brides love stila

Jul 30, 2010

stila pro artist jason araujo and team recently worked with a bride and bridal party on the east coast.   maria, the bride, has been a devoted stila fan for several years.  she was thrilled to wear stila makeup on her wedding day and commented that jason’s work was “extraordinary”.  in fact she said it made her wedding so special! 

we wanted to thank maria for her feedback and wish her the best in the upcoming future!  at stila, we love beauty and there is nothing more beautiful than a blushing bride as evidenced by the picture of maria wearing stila's convertible color on her wedding day!  way to go jason and team!

“PROfile” piece – lidia debaise

Jul 29, 2010

meet lidia debaise, one of stila’s pro artists.  she’s a brooklyn born and raised girl, however she currently lives and works in florida.  superstar lidia not only works in stores with clients, but she also plays a key role for stila during our hsn segments with sarah lucero.  lidia is to thank for much of the behind the scenes work that goes into this show.  hsn is literally a 24 hour operation.  and even at 3am, the building is full of energy and workers are getting stuff done – lidia being one of them.  we sat down with her to get a sneak peak at what its like on the set.  here’s what she had to say.

what is it like working behind the scenes at hsn?
intense.  you only have one shot to make it right because this is live tv.  it is crucial to pick the right products.  i am constantly making sure the models look good on the monitors and i also check to make sure that sarah looks good while she is presenting.

what makeup do you apply on the models?
for hd tv, one step makeup works perfect.  it is undetectable on the skin and it provides flawless and longwearing coverage.

you must touchup a lot for tv – what products do you use?
honestly, one step makeup makes my job easier because it is longwearing.  that means touchups are minimal.  however, i do use hydrating finishing powder for shine and plumping lip glaze for a beautiful celestial glow on the lips.

women want this flawless look everyday – can they use the same makeup?
absolutely! stila makeup is wearable and approachable.  anyone should feel comfortable using it.  for an everyday look, try start off will a small amount.  then build until you feel comfortable with the coverage and intensity.

what suggestions do you have for special occasions when women need to look camera ready?
try wetting your shadow brush for extra intensity.  also, don’t be afraid to add a little more product on your lips and cheeks.  this way you won't look washed out in your photos!

who said tough girls don’t wear makeup?

Jul 28, 2010

we all know a girl can be tough and still wear makeup – right?  being tough does not imply that one doesn’t want to look good.  in fact, you could be tough and a showstopper at the same time!  that’s exactly what the girls from the safetychick crew accomplished when they attended the espys recently.  sultry, glamour, seduction, and a little bit of flare were just a little bit of what these women had in mind for their event filled night. 

stila pro artist lindsey forrest worked to get them ready for the night.  she relied on stila must have products, including stila’s kajal liners, smudge pots, convertible colors, and the new long wear liquid lip sticks.  from the photos below, it’s clear that these tough girls sure know how to put on a show!!

fall in love with stila!

Jul 27, 2010

hey stila girls!  last weekend we kicked off the launch of our fall collection with several in store events throughout southern california.   at stila, we love events!  our events allow us to spend time with our fans!  and it gives you a chance to fall in love with our new products!  if you missed us, enjoy these pictures!

stila at sephora!

stila at ulta!

check out stila’s event page to see when we will be in your area!  also, here’s a sneak peak of the looks for fall!

pro artist tip of the week - innovative blush

Jul 26, 2010

last week the entire stila pro artistry team met together.  it was definitely the place to be for any makeup lover – non-stop makeup talk, application trainings, product discussions, tips, tricks, and more.  as we worked together, we learned different ways to be innovative with our makeup.  if tech junkies can innovate, so can makeup junkies!  and stila’s custom color blush is the obvious beginning point for innovation.  it’s a blush that defies the norm, reacting with your ph to create a personal shade that is just right for you. 

however, there are other ways to experiment when it comes to your blush.  try these fun tips straight from the stila pros!

perfect skin for the bridal party

Jul 23, 2010

last weekend the stila team worked with sephora beauty blogger mari tzikas.  her best friend of 15 years was getting hitched.  stila was thrilled to be apart of this celebration and this momentous day for mari’s best friend karen.

on the most important day of a girl’s life, perfect skin is a necessity.  stila artists’ kaci, lindsey, and sulema used nothing but the best on everyone’s skin.  their go-to product was stila’s new one step correct.  “this product provides the ideal amount of glow for any bride,” lindsey explains.  “i love how it balances, corrects, and hydrates the skin without leaving it looking too shiny.”  want some examples?  here are some photos of the bridal party taken with a basic camera phone!  

