giveaway day seven - convertible colors!

Dec 9, 2010

melanie won the crush set from yesterday!  hooray!!  her first stila crush was lip glaze, but she quickly moved on to a second stila love affair with our convertible colors!  good thing that is what we are giving away today!  one lucky winner will win two shades of this celebrity favorite - fuschia and lillium.

to enter, comment and tell us why you can't live without our convertible color.  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.

78 Responses to giveaway day seven - convertible colors!

  1. I can't live without Convertible Colors because the colors are so pretty, and they stay all day!!

  2. They last all day and they are easy to give yourself just a hint of color or have fun building the color up!

  3. I can't live without the convertible colors as I am *obcessed* with them!!! I love mulit-purpose products such as the Convertible colors...not to mention my love-affair with cream blushes in general. Any product that minimizes how heavy my purse is is *ideal* for me! Convertible colors are great for travel as well as you have your lipcolor and blush in one great travel-friendly product. Seriously, great product!!! Would LOVE to win this (and my over-stuffed purse would thank you!). :)

  4. Ever since my purchase at the IMATS i have been using the peony shade as a base and on my lips its the perfect color for me and super blendable which i love!


  5. I can't live without the convertible colors because they are ahhhmazing! :) I love the wear, and the selection of colors they come in are so pretty!

  6. I recently tried some of the stila convertible colors that came with the travel palettes, and I have fallen in love! They are so natural looking as a blush. They are also great to use as a lip color. I find them to be very moisturizing and smooth on my lips, not dry at all.

  7. I already have both of these, so I'm not entering, but the fuschia CC was my first stila product. It's scary bright in the compact, but it sheers out to the most lovely, natural pink imaginable. Makes me look like I'm still in my teens! ;)

  8. I love the Convertible Color because i'm a HUGE fan of multipurpose products. I think that they are the best because it's better for travel. I love Stila's convertible color ( I only have one in Peony) because it can double as blush or lip color and it's amazing, the staying power lasts so long and I love how its a cream product so it's not heavy. It also gives you that just flushed cheeks look! love it!

  9. I love Stila's Convertible Color because it's so natural looking. I carry my peony Convertible Color around with me in my purse, it's the only thing I carry around along with my lip balm, keys and phone. It gives me a pop of color and makes my face look alive and fresh (on both my lips and cheeks). I'd love to try the Fuschia and replace my peony with lillium.

  10. I can't live without Convertible Colors because the colors have strong pigment, and are for mulit use!!!! that is way cool!

  11. I absolutely love the simplicity of the convertible colors! I think they are such a great idea because they are pretty colors that really could go with any makeup look that you're trying to do. I think that it's wonderful that you can have one product that gives you such a natural finish! go stila!


  12. I love the Convertible Color in Rose. I don't own it, but I swatched it and put it on my cheeks and lips and it really warmed up my face with just one product! it's currently on my Christmas shopping list.

  13. To be honest I never really thought much about convertible colors until recently. I'm an eye fiend, then a lip fiend. but oh my goodness do I love what I tried in my travel palettes!!

    Not knowing a LOT about blush, its hard to find colors to match the eyemakeup/lip makeup I"m wearing, thats why the travel palettes were genius.

    and I'd love to have two more!!

  14. I haven't gotten the chance to try out a convertible color yet, but I'd love to! I think it's great when one product can be used for multiple purposes. So helpful when traveling, too! I'd love to get the chance to try these out.

  15. I can't live without my convertible colors. I love that I can use it for both my cheeks and lips. It is easy to travel with and super cute. I love to collect them all.

  16. I like to waer my convertable color in my convertable car! that way everyone cn see how great i look!!

  17. I love love love the convertible colors because they are so versatile, they last well and come in fantastic colors! I can tuck them in my purse and freshen up in two seconds.

  18. Convertible Color is a great one for travel. It's not a liquid, like so many other two-in-one products are. Plus it's got that great creamy texture that those drier areas of my skin love! So, it's become a favorite of mine. Gotta love it!

  19. I love the convertible colors because they are so natural looking and of course not to mention they are multi purpose! My absolute favorite is fushia! it's such a fun color :)

  20. So I looooooved my Petunia convertible color so much, that I had my graphic artist recreate the shade for my business cards!! Check out the link you can see it on my makeup page :)
    Thanks!!! <3 R

  21. I love the convertible colors because a touch of fuschia just makes my day better!

  22. OH MY GOD!!! Lillium is my absolute favorite covertible color....I had it and lost it (sadness), this would be a fantastic way for me to get another one (with an added bonus - fuschia!). Either way, I can't wait to get another one and use it on my cheeks and lips...Lillium is the perfect shade for me!
    -Kiran Amir Ali

  23. I can't say that I own any Stila products. This would be my first time. But I can say that any product that can be used for more than one purpose is FABOULOUS! I always carry a huge purse with me & I can't stress enough how heavy it gets when I add my makeup inside. Not only that but it gets all dis organized & I can't have that! Im so well organized & to just see my makeup all over the place bugs me out! I usually travel 1 hr every week to visit my family & I like to "refresh" before I arrive to their house. I always get compliments on how my makeup looks well put. So I imagine that these convertible colors will travel easy & I will be able to use them for more than one purpose. I'm a mother of a three year old & sometimes "time" is not my bestfriend. But I try to always look my best. My husband would love that instead of having to buy lipstick & blush, I can just buy 1 :) Oh how I would love to try these convertible colors.

