giveaway day eleven - lots of lashes

Dec 15, 2010

markeecoco won yesterday's giveaway.  she explained that blush and bronzer add shape to her face and make her look more alive!!!  we agree.  today we are giving away a major major lash mascara and a strip of ardell lashes (a stila favorite). we are excited for one lucky winner to have amazing lashes this holiday season.

to enter, comment and tell us why mascara is a must-have beauty product. please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.

36 Responses to giveaway day eleven - lots of lashes

  1. mascara is a must have for lashes are very thin and short and mascara helps with making them and long and full..

  2. Mascara is the one product i absolutely can not live without! I love how wide and bright it makes your eyes! Lashes are so fun too to really make your eyes pop. I like to hold the wand vertically to deposit more on the bottom and top lashes. This really makes them appear much longer and fuller so your eyes stand out and shout "look at me!"

  3. Mascara is a must have for me because my eyelashes are my best feature and I need to play them up for I look so tired! If I am running out the door in a rush, mascara is the one thing I cannot leave without.

  4. Mascara is a must have for me, b/c my eyes are my desired area of focus. Mascara makes anything else you do look even better. It also helps me achieve a fuller, lusher look! I'm always envious of those with naturally long, dark lashes but am thankful for falsies and mascara. (

  5. The easiest & fastest way to look "awake" if you don't have time to put on any other makeup.

  6. I think long black eyelashes is sometimes all you need to look your best. I have blond hair and when I wear black mascara it really makes my eyes pop!

  7. I've got long lashes and Stila mascara enhances them even further. Long lush lashes can't be beat. If I do nothing else I make sure I wear my Stila major lash mascara!

  8. I -love- my eyes, so I like to draw as much attention to them as I can. Mascara is one of the easiest ways to do that! Wearing even just a touch of mascara makes me feel more awake and gives me a boost of confidence.

  9. mascara is my favourite item of make-up and it is really important to make your lashes stand out because it's the area that people will automatically look at first. the eyes are so important.

  10. Mascara is a miracle worker!! It can transform your face from drab to fab!! It is my favorite beauty product because it makes my lashes look longer, fuller, and makes my eyes pop!! I love my green eyes, so black mascara makes them stand out! I love using the extra mascara on pointy tip of mascara on the outside lashes to make my eyes seem longer. Mascara completes your makeup look and brings attention to the beautiful eyes God gave us! :)

  11. Unfortunately, I always have to have mascara on. I am just so dead tired everyday that it just perks me up a little!!!

  12. MAscara is a must have for me because it makes my eyes have that awake look. I dont get much sleep and its an instant eye opener! Wish I could afford a better one!!
    briannabeers at yahoo dot com

  13. eyes are the windows into the soul. they express laughter, mischief and of course flirtation. mascara enhances all of these expressions. it frames the eye and adds a bit of sultry mystery. mascara lets our eyes do the talking, and boy do they have a lot to say =]

  14. I love a mascara that is lengthening. This mascara is awesome because it's easy to remove at the end of the day. Mascara makes my makeup so much better.

  15. Because I'm Asian a mascara is a MUST have beauty product to help open up my eyes and give me the luscious sultry look.

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