liquid lip color and leather – a perfect pair

Jul 22, 2010

talent – some people are just born with it. take pat mcgrath, the legendary makeup artist of today. no one would question the talent she was born with. and gifted individuals like her are rare gems. that is why we are so excited to introduce our vp of product development and packaging to you. jill tomandl is the epitome of talent.

jill focuses most of her time and attention at stila developing products that she really loves, the newest being stila’s long wear liquid lip color. regarding the long wear liquid lip color, jill said, “it’s my favorite product of all time – literally!”

in her spare time, jill loves to design clothes. chances are you may have seen one of her impeccably detailed garments in a commercial, music video, editorial, or on a concert tour. in fact, the rolling stones once wore several of jill’s pieces. a little mind-blowing right? we’re pretty sure a lot of designers have a feat like that on their bucket list. don’t worry, jill’s already checked that one off!

her clothing is a extraordinary art form that combines distinctive materials such as leather, suede, snakeskin, and velvet. details are done by hand, including the stingray patchwork on her black leather pants and the shearling cuffs on the brown leather pants. and the fit is critical.

interestingly, jill’s designs and her favorite product have a lot in common – you won’t find anything else out there like them. they are unique – that’s the way she likes it! and you can see this perfect pair in the editorial below photographed by attilio d’agostino. caitlin ward for mother model management ( shows off jill’s custom leather goods, jill's vintage t-shirt collection, stila's long wear liquid lip enamel in fiery and muse!! to see the full editorial, visit

and the winner is....

Jul 21, 2010

wishful thinker!!!

she said, "i've been a loyal user of the kajal eyeliners for a long long time now! I would love to win the smudge sticks because I don't know how to use them. And what better way to learn than to have the whole set to experiment with?"

congrats! have fun experimenting with this amazing new product that is a must-have!

also, second place goes to rachel!!

she said, "I love playing with bright eyeliners and I desperately need the purple tang and peacock!"

**enjoy your new eyeliners!

one step to perfection!

Jul 20, 2010

want to learn how to achieve perfect skin in one step?  stila artists are traveling the united states ready to teach you!  last week sarah and deaundria (pictured above) shared their insider secrets with the clients at the nyc soho sephora store.  these hot ladies look great and most women probably assume their getting ready process is lengthy. wrong!  apparently its much simpler than it looks!

stop wasting time and come learn how perfection is possible in one step.  if you live in southern california, stila's pro artists will be on location this weekend to help you!!!  here's a list of the places you will find them.  for more info, check out the stila event page.

friday, july 23
south coast plaza sephora, costa mesa, ca
beverly center sephora, los angeles, ca

saturday, july 24
santa monica sephora, santa monica, ca
century city sephora, los angeles, ca
oxnard ulta, oxnard, ca

***stop by any of these stores between 11 and 6 for the perfect look you've been waiting for!


do you remember when fergie defined what it means to be glamorous?  If you have forgotten, here’s a quick reminder:

“we flying first class up in the sky
pop the champagne
living the life in the fast lane
i won’t change
by the glamorous
oh, the flossy, flossy.”

at stila we have something else we’d like to add to “the flossy, flossy.”  it’s not a new car, or a rare gemstone.  instead, it’s our new glamoureyes mascara.  this mascara is indeed g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s, allowing individuals to achieve that false lash look without the fuss!  use it for “movie screens, magazines, and bougie scenes,” or the “taco bell drivethrough”.   chances are you’ll be more than pleased.  it’s “the glamorous, the glamorous….oh the flossy, flossy.”

have you entered yet?

Jul 19, 2010

hey stila fans!  just a quick reminder.  tomorrow is the last day to enter our giveaway.  the winner will receive a full set of our incredible waterproof smudge stick liners!!!  you can enter here. 

**and one last tidbit!  sarah was soooooo thrilled about the response to our giveaway that she decided to give a second place prize as well.  get this!  if you come in second you get your pick of your two favorite colors!!  thanks sarah!

pro artist tip of the week – 3 reasons to use topaz kajal liner

stila’s kajal eyeliners have become a cult favorite among celebrity makeup artists because of their creamy texture and performance capabilities.  the jewel tones of these eyeliners look great on everyone.  and as an added bonus, this liner can easily be smudged out to create the sultriest looking shadow.   while sultry might not be the word that comes to mind when you look at the lighter flesh tone shade of this pencil, the topaz kajal works its magic in many ways.  here are three ways to use this pencil everyday for great looking makeup!

