giveaway day three - skin savers!

Dec 3, 2010

congrats to yesterday's winner, amanda.  she's been using kitten eye shadow for five years and loves how it brightens her eyes!!!!  it really is amazing!!!  today's giveaway is all about great skin!  we are giving away one step correct and illuminating tinted moisturizer to one lucky winner. 

comment to enter.  tell us why these products will save your skin this winter!  please include your email address.

best of luck to everyone.  check back on monday for another giveaway and to see who the winner is!

***winner must live in the continental united states.

96 Responses to giveaway day three - skin savers!

  1. Dear Stila, I am loving these giveaways!! The One Step correct is my FAVE!!! Evens out the uneven red areas. <3

  2. One step correct evens out my skin color and the tinted moisturizer keeps my skin moisturized during these cold months that dry out the skin!

  3. I have been wanting to try the One Step Correct since it was released! I have some pretty back acne scars and redness on my cheeks, but on a poor college student budget, I have not been able to try it yet. As for the tinted moisturizer, my skin needs some brightening up during this cold winter!

  4. I've never tried these before, but the tinted moisturizer should keep skin moisturized so it won't get too dry from the cold temps and the wind. The corrector should get rid of redness from the cold and wind as well.
    Great giveaways!

  5. One step correct will out my skin color. The illuminating tinted moisturizer will keep my skin bright and moisturized during the drying winter.

  6. I *really* hope I win these products!!! My skin has been SO difficult as the weather has gotten colder. My skin has been much drier and my normal moisturizer and powder foundation is just NOT working for me anymore. I need help! Please enter me to win the One Step Correct and Tinted Moisturizer as I would really love to try and use these products as I need a change in routine for my dry skin! :) Pammy

  7. Boulder, CO is incredibly dry in the winter and takes a serious toll on my skin. Add my usual "winter pale" to the mix and it gets scary. One step correct and illuminating tinted moisturizer would do the trick.

  8. Studying for my PhD qualifying exam has kept me awake many nights, so my skin is not looking its best. My winter skin would be saved by the One Step Correct and the Illuminating Moisturizer - they would help me look like I have gotten a restful night's sleep.

    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  9. With the cold weather and too much drinking from the holidays the One Step Correct and Illuminating Moisturizer will trick people into thinking I'm taking better care of myself than I am :) xoxo

  10. I would love to try the one step correct! I haven't used it yet, but I love Stila's other products, so I'm sure it is great!

    I have always loved all of Stila's tinted moisturizers, and always make sure that I have an illuminating tinted moisturizer in my makeup arsenal. :)

  11. I have dry skin that gets even worse in the winter so tinted moisturizer would definitely help keep my skin soft while also brightening it up some! The One Step Corrector will only help make my skin look even better for all the upcoming holiday events.

  12. Never tried the One Step (would love to though), but LOVE LOVE LOVE the moisturizer, makes my skin feel & look amazing!!

  13. These would help me because my skin gets horrible in the winter! I definitely could use some help.

  14. I'm going to spend Christmas with my boyfriend and his family up in the frozen north and my skin is already terribly dry here in the south. The color corrector and moisturizer looks like exactly what my dull skin needs!

  15. I have not tired the one step correct yet, but I'm sure it helps with the windblown redness and dryness. :-) I have tired the illuminating moisturizer and it is amazing. I use it everyday after I wash my face and it keeps my skin hydrated all day without looking or feeling greasy.

  16. These are great! The tinted moisturizer really gives my skin a healthy glow and makes it feel amazing which is what I definitely need with the dry Utah air! LOVE IT!!!

  17. My skin is so dull and dry in the winter - the tinted moisturizer really is "illuminating" and I need it :)

  18. I have not used these products but I am a huge Stila fan and hope to win. I am looking for something to even out my skin tone without wearing heavy foundation all the time!

  19. I LOVE the illuminating tinted moisturizer! I just started using it a week ago and it feels so good on my face. I have never tried the One Step Correct, but it sounds like I should. I love Stila!

  20. I just purchased the one step correct and today is actually my first day using it! It is so light and blends perfectly, it will save me from having to wear heavy makeup this winter!


  21. I picked up the one step correct at the stila loves derby dolls party mostly because it looked cool and it has since become the first thing that goes on my face every day. And what derby girl couldn't use a little sparkle while protecting her face from drying out (we wash our faces A LOT).