  24. I can't live without Stila's convertible colour because they are a wonderful product!
    They come in great and flattering colours and work beautifully on anyone! They're easy to use and blend and they enhance my cheeks and lips and are long lasting! They also fit perfectly in any pocket I put them in, purse/jacket/jeans/boot! (true story)

    And the great versatility of the product makes me love it even more. :]


  25. I love my convertible color. It is my favorite in the summer time. When I am playing at the beach or in the pool, it is nice to have one thing I can take with me to apply to my lips, eyes and cheeks. Works great

  26. I have been lied to being told that Mac was the only way to go. Now looking at your beautiful colors and how many uses they have I have to admit I want to cheat on Mac. I know it is wrong to cheat so convert me and make me a believer by sending me some of your convertibles. I can change and can love again so please Stila pick me so I can be happy again.

  27. I can't live without your Convertible Colors because they are perfect shades for my skin tone and I love the fact that I can carry one item that can be used for a number of uses.

  28. I can't live without stila convertible color because I use it every day! I love how it melts into my skin and creates a flush of color. And the best part is that it's a double duty product! No more worrying about if your lip and cheek match! And no carrying around two products! I love it! Pick me! :)

  29. I've been using these for a long time, they smooth easily onto the skin, give just the right amount of color and are super convenient. Plus there are lots of pretty shades to pick from!

  30. I can't live without your convertible color because it's what completes my everyday simple look by giving it a gorgeous natural flush--color to my face and a beautiful glow to my cheeks! But most importantly, it's what makes me feel pretty and confident all day. It undoubtedly brings out one's inner glow, people can't help but notice it! All thanks to Stila! <3

  31. As a girl with dry skin, Stila convertible cheek colors are a must for me (especially in the winter). This product gives my cheeks a beautiful rosy glow that I just love.


  32. Stila convertible colors are amazing! the colors are highly pigmented and they give off that natural flush! They also look great on the lips and perfect for my every day makeup look!

  33. I love the convertible color because it gives my cheeks enough color. It is such a beautiful color to be wearing, very easy to apply and I love the texture of the product.

  34. Can't live without them because, as the mom of a toddler who can't leave the house w/out half a toy store in tow, I need as many multi-use products as I can get!

    Jessica (at) Outinapout (dot) com

  35. I can't live without the convertible colors because they look and feel great on both the cheeks and lips and stay better than any other cream blush that I have ever tried!

  36. I love the convertible colors because of their natural colors and their great staying power!

  37. I love them because of the convenience. I can toss them in my bag, don't need anything beside my finger to apply them with, and can touch up my cheeks and lips whenever I need to.

  38. I love them because I can use them on my lips and cheeks without a brush! Makes it super easy for perking up a dull face after long flights.

  39. i can't live without my stila convertible color because it gives me such a natural looking glow on my cheeks, and a beautiful color on my lips and most importantly it is not harsh on my skin, my cheeks are sensitive to most cream blushes and with stila i dont get a rash or breakout.

  40. I cant live with the convertible colors because they're so convenient!! Lip and cheek stain all in one little compact.

  41. I can't live without them because they make me feel pretty and they are very convenient!

  42. I haven't had a chance yet to go get one of my own, but whenever my roommate and I pull out our makeup to 'play' with, I can't resist picking hers up at least once! It's just such a lovely product!

  43. ive never tried the convertible colors but i love creme blush....and the fact that u can use these for ur lips too is a super plus for me....this colors look amazing and i would love to finally own one

    my email is

  44. Without Stila's convertible color I would never make it to school on time. And my college work is the only opportunity I have to make a life for myself, therefore I really can't live without your multipurpose products that save me time and allow me to provide for my family!

  45. I can't live without convertible colors because they are literally two products in one. They make a great lipstick and a cream blush!

  46. The convertible color is an amazing base for my blush and gives me a wonderful rosy glow! It's like joy in a round package!


  47. I can't live without convertible colors because they are silky smooth, they come in a lovely collection of colors, multi-functional, and they keep my lips hydrated, better than my chapstick! The colors are beautiful and really serve as a great way to tie a look together with coordinating cheek and lip color.

  48. I can't live without convertible color because it's the most amazing lip color I've found yet! It's smooth and creamy and delivers beautiful, natural color to my lips that's just to die for! I haven't tried fuscia or illium but I can't wait. I'd be lost without convertible color!

  49. I love the convertible colors! I have the ones that came with the travel sets, plus peony. They are buildable and layerable. Plus, they melt into my skin. I have used them as cheek and lip colors. Just wonderful!

    Tiffany S.

  50. OMG! I can't believe how easy it is to have great cheeks and lips now that I've found these convertible colors. I can't live without them now. So fast, so smooth and creamy, so easy to apply and so beautiful. Who would want to live without that? I have 4 of them so far. They are just wonderful for the cheeks and look great also on the lips, topped with a gloss. One of the special edition ones, Marigold, is great for highlights. It's a duo, with one side more of a tan color, and the other a bronzed glittery color. Great for contouring and highlighting the cheekbones. They are universally flattering and especially great for those of us over 40! The colors don't sink into those tiny little lines and make the skin look luminous. I won't even touch powder blush anymore, since I've found these. They're all I use anymore. I absolutely adore them. I also have all the ones in the Travel palettes, too, so I guess you could say I have more than 4, lol. Some of the darker, tan ones can even be used as shadows, if so inclined. Even the pinkish ones would work, depending on the colors you're trying to achieve. Would look great with pinks, greens and blues. Who knows what else you can do with these little packets of amazement? Luckily I don't have Ilium or Fuschia, because I'd so love to win them. I love all the colors and would love to collect them all. I'm such a makeup hoarder. Once I find something I like, I want one of every color, and these I not only like, I LOVE!!! Thanks, Stila, for another great product!!!!

    Deb Scott

  51. I have worn covertible color for years. I started with magnolia and my new fave is lily from the make an inpression in moscow travel girl palette. I hope my entry is timely.

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