash with the Copper, focusing on the inner corners. Then... I would take Twig and line my outter upper lash. Blending of course! At night, simply darken the lash line more with twig, and finally blend a little bit into my crease for a perfect date look!!

  3. I would *LOVE* to win this palette!!! Please, please!!! :) I have blue eyes and fair, these colors are *ideal* for my coloring and for making my blue eyes "pop". Here is how I would wear them. I would put Grace all over the lid (what a lovely shade!!!), Copper in the crease and on the outer V...blended well. I would apply the Twig oolor as a liner along my upper lash line. That would be so incredibly pretty!!! I absolutely adore the texture and quality of Stila shadows!!! My fave!!! I would love to win this great shadow trio!

  4. The palette would be perfect for a fall smokey eye! I would use the Copper all over my lids and then use copper for the middle of my eyelids as well as the bottom lash line, then smoke it out on on the outer-v with the twig .
    Perfect holiday party look

  5. I would love love love to have this! I would use it to create a number of looks - maybe an earth-tone smoky look, or just simplify using grace to create a clean, chic, organic ethereal look. So many great shades, so many options! These colors would be great to make my blue/green peepers pop!

  6. Oh gosh, that's pretty! I'd do a fun party look—use Grace on the lid, blend Twig in the crease and outer V, and then Copper as a liner, it would make my hazel eyes really pop!


  7. Grace and twig are such beautiful colors. The copper (used wet as a liner) would also make my brown Asian eyes pop! I'd love to step out of my my comfort zone of neutral colors and add these awesome colors. Thanks.

  8. I would use my smudge pot in kitten as a base, then apply the dark brown on my lid to crease. I'd then blend it out into Grace. I would use the flat eyeliner brush to sweep the copper color on my lower lash line.

  9. Can you imagine the Party Eye you can do with that copper and grace as a base??? do Copper wet so the pigment is intense and use Twig as a liner...You can wear you sequence best with that! And a little copper clutch??!!! SHAZAM!!!! seriously A MAZE ING. You should see it in my head it looks so good, I am jealous I do not have these colors so I can get dressed up tonight and go FIND a party.

  10. This combo is neutral enough that I can wear it to work. I would create a sophisticated smokey eye that I could wear to work on a Friday, but it would still be funky enough to wear out on the town for the weekend. The copper would also be great to bring out the blue in my eyes!


  11. This palette is absolutely perfect during this time of the year :) I absolutely would love to try out Stila's products as I've always read raves on beauty blogs and youtube about Stila's eyeshadows (especially kitten!) I would use the color grace all over the lid and put the first color twig in the crease and then blend all over the lid with "copper". I think that you could go from a nice daytime look to a sexy sultry smoky night look with this palette! the colors are so versatile!


  12. I would definitely use the Copper to highlight my inner eyelid! it will make my eyes look if I used grace on my waterline and under the brow. and I would use twig on my outer eyelid to lengthen a bit.
    It'll go great with all the brown I added to my wardrobe on Black Friday!!

  13. This would make the perfect glamor eye look for Holiday parties! Also blending a little bit of kitten in wouldn't hurt if you need to tone down the copper color for a day time look! FABULOUS colors for fall and winter!

  14. I would use Grace as the inner part (2/3) of the lid, Twig on the outer 1/3 and copper in the outer crease area.


  15. I would use Copper on the inner part of eye and use twig for the crease and and grace for just under brow. Love the copper!!!

  16. i absolutely love these colors! i would use them to create a nice sultry/glam look for a fall date with my hubby..i bet the copper would make my eyes pop and keep him mesmerized, lol :)

  17. Stila eye shadows are my absolute favorite. I would love to win!

    I would use the copper shade all over my lid since I have blue eyes. I would take the Twig shade and sweep a little under the brow and the inner corners of my eye close. The Grace, I would use a liner brush and create a soft, smoky line under my bottom lashes and extend it outward.....just a smidge. I would then take a countour brush and dab place a little in the crease.

  18. These colors are GORGEOUS for fair skinned ladies (and gentlemen), especially those with blue eyes!

    I would give this palette to my younger sister, who is just now getting into the fun of make-up (she's in her 20s!!).

    Love Stila! It's wonderful for beginners, as well as experts, since the shadows are so soft, blendable, and easy to wear!

  19. These colors are perfect for me as I LOVE a natural palette! These are excellent holiday colors and here are a few ways I would wear them if you choose me!

    Look #1 - I'd put the Copper on the lid and Twig in the crease using Grace as a blending color
    Look #2 - Grace on front 1/2 the lid, Copper on the next 1/2 and Twig on the crease to blend out
    Look #3 - Copper all over lid and Twig in the outer corner and under lash line for a smokey eye look

  20. I would use this pallet for my husbands Christmas dinner party!


  21. i would use the grace eye shadow on the inner eyelid then use the copper shadow on the middle of the lid and the twig shadow on the outter and crease of the lid blending each one into the would give kind of a smokey look!

  22. I would use copper all over the lid and line with twig. Grace could be used under the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eyes as a highlighter - beautiful!