  22. Who can't use a "pick me up" in the dreary days of winter? That one step correct and illuminator are perfect for a winter glow!!

  23. I was at Sephora a couple of weeks ago to try out the One Step (sever allergies). The sample that I took home works wonders!

  24. I love using the one step correct with the illuminated tinted moisturizer on top! Keeps me looking glowy and radiant during the holiday season, and best of all, no flaky skin! Love it!

  25. The tinted moisturizer helps keep my skin from drying out in the winter! And I LOVE the one-step correct!

  26. I really want to try these skin care products by Stila! I have always shied away from most face makeup, but I know these two products will work wonders for the moisture zapping weather we have in California this time of year. I know they will keep my skin glowing and I can't wait to try them.


  27. I have wanted to try Stila tinted moisturizer since a friend of mine told me about it, but with the economy, everything for us is hard right now. I envy those who are able to get this wonderful concoction... ; )

  28. Winter is so tough on the face! One Step corrector will even out my skin and the illuminating tinted moisturizer will make me have that radiant holiday glow! Happy Holidays!

  29. I love Stila's one step correct and illuminating tinted moisturizer! I currently have both of them. The one step correct really helps my skin stay moist and will keep it from getting dry during the winter months. I love using the illuminating tinted moisturizer during the summer months when I don't need much makeup, but using it during the winter under foundation also gives you that glow that you need. All around, Stila makes the BEST makeup products!

  30. I absolutely LOVE One Step Foundation and have been dying to try the One Step Corrector, as my skin gets little red patches, during the winter. If I'm not doing full makeup, for the day, I use the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer and really like the light feeling.

  31. I would LOVE to try the One Step. I think it would be a wonderful companion to all my Stila goodies, especially with the cold weather coming.
    Tiffany S.

  32. I've been using the One Step correcter for the past few months and I love what it does for my skin! It immediately calms any redness and I barely need any lotion for my dry winter skin,which is amazing for me! I'm almost out so this would be perfect timing! I also love the tinted moisturizer for winter weekends when I don't want to do a full face of make up but I need some moisture and bit of color. Thanks! -

  33. i am going to MN for the winter and these products will save my skin! i am leaving the humid weather of the south for frigid conditions and desperately need the help!

  34. Love using the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated from both the cold winter weather & dry heat inside. Try mixing it with the One Step prime Color in Bronze Babe...great warm color, subtle sheen & a wonderful moisturizer. The One Step Correct evens my pale winter skin tone, helps reduce the sallow color and feels ever so light on my skin. Love both products!

  35. I've been adding the Illuminating Tinted Moisturized to my normal foundation for the last month and I've noticed such a difference in how bright and radiant my skin looks. I can tell a big difference when I leave it out!!

  36. My skin goes crazy in the winter time. My skin gets so red and dry. The illuminating tinted moisturizer would add such a healthy dewy glow, and the one step correcter takes out my redness!

  37. The one-step correct is my FAVORITE PRODUCT by Stila - my face has never looked so smooth and even! I first tried it at a Stila event inside a Sephora store and have been in love with it ever since! I have been using the tinted moisturizer for years, ever since I visited a Stila counter to get my makeup done for my junior prom (8 years ago!) and love how light it is, it's especially good on hot summer days!

  38. Tinted moisturizer will keep my skin protected against those cold winds outside and I have never used one step correcter yet!

  39. the corrector would help with my really overly red face in the winter months and the moisturizer would help with these dry patches *sigh*

  40. I would love to give these products a try. I do have acne scars and I'm hoping these will make my face look more even and bright!

  41. Oh, how I loathe red, winter skin! These will do perfectly to fix that issue.... I love how Stila makes appropriate shades for lighter skin tones and makes the best illuminating products on the market!

  42. My skin has been driving me insane ever since winter began!!!! It's never been so dry and red... Ew.... I've tried things from MAC, NARS, and Shiseido with no luck... Help me Stila!!!

  43. The Illuminator with SPF fends off the rays on my white fair face and the one step totally helps with redness. Love love love. Would love to recieve this gift!

  44. I LOVE the one step correct. I have very fair skin and since beginning to use it, I no longer need to use a concealer to help even things out. It fixes everything!