  1. apply this liner in the inner rim of the eye.  this trick will literally wake up your makeup!
  2. blend the topaz kajal underneath the eye area to correct dark circles.  then apply perfecting concealer over top for the perfect combo to cover serious darkness.
  3. use topaz kajal as a lip liner to cancel at redness in the lips and create the perfect canvas for your nude lip.  finish by applying in the nude long wear lipstick to the lips.  this look is very on trend and very editorial looking!

"let's make up" at urban outfitters

Jul 16, 2010

urban outfitters officially launched a beauty section in their nyc soho store yesterday.  how cool, right?  stila is thrilled to be apart of the new beauty section at urban.  in fact, our beauty superstars were on site yesterday at a huge event called “let’s make up”.  check out some of the photos of sarah and dom doing makeup during the event!  all the girls loved the smudge stick liners.  apparently its not only a stila favorite but also an urban favorite.  

***stop by the store on broadway in soho for more amazing stila products!

it’s time for a giveaway!!!!!

Jul 14, 2010

if oprah and ellen can give away free stuff, we figured we might as well too!!  so we asked sarah if there was anything special she might want to giveaway to a lucky fan.  what did she want to giveaway??  not one piece of makeup, or something we’ve been carrying for awhile.  instead, she wanted to give away a FULL SET of our NEW smudge stick eyeliners!!!!  ever since we introduced these amazing liners, we can’t keep them in stock!  they are amazing and one of sarah’s favorite products! 

do you want the full set???  comment and tell us why you need this product!  We will randomly select a winner next wednesday, july 21th!!  hurry.  you only have one week to enter.

**one entry per person allowed.  winner must live in the continental US.

how to achieve flawless skin with one step correct

Jul 13, 2010

“the future missy prissy rn” asked us how to achieve the one step correct look shown on stila’s homepage right now.  she said, “it is absolutely flawless!"  this is the goal when you use one step correct, thanks to the product's color correcting pigments.  the model pictured is wearing minimal products:

keep in mind that one step correct can be worn on its own for those easy days when you want to give your skin a nice pick me up, or you can apply it underneath foundation for a more polished look.  also, many people find that one step correct can be used in place of moisturizer in the morning – especially if you have normal to oily skin.  lastly, one step correct has hyaluronic acid in it, which will help balance your skin.  this is ideal for a flawless finish to any skin type!

the product dreams are made of

most of us spent our childhoods dreaming – whether you dreamed of being the next pop star, a world cup athlete, or the astronaut that walks on the moon, we all had dreams.  yet somehow for most of us, those dreams disappeared as reality set in and the typical 9 to 5 day job began.  however, at stila we love to still dream, even if we are dreaming about what lip glaze to wear to tomorrow’s party!  for this reason, we are particularly thrilled about the release of our new product, one step correct.  it is truly a product that dreams are made of – literally and figuratively.

sam cutler, our product development manager, created this product as a result of a dream!  while sleeping she envisioned talking with a male vendor who had a very red face.  he told her that he applied powder with lavender, green, and peach to reduce the redness and even out his skin tone.  after talking to this man, inspiration was sparked.  sam saw in her dream the three colors being used in a new technology known as “swirl technology”.    and when she woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was call the lab to discuss the possibility of making her dream a reality.  it took a little time to develop, but today this new product is available for all!

why one step correct really is a dream come true!
  • the green removes redness
  • the peach brightens the skin and lifts under eye darkness
  • the lavender minimizes brown spots, hyper pigmentation, and sun spots
  • it can work as your primer
  • it sooths and cools the skin
  • the gel water base of this product feels weightless on the skin
  • it is good for you skin, containing many amazing ingredients – camellia oleifera leaf extract, ginseng root extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, anthemis nobilis flower extract, and arclay minerals

pro artist tip of the week - common foundation mistakes

Jul 12, 2010

at stila we believe that great looking skin is the foundation to great looking makeup.  think about it, if your skin looks good, anything you put on top of it will look that much better.  so it is understandable if the most important aspect of makeup can be frustrating at times and difficult to master.  here's some common foundation mistakes to avoid.

foundation that is too dark.  the goal of foundation is to correct pigment and unevenness in the skin.  many women find that they look pale after applying foundation because their skin looks so even.  instead of applying blush or bronzer to add color back in the right areas, they select a foundation in a darker shade.   often this shade does not blend properly with the neck area.

