giveaway day ten - bronzer and blush!

Dec 14, 2010

congrats to sarah, the winner of yesterday's smudge pots!  she said that a plum smudge pot is her dream!  we'll pass on her dream to stila's product development department :)  now for today's fabulous giveaway.  one lucky winner will receive a custom color blush and a stila sun bronzer!  healthy looking cheeks are always in style!  good luck.

to enter, comment and tell us why you can't live without blush and/or bronzer.  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.

80 Responses to giveaway day ten - bronzer and blush!

  1. I can't live without bronze or blush - because the world needs more color - and I do too! Plus, I love being able to accentuate my cheekbones ;o) & create shadows and highlights for a stunning, classy look!

  2. I'm fair skinned and cannot live without a blush or some type of bronzer. I've been wanting to try the custom blush...I've read great reviews on the product.

  3. I can't live without blush and bronzer as I am uber-pale and despirately need the pop of color from a blush and the bronze tone from a bronzer to brighten up my winter-pale collection. Please enter me to win as I need some "brightening up"!!!

  4. I can't live without blush and bronzer because apparently I look sick without them. On my no-makeup days I always get a lot of concerned people asking me if I'm feeling well :P

  5. I can't live without blush and bronzer because I live in Vermont and the sun does not come out from October-May and I need something to brighten up my pale skin :)

  6. I can't live without my custom color blush because it is simply the best blush I have ever owned! It does exactly what it says and I use it almost every day! :)

  7. I can't live without bronzer because I have pale skin and bronzer gives me a good healthy glow without having to risk the sun.

  8. i cant live without blush or bronzer because im pretty pale and i like to have color to my face...i love blush more then bronzer though because i love to have rosy red cheeks...especially for the winter...

  9. Can't live without blush cause it totally change the way I feel. It brightens up my whole day, especially during the icecold winter days.

  10. I can't live without bronzer or blush! Everyone needs bronzer and blush in their life! Even when your not feeling well it can really make you look like you are feeling a lot better! Bronzer and blush is a great alternative to going to the tanning bed when there is no sun to lay out in during the winter months. :) With these two awesome products people will be asking if you came back from a vacation?


  11. I love Tarte's cheek stains, so I bet I'd love the bronzer and blush as well! I love how blush gives me a dose of color even though I'm very pale. Bronzer is fantastic for its contouring possibilities.


  12. I can't live without blush or bronzer, because I'm in college, and they make me look fresh and healthy... even if I've been pulling all nighters and living off of ramen all week for finals ;)

  13. I love that I am Irish... but wow! my skin needs all the colour I can give it. Would LOVE a little extra something xo

  14. Nothing like a little dusting of sun and rosy-cheeked health, especially when your job only allows you to spend all day in front of the glow of the computer screen! :)

  15. I can't live without a blush and bronzer because they are the perfect products to give me that healthy glow on days when I'm not feeling my best and also on days when I want to look as great on the outside as i feel on the inside : )

  16. I have to wear bronzer every day living Los Angeles because I'm always slightly tan so it helps with that plus it helps bring out cheekbones. Blush is crucial for everyday as well!

  17. I have to wear blush and bronzer to look alive because I am so pale. I have to stay indoors and out of the sun due to an immune system disease, so I have no natural color at all!

  18. I have to wear both blush and brozer, because I look a hot mess without it :)

  19. I have a skin condition called vitiligo that causes me to lose pigment in my skin and makes being in the sun very dangerous, so I'm quite pale! I use sunless tanner on my face sometimes, but bronzer and the perfect shade of blush (i.e., a custom color!) are also musts for me. I sweep bronzer in an E and a 3 on each side of my face to warm up the high points that would naturally tan in the sun, and then I apply a bright pink on the apples of my cheeks to give myself a bit of a sunkissed flush. I'm already a Stila Sun devotee, but the Custom Color Blush has been on my wish list for awhile now! Thanks :)

  20. I can't live without wearing blush and bronzer because I love the glow that it gives me and it adds color to my face so that I don't look lifeless.

  21. I can't live without either! Contouring is essential and I need blush to brighten up my face. They are daily musts for me!!!


  22. Unfortunately, because my skin is so pale and dull :P Bronzer and blush add just the right just of color!

  23. I cannot live without my bronzer because I live in Miami & a beach babe has to have that sun-kissed glow all year long ;)

  24. Bronzer and blush are my staples everyday. Bronzer to contour my cheeks and a cream like peony to give me a fresh and pinched cheek look.
    I do the same for each of my client. The 2 go together like white on rice. :)

  25. I cant live without bronzer or blush because they're absolutely versatile. You can wear it for what it is, as eye shadow, or even as lipstick if you add a little lip balm to it!

  26. I can't live without blush because I am pale and it makes me look alive! I've never used bronzer, but I have been anxious to try contouring.