  23. Smoke it! Copper on the lid, twig in outer v and lower lashline and then Grace to blend out the crease area...


  24. I would do a fall smokey eye! Twig in the crease, blend up into Grace then blend a hint of Copper on the outer lid for a pop!

  25. I would wear Grace all over my lid, and put Twig along my top lash line and blended up slightly into Grace. I would use Copper to line the outer third of my lower lash line just for a little pop of color.

  26. I don't have any of these types of colors and would really be so excited to try them. I have green-brown eyes and dark hair so I think it would make me feel pretty.

  27. I LOVE GRACE! I'd use that as a base, with twig on the outer corner, and copper in the inner corner. Blend, blend, blend! :)

  28. Love these colors! I would apply Grace all over my lid and up into the lower part of my crease, then I would take Copper and sweep it on the inner third of my crease all the way to the middle of it, and then create the outer v with Twig and also bring it to the middle, and apply a small amount of Grace to a blending brush to blend Copper and Twig out. I would then apply a brown liner to the water line, and around and below the tear duct I would apply Grace, Copper in the middle of the lash line, and connect Twig to the outer v, and keep the rest of the face neutral(:

  29. I know there's other brands around..
    but who cares? Stila is the best I've found.
    When it comes to shadow..none other touches my eyes..
    so it should come as no surprise..
    that I'm running low on my stila as we speak.
    For anyone who has never tried their "magic" eye powders..
    Let me tell must have some secret powers.
    I would create a smokey eye with these lovely shades..
    Imma be looking like a MTV's MADE.
    They make me look awake when I'm low on sleep..
    Stila has all the other brands beat..clean sweep!

    kellierosewilson AT hotmail DOT com

  30. I like very simple eye make up, nothing too done up or dramatic and I can definitely envision myself using these all the time, even at my internship. One day I would line my eyes with the copper and use the grace shadow to tone it down and blend, add some mascara and ta-da! The next day, I would do the same except line my eyes with twig and blend with grace.

  31. I love all three of these colors. I would use the grace on the bottom, Twig as an eyeliner, and copper as a highlighter on the inner corner. Love,Love,Love it


  32. With winter just around the corner this fab trio of eye shadows is just what I need to remind me of that warm, bronzy summer glow I'll be missing for the next few months. Grace and Twig are perfect multi-functional shades that I can wear day or night. Copper will give me that extra sparkle and shine I need for special occasions or snowy days when I'm dreaming of warmer weather!

  33. Oooo, so pretty! Do a fabulously shimmery holiday party eye! Mostly copper, a tad of grace blended just right below the brow, and twig on the crease of the lid to add some depth and contrast. Blend it all perfectly together and have a smokin' sexy party look!


  34. I would use all three to create a really dramatic eye with dark eyeliner and lots of lashes! So pretty!

  35. can we enter these more than once?? :)
    well i would use twig and grace to create a subtle smoky eye and smudge the copper eye shadow on my lower lash line to add a pop of color.

  36. a gorgeous winter sultry look perfect for holiday gatherings! it would be very chic. i could also play up the look into a full on smokey eye for a holiday night look!

  37. I'm afraid of the smoky eye because I don't like dark blacks but I think this palette would make a great smoky eye look! I'd love to try it!

  38. I would start with the darkest color right at my lashline, to really thicken the lashes up. Then, I would put the orangey-copper color above it, gently smoking the two lines together. Lastly, I would fade the orange into the lightest brown to create a gradient effect. I think this look would be perfect for fall and winter. It is subtle, smokey, and very sultry & chic looking! :)

  39. Definitely the 'tobacco tones' look that has been hot off the runway for some time now, from designers such as Chloe...I would create a light smoky look using all three colours lightly blended on the upper and lower lid...finished with black kohl around the eyes with matt lips!


  40. As always I would do a smokey eye. It is the only thing I can really do, but it always looks good.

  41. OMG I would love this palette! I would create an amazing neutral smokey eye :) I'm not great at it but I'm good and I would love to practice with this palette, I love neutral colors.

    Sorry my english is not very good!


  42. I would totally take these three eyeshadows and make it into a more neutral smokey eye. For those who aren't completely comfortable with a dramatic smokey eye, I could take these and make it a more neutral look, but a smokey eye as well! :)

  43. I love these colors! I would start off by putting Grace on my full lid, then I would apply copper to the outter v of the lid a little bit on the lash line in just that outter corner then bring it into the crease and work a little up half towards my eyebrow. then I would take Twig and use it on the outter v of my lid and in the crease to give depth. blend just a litte into the copper.I would bring the twig shadow along the bottom lash line for a smokey look. I would use a matte light highlighter for below to eyebrow to blend the copper.

  44. id create a daytime look using the middle color on the lid and the right hand color on the crease!

  45. I'd create an evening look. I'd say grace in the lid, twig in the crease, and copper on the lower lash line! (:

  46. I would create a look for Christmas Dinner with Grace on the lid and Coper on the crease and a bit of twig on the outer V this be a Grate look for me :)

  47. I would create an evening look using the copper color on the outer lid, taupe color in the middle, and the purple in the crease and smudged on the lash line.

  48. I would have to go for a nice smokey eye for the fall harvest party. I would even use these alone as liners for other fall and winter looks.