  45. I hope I win these products!!! My skin is difficult all year round, i have combo oily/dry patches but winter it is always too dry & difficult.
    The one step correct, will help even out my skin for a flawless finish and the tinted moisturizer will be for the "no makeup days" now in winter and even in the summer when i get oily.

    *Hope* I win, Goodluck to all!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Xo Happy Holidays!

  46. my skin gets so dry and patchy and uneven during the winter, these could help me look more alive!

  47. I'm oily and have never had great skin, but, these products can give me the look of beautiful glowing skin. I have friends that rave about both these Stila items! Thanks.
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  48. One step correct and tinted moisturizer are a girls dream combination! My face is clearer, well moisturized and it doesn't look like I have a ton of makeup on. (It is more convenient to have A bottle of one step correct vs. 5 other bottles of products to carry around that cost a bunch)

  49. Being in my 30's, I'm on a hunt for a great primer and moisturizer that will have my skin looking at its best. I have yet to try the Stila one step correct and illuminating tinted moisturizer, and am very interested to! Reading the product descriptions, I noticed that your primer is no ordinary one. I love the fact that it's a 4-in-1 product. The illuminating tinted moisturizer would be like the icing on the cake!

    Would love to win this and good luck to all!

    Happy Holidays~

  50. I have dry skin in winter so i like to keep my makeup basic but still look fab for the season..and these products help me do just that..The one step correct to even out my skin and the illuminating tinted moisturizer to moisturize and give me the perfect holiday glow!And it has spf too :)

  51. I love illuminating tinted moisturizer because I have horribly dry skin. =/


    babejubily @ hotmail dot com

  52. I am not a foundation fan, I find it is too heavy for my skin. I use only tinted moisturized and Stila's illuminating version is truly the BEST I have
    ever tried. During this time of year, my skin tends to look drab and tired, but the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer makes me look refreshed and gives a lit from within glow! One Step Correct is truly revolutionary, not too mention so darn cool to look at! Who couldn't use a one step correct in their skin care routine during this busy time of year? !

  53. I have been dying to try these products. Please pick me! It would totally make my holiday! Email:

  54. I'm a long time Stila loyalist (10+ years!) and have not yet tried one step correct and illuminating tinted moisturizer. I use the one step foundation (love it!) and the regular tinted moisturizer, as well as illuminating powder. It would be great to try both of these products to expand the skincare kit for my not-so-young-anymore skin!

  55. I've never tried the One Step but I love the illuminating tinted moisturizer. It brightens up my face in all the right places. Would love to try One Step to correct all of the uneven skin tones on my face.


  56. i have uneven skin tone so the one step correct should definitely help! and the illuminating tinted moisturizer will give me the glow perfect for the winter time!


  57. I've been wanting to try the One Step corrector for some time now! It looks unlike any other product I've seen before, and I would love to the see the effects it has on my skin. Thanks for the giveaway, Stila!

  58. If you have the dreaded dry winter skin you will love these products. I used to use the regular tinted moisturizer (in Fair, of course!) and the illuminating one adds a heightened radiance to my skin which is hard to do this time of year. The one step correctos is the extra step I take when I want to look extra purrrrrrrrrrrfect like the stila kitten I am!

  59. The tinted moisturizer brightens up my face especially during the winter when my skin is dry. The one step correct is great to cover up my redness and scars.

  60. I am a skincare fanatic! I love moisture on my skin and would love to try the tinted moisturizer! All of Stila's one step products are fantastic so why would the one step correct be any different! It's absolutely on my wish list along with every thing else Stila!

  61. I Love these two products! I am so thankful for the one step correct seeing my skin tends to get red in the winter. It really helps neutralize the redness. The tinted moisturizer helps brighten up my face and gives my skin that extra omph!

  62. I absolutely love your illuminating tinted moisturizer, it is kept in my "daily" bag, just the essentials that i wear everyday (along with your kitten eyeshadow, convertible color, a smudge pot, multi effect mascara, my favorite lip glazes and one step makeup)!!! Stila is the only brand of makeup that i use EVERYDAY! literally! This product converts my dry skin into soft luscious and glowing skin with a single application! I use this all year round and is definitely in my top 5 can't live without products!