  27. Can't live without bronzer because I get so pale - can't live without blush because it adds such a healthy glow!


  28. I can't live without the bronzer and blush becasue they help blend or bring out my freckles depending on my moood and how I wear them!

  29. I cant live with out bronzer and blush because, 1) I've been on a constant hunt for the right bronzer for my shade of skin (tan) and i just cant find the right one, and as you can imagine my parents are getting pretty tired of me constantly experimenting with makeup so wont buy me another bronzer until i get a job. Ive had my eyes on stila's bronzers for such a long time, i am just dying with anticipation and begging for it <33 , 2) as for the blush i am a blush fanatic i just change according to my mood and your shades of blush look so fun and vibrant, it has also been on my wishlist for quit a while. (:

  30. When wearing a good blush and bronzer, it gives me the confidence to go throughout my day. Bronzer gives a warm glow and blush gives a pop of happiness to your cheeks. I can't go without either, i would LOVE to have Stila's blush and bronzer! :)

  31. I can't live w/o blush or bronzer. The blush adds a beautiful flushed looked to my dull skin and the bronze gives me a nice beautiful and healthy glow.

  32. I can't live without blush and bronzer because I look dead without it! My foundation wipes out all color, so blush and bronzer help me look alive and more youthful.

    lazybeautiful at gmail dot com

  33. I can't live without blush because it gives me a doll like feel. I love feeling like I have a hint of "POP" ! I live in a small town and when I have pretty blush on I feel like I'm live in the "Big City ! "

  34. I can't live without bronzer, because in the winter..without it, I look so pale ..yuck. & I can't live without blush, because it makes me look more happy =]

  35. Bronzer! especially in the winter when I get white looking again from the lack of sun in WA. I get a natural blush when I drink coffee or alcohol. :-)

  36. I can't live without blush because it gives me a great pop of color to liven my mood or chase away the gray skies. I've never tried bronzer but I would love to!

  37. I can't live without blush because I have a very round face and need to create an illusion of having high cheekbones. :)

  38. i cant live without bronzer because its the healthiest way to get a sun kiss glow

  39. Blush and bronzer are both an equal asset to my daily makeup routine. I'm a very fair skinned girl, so applying the right amount and color of each is extremely important as well as the colors used depending on the season. My favorite summer peach is convertible color in gerbera! I'm a peach fan by default, but I've lately been experimenting with the pinks.

  40. winter blues got your skin pasty
    Stila Blush and Bronzer make you look tasty
    from the alpine slopes to the beaches
    apres ski, your cheeks will look like peaches!

  41. The bronzer is my must have because I live in a four seasons zone and I cant always have that sun kissed look, nut with the bronzer it hilights my face just the way I like it!! Beautifully.

  42. I'm super fair and bronzer gives me a healthy glow and some definition. Blush brightens my face with a pop of color...I love pink! Thanks.

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  43. I wear blush daily to give my face that little bit of color that I think every woman needs. Bronzer helps to contour my cheekbones, especially those highbones of mine, to show them off to their best advantage. It also helps to sculpt the face to it's best advantage. These two products are "can't live without". I can go without lipstick, sometimes mascara, but never without my blush! It just helps me look not so pale. I love it! Can't live without it!!!

    Deb Scott

  44. I'm usually have a constantly flushed-just out of the gym- look. Thus on those days I put on foundation, people assume I'm sick because it's such a big deal. Blush gives me that perfect glow when I want perfect skin, without being uber flushed..

  45. I can't live without blush because it gives me a healthy flush of color. I instantly feel more alive with a dab of pink blush on =]


  46. I can't live without blush or bronzer because if I don't contour my face, I look very boring and flat. I have hard time finding a blusher that looks good on me and I'm almost 100% positive that custom color blush will give me just the right color to make me healthy and glowin!

  47. I can't live without them because I am an animator/artist. I don't see this "outside" place many people speak of. And let alone this "sun" in the winter. (The sun is those fluffy white things, right?)

    so in order to not look like an undead zombie, I need color in my face. Otherwise I look like I've just been dug up from the grave. I am whiter than white and I don't have the oppurtunity to tan or get this "color"

    so I fake it with lovely makeup :D

  48. blush is the topping to my face :) it adds a nice pink glow on around the apples of my cheeks.

  49. i can't live without bronzer and blush because my skin is pale, i will look dead and boring without it. Blush and Bronzer gives me life!

  50. Blush is my signature! I've been using it since I was 14. I don't think ANY look is complete without it. I am not afraid of color and I love having bright rosy cheeks.

    Bronze is great in the summer for that sun kissed look without the sun damage and awesome in the winter for subtle contouring.

    Blush and bronzer together are the perfect team for an instant pick me up. I definitely cannot live without them!

  51. I need bronzer because I need to add a glow and some life to my pale face. Blush adds some color and glow to my face also.

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