pro artist tip of the week – 3 reasons to use topaz kajal liner

Jul 19, 2010

stila’s kajal eyeliners have become a cult favorite among celebrity makeup artists because of their creamy texture and performance capabilities.  the jewel tones of these eyeliners look great on everyone.  and as an added bonus, this liner can easily be smudged out to create the sultriest looking shadow.   while sultry might not be the word that comes to mind when you look at the lighter flesh tone shade of this pencil, the topaz kajal works its magic in many ways.  here are three ways to use this pencil everyday for great looking makeup!

  1. apply this liner in the inner rim of the eye.  this trick will literally wake up your makeup!
  2. blend the topaz kajal underneath the eye area to correct dark circles.  then apply perfecting concealer over top for the perfect combo to cover serious darkness.
  3. use topaz kajal as a lip liner to cancel at redness in the lips and create the perfect canvas for your nude lip.  finish by applying in the nude long wear lipstick to the lips.  this look is very on trend and very editorial looking!

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