too much foundation.  foundation can look cakey when too much is applied.  sometimes all it takes is a little foundation to cover imperfections.  you might not even have to apply it to your entire face!  try applying the foundation to 10 percent of the face and blending from there.  then, layer where more coverage is needed.  this will eliminate the cakey look and provide you with the coverage you are looking for.

foundation that isn’t blended.  in today’s hectic world, it is easy to understand why women have little time to do their makeup.  however, poorly blended foundation draws attention to your makeup instead of your features.  if you are in a hurry, your fingers are the best option for blending.  also, try stila’s number 27 brush for a polished finish to your makeup.

all glammed up for valley fair event

Jul 10, 2010

sarah spent the day today with celebrity hairstylist, dustin david.  he's one of our favorites at stila and he worked his magic on sarah, getting her glammed up for tomorrow's valley fair event at sephora in santa clara!  doesn't her hair look amazing??!!

dustin is a huge fan of stila's hair refresher.  he always keeps this product in his kit and often recommends it for clients to help them extend their blowouts!

how to properly operate a lip glaze

Jul 9, 2010

stila’s lip glazes have been a cult favorite since their debut. people seem to love everything about them. one client recently came into a store and asked, “where can i find the lip gloss that twists up with that great brush?” she was dying to get her hands on more stila lip glaze. and she is not the only one. people buy them in every shade, hoard them in their glove department for emergency on the go touchups, and are often seen at restaurants clicking this innovative, easy to use click pen. its no wonder all the celebs love them.

however, the operation aspect of this product can be tricky. did you click too much or not enough? whether you are an underclicker, overclicker, or simply overeager about your lip glaze, we completely understand – it is a fabulous product that you are possibly afraid to waste or excited to use. in order to help you, we talked with jenn, stila’s packaging manager. jenn has been working for stila for 7 years, and she’s been wearing stila’s lip glaze for much longer than that! follow her suggestions and you’ll be a pro at using this product.

sarah at sephora valley fair this weekend!

Jul 8, 2010

hey all you norcal stila girls!  guess what?  sarah is going to be at the valley fair sephora in santa clara this sunday, june 11th, for stila's "one step to flawless skin" event.  stop by between 12 and 5 to meet her and learn how easy it is to have flawless skin!

let us know if you have questions!

stila sponsors derby dolls’ “battle on the bank” event

are you a fan of the derby dolls? stila is. we love the spark, energy, and passion that these dolls exhibit each day on the track. these roller derby dolls embody a unique side of modern women – something that stila is all about. therefore, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor their latest event in san diego.

the “battle on the bank” event was a three-day, jam-packed derby event full of excitement and stila makeup. stila stars kimm and jenn were on site at this event showcasing some of our latest stila products and applying makeup on all of the derby dolls. in fact, they did makeup on 60 derby dolls! these girls may be tough, but they still always want to look good.

kimm and jenn said that all of the derby dolls love stila makeup because it is fun and allows them to express their personalities. in particular, they enjoy many of our longwearing products including cherry crush and stay all day liquid liner. and they also like to rock out with the makeup player! any thoughts on what music they are listening to??

have you met the stila girl of the month?

Jul 7, 2010

have you met the latest stila girl of the month? floriana is a stila girl at heart. she loves everything about stila from our black diamond mascara to our environmentally friendly packaging. thanks to stila, floriana is able to achieve a "fresh, everyday look."

why do you love stila? enter here like floriana did and you could win $500 worth of free stila makeup! also, shop the look inspired by floriana’s favorites now!

meet ginger!

Jul 6, 2010

say hi to ginger, a sales and artistry executive for stila. she is one of our stars at stila who works backstage at new york fashion week as a trainer and is often found in stores helping clients like you! her job requires her to travel a lot, so she is constantly on the go. in addition, ginger recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is often mistaken for the next gerber baby! we recently sat down with ginger to get the inside scoop on her new life as a mom. read the q&a below to learn how having a baby has affected ginger’s makeup routine.

is it more difficult for you to find time to do your makeup now that you are a mother?
yes. i thought i was busy before. now i feel like i have no time at all. i completely sympathize with the client who only has five minutes for makeup or the person who does their makeup in the car.

have your priorities changed now that you have a child?
obviously my daughter comes first now. however, i still want to look good. sometimes you just have to be more creative!