  49. I loooove these trio palettes!!! As a working mom and lover of Stila shadows, this is ideal to carry in my every day make up bag. I would have to learn to apply these colors (like I have with the purchase of other Stila palettes) so I don't know exactly what look I can write on but the ideas of other postings are great! Love the mix of these colors, can i pleeeeease win it?! :) Thank you!!!

  50. with the gray and burgundy i could do a classy office look with the gray over eyelid and burgundy contour. I could also make it more dramatic by layering and smudging and adding black eye liner for a night look.
    The copper is great for bringing out warm skin tones so great for day. It could also be used as a liner with lighter neutral eye shadow. Using to line the lower lid would brighten and define my eyes without a boxy look.

  51. Love this palette! Beautiful neutral colors as well as something to spice the look up. I have pale skin, dark brown eyes. I would use the middle color all over my lids, bring it down to my lower lash line. Then, use the darkest color for my outer v. Lastly, i would put the bright color on my lower lash line, right below my pupils. This will brighten up my eyes.
    Wish myself luck on winning!

  52. a soft autumn look mainly with the copper on most of the lids, twig in the outer crease/V area and grace in the inner corners of the eyes.

  53. This palette would compliment my green eyes perfectly!! Grace would be best on the base of the eyelid using Twig in the crease of the eye and the accent color (as liner) under the eye I would use the Copper! HELLO gorgeous green eyes with this combo!!!

  54. This picture shows a dark brown, neutral grey-ish color, and copper.

    The website for twig as a rose gold color, grace as a light purple, and copper is copper.

    So, going with the website colors: grace all over the lids, twig in the crease and line the lower lash line wet, and use copper wet to line the upper lash line with some dry copper blended into the inner corner of the eyelid. Then I'd use black mascara. :-)

  55. Oohh I would love this palette! Such pretty colors! Hmm I think I would use each color by itself for a simple yet beautiful wash of color on my lids...or do a smokey look! :P

  56. gorgeous palette! If I was to create a look with that palette I would prime my lids w/ a pearl toned color ( so the copper color would pop )and then apply the "copper" all over my lids. Then I'd get the color "grace" with a 217 blending brush and gently blend above the copper all over my upper lid and create a soft smokey layer. Next, I'd get a crease point brush and get the "twig" color and create a outer V shape and blend it outward to create a semi cut crease look. Also get the same color "twig" and apply on the lower outter corner on the eyes for a dramatic effect. Then get copper again and pat down on the inner corner of my eyes and the lower part as well. I'd line it a black gel liner in a cat eye form for a sexy sultry look for my upper and lower eye. Then curl lashes and apple falsies! Apply a hint of bronzer all over your face, some lipgloss and you've got that sexy bronzey glow!

  57. I would use it as my daily makeup look. I love brown, taupe and copper eyeshadow and this palette is perfect. The palette is so handy. A few brushes with you and this palette then you're good to go. Anyway I'm from Philippines and I hope my entry is valid. This is my email address:

  58. Love these colors! I would place grace on the inner third of my lid, then copper in the middle, and twig on the outer third. Rock some of the twig in the crease and blend it out to have a colorful/smoky fall look.

  59. I would grace on the lid, twig in the crease, and copper on the lower lashline. This would make for a classic pin-up look on the eyelid, since it would be a soft color on the lid and dark in the crease but the copper on the lower lashline would give it a pop of color.

  60. I would love to try this out ! I'd probably do a nice fall look with it using the copper on the inner corner, light brown all over the lid, and dark brown on the outer corner up to the crease...or maybe the copper as an eyeliner ;)

  61. I would use the twig on the upper eyelid right above the lash line, and then apply the grace on the entire lid and use a touch of copper in the crease to create a shadowed " autumn" look. love these colors together! would go great with a holiday outfit :)

  62. I'm still sort of learning how to create makeup 'looks' so I would experiment and play around with them. I've been collecting makeup colors for the last year to see what colors look good on me. Thanks!

  63. I think these eyeshadows would be perfect for a brown/copper smokey eye! I would use Grace as a base then use Twig on the outer corners and Copper as a liner on my upper and lower lash line.

  64. Would love to play with these colors! Great neutrals with a little shimmer. I just started a new job, and think this would be a great collection to make some fun daytime looks :)

  65. I would do my version of a smokey eye. I'd use Twig on the lid and swept around the eye and then "Copper" right above it in the crease and both blended, blended and blended again. I'd then lighly sweep "Grace" over the crease and buffed up to the eye brow with maybe just a hint of Stila's "Starlight" (I have that color already!) right under the brow and swept around the inner corner of the eye.

  66. I would create an "Autumn Look"

    These are all AWESOME colors, that would look great together or separate! I would use each one differently by itself or together like this:

    I would use *Grace as my highlight and a bit in the inner corner of my eye, *Copper all over my lid and blend *Twig as outer crease

  67. Nice must have's!!! I would go with the smokey eye look...first I would do grace all over eye lid,then I would color the eye lid crease and outer corner fo the eye withtwig..and last is copper the inner corner and bottom part of the eye!!

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