“PROfile” piece – lidia debaise

Jul 29, 2010

meet lidia debaise, one of stila’s pro artists.  she’s a brooklyn born and raised girl, however she currently lives and works in florida.  superstar lidia not only works in stores with clients, but she also plays a key role for stila during our hsn segments with sarah lucero.  lidia is to thank for much of the behind the scenes work that goes into this show.  hsn is literally a 24 hour operation.  and even at 3am, the building is full of energy and workers are getting stuff done – lidia being one of them.  we sat down with her to get a sneak peak at what its like on the set.  here’s what she had to say.

what is it like working behind the scenes at hsn?
intense.  you only have one shot to make it right because this is live tv.  it is crucial to pick the right products.  i am constantly making sure the models look good on the monitors and i also check to make sure that sarah looks good while she is presenting.

what makeup do you apply on the models?
for hd tv, one step makeup works perfect.  it is undetectable on the skin and it provides flawless and longwearing coverage.

you must touchup a lot for tv – what products do you use?
honestly, one step makeup makes my job easier because it is longwearing.  that means touchups are minimal.  however, i do use hydrating finishing powder for shine and plumping lip glaze for a beautiful celestial glow on the lips.

women want this flawless look everyday – can they use the same makeup?
absolutely! stila makeup is wearable and approachable.  anyone should feel comfortable using it.  for an everyday look, try start off will a small amount.  then build until you feel comfortable with the coverage and intensity.

what suggestions do you have for special occasions when women need to look camera ready?
try wetting your shadow brush for extra intensity.  also, don’t be afraid to add a little more product on your lips and cheeks.  this way you won't look washed out in your photos!

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