what products do you use now that you have less time?
post-pregnancy i have sworn by these three products – one step makeup, one step primecolor, and convertible mascara. that’s all i wear now that i have my daughter.

do you feel like less time or less makeup make you feel less confident or not look as good?
no. in fact, i have received so many compliments on my skin because of the one step makeup. when you think about it, i am not really using less. instead, i am taking advantage of multi-tasking products from stila that have everything I need in one and save time.

what advice would you give to other mothers in your same situation?
be smart about your beauty choices. select products that are easy to use and will enhance your features. this is my favorite aspect of the one step primecolors!

pro artist tip of the week – the secret behind the puurrrfect cat eye

Jul 5, 2010

for years angelina jolie has been a stand out on the red carpet with her beautiful bold cat eyes and luscious lips.  her “look” is often sought after – and for good reason.  who wouldn’t want to stand out like angelina everyday?  angelina’s beauty has led several women to seek out the best lip enhancing products and even sent them on a quest to master the art of the perfect cat eye. 

mastering the cat eye is actually harder than it looks.  while it may seem simple to recreate the nike swoosh on your lash line, getting it to appear just right can be complicated.  this explains why the cat eye is often a look seen on some of hollywood’s finest and rarely worn by everyday women on the go.  fortunately, thanks to products such as stila’s smudge pots and stay all day liquid liner, the cat eye becomes a look that people easily wear daily.  here are some pro artist tips to help you master this look.

-cat eyes visually open and extend the shape of your eyes.  extend the line of your cat eye further than you might initially think.  stopping it too soon is one of the common mistakes people make when creating a cat eye.  if the line looks too long, add mascara to help it look cohesive.

-creating the wing of the cat eye is often the most difficult part.  how high should you arch the line?  what if you don’t arch it enough?  try not to over think it.  and for best results use your bottom lash line as a guide.  the wing should appear as though it is extending naturally from the lower lash line.

-try using small feathering strokes rather than one long motion.  pretend like you are connecting the dots!  this trick works great with both liquid liner and the #28 brush.

-finish your cat eye off with lots of mascara.  add more coats to the outer lashes for this look!

what stila’s fans are saying…

Jul 2, 2010

do you ever wonder what other stila customers think about our products? sometimes it is nice to have feedback from other users. for example, both claudia and lisa are true stila girls. claudia admits to being a “stila cosmetic addict”! and lisa says she is a “huge stila fan” because of all of the amazing products. like lisa, we all have our favorite products. here’s what some of our stila fans are saying:

lesley: “my favorite product is definitely smudge pots. kitten smudge pot is a must have for everyone!!”

lauren:one step foundation matches my skin best and doesn’t irritate. i am very impressed.”

teresa: “i love your products, especially the eye shadows. they are so lovely in texture and color!”

patti: “your combination lip and eye products make makeup so easy!”

angela: “i bought the silver smudge stick and can’t wait to play with it.”

diane: “i got all 8 smudge sticks so i’d have a complete set!”

sarah: “my favorite eye shadow is kitten. i cannot count how many times i have purchased it.”

kathleen: “smudge pot is the best eyeliner ever!”

what is your favorite stila product and why?

let the fireworks begin

Jul 1, 2010

the 4th of july weekend is fast approaching.  celebrate america's independence in style with makeup to compliment all the fun activities you plan on attending.  whether you spend your weekend at a picnic or bbq, watching a parade, attending a sporting event, lying on the beach, swimming at the pool, or admiring the dazzling fireworks in your area, consider these tips.
  • long wearing makeup is preferable during all of these hot activities.  be confident that you will look good without having to continually touch up.  products like stila’s smudge stick liners and the lip and cheek stains will do the trick.
  • patriotic makeup is a fun way to show your pride and celebrate the holiday.  for a beautiful patriotic look, choose one color to rock during the holiday.  maybe you want to wear stila’s azure eye shadow or cobalt smudge pot on the eyes and keep the lips neutral.  or perhaps you prefer going bold on the lips with lover long wear lipstick or a few layers of cherry crush.  either option will add some blue or red into your makeup wardrobe without overdoing it!
  • lastly, wear sunscreen given that you'll probably be outside.  a tinted moisturizer with a built in sunscreen is an easy option.  for more coverage, use stila’s hydrating primer underneath your regular foundation.  the primer has a built in sunscreen and it will also help keep your makeup on throughout the day – bonus!

happy 4th everyone – enjoy the fireworks!!!!!

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