    As for the one step correct, I have been dying to try since it came out. I use the one step makeup already and love it, I can just imagine how much adding this correction step would make my skin flawless! If I were to win this giveaway I could cross the one step correct off my list for Santa! It would really make my holidays...and who doesn't want to feel beautiful this season?!? Happy Holidays Stila!!!

  63. I have to admit I hate my skin. It's uneven and super sensitive so I will constantly break out. I think the one step correct will help with my red, dull, and blemished skin. The illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15 will help my skin with sun damage (which my mom has) and for a nice, slightly tanned glow.

  64. I have to admit I hate my skin. It's uneven and super sensitive so I will constantly break out. I think the one step correct will help with my red, dull, and blemished skin. The illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15 will help my skin with sun damage (which my mom has) and for a nice, slightly tanned glow.
    Sorry forgot to login my email is

  65. The illuminating tinted moisturizer will help bring a glow to my skin that gets rather dull in the winter time. The one step correct will also help with dullness and help my foundation last on my skin which is drier in the winter time.


  66. I have not tried one-step correct, but it seems like something I need! However I do love the glow that the illuminating moisturizer gives my skin - particularly in the winter when it is drier.

  67. I've been dying to try the one step correct because I have a lot of redness in my face so I'm hoping that it would cover that up.

  68. I have not tried any of these two products but I'm pretty sure they would keep my skin glowing and smooth this winter instead of pale and dry.

  69. My skin is fairly red and easily irritated. This would be fine, except I am also very fair.

    I would love to try the One Step Correct (with the green to cover up redness and the peach to cover dark circles) and the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer - SPF-infused -to keep my skin protected and brightened with a light amount of coverage.

    Winter weather (the cold wind, and the contrast between going somewhere with the heat on and going outside) tends to be hard on skin. It seems that these products could help conquer my winter skin issues and worries.

    lnunger @ aol . com

  70. I have acne scars and sun damaged skin :( I swear by the one step correct to even out my skin tone. The tinted moisturizer is amazing!!!!! Thank goodness it has SPF so I can protect my skin everyday now! I also use the perfecting concealer to ensure 100% coverage. Stila leaves my skin flawless!!

  71. One step correct is awesome and I use it ALL the time! I work a stressful holiday job, so my skin goes to crap with the stress - and I work long hours with literally NO chance to look in the mirror, let alone touch up my makeup.

    So I use a great primer, One Step Correct, to make sure my makeup stays lovely all day :) Its fantastic!!!

  72. These products will save my skin for the winter because it will sure give me that healthy glow and clear complexion that I always wanted. NO more dull winter skin!

  73. These products won't only save my skin - but keep me looking fabulous and save time. I love multi-taskers. One stop correct - a concealer for every discoloration, blemishes, dark circles etc. No need for tons of products. I absolutely love the moisture plus tint - one of my all time favorite products - no more foundation clumping on my skin and refusing to spread - yuck! These products will keep me from having the blotchy, dry winter skin blues. They will give smooth, even, beautiful skin. Thanks Stila!

  74. i have sensitive skin that get red super easily and acne scars, so i need the one step correct for that, and also for dark circles! i love the other stila tinted moisturizers and have heard great things about thing illuminating one, so I would love to be able to try it!

  75. One step correct was only used on me once when I got my makeup done by the fab Jason :) and it made my skin look so good...but I haven't purchased it yet because I'm not out of my beloved moisturizer ever!

  76. My red uneven skin gets even worse in the winter! One step correct evens out the redness and undereye circles andthe illuminating moisturizer gives me a beautiful winter glow!

  77. omg, i cannot even explain in words how much i love these products. its one thing to look beautiful, but its another to feel it and these products do the job. the one step correct is exactly wht it says, my undereye circles and redness go away like magic with this product. and the illuminating moisturizer makes my skin feel so soft and i love how it just makes me glow! the winter just mmakes my face so extremely dry, that this product give it back the moisture. thank you stila for putting this product up.

  78. I have combination skin and in the winter I get dry patches and my uneven toned skin (my redness)stands out more. With the one step correct not only can it reduce my large pores and uneven redness pigmentation, but it will also nourish my skin.

    As the weather gets colder my skin looks really sallow and dull. The illuminating tinted moisturizer would bring life back to my skin with a natural glow. It also has SPF, which is an excellent bonus.

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