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Jul 6, 2010

say hi to ginger, a sales and artistry executive for stila. she is one of our stars at stila who works backstage at new york fashion week as a trainer and is often found in stores helping clients like you! her job requires her to travel a lot, so she is constantly on the go. in addition, ginger recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is often mistaken for the next gerber baby! we recently sat down with ginger to get the inside scoop on her new life as a mom. read the q&a below to learn how having a baby has affected ginger’s makeup routine.

is it more difficult for you to find time to do your makeup now that you are a mother?
yes. i thought i was busy before. now i feel like i have no time at all. i completely sympathize with the client who only has five minutes for makeup or the person who does their makeup in the car.

have your priorities changed now that you have a child?
obviously my daughter comes first now. however, i still want to look good. sometimes you just have to be more creative!

what products do you use now that you have less time?
post-pregnancy i have sworn by these three products – one step makeup, one step primecolor, and convertible mascara. that’s all i wear now that i have my daughter.

do you feel like less time or less makeup make you feel less confident or not look as good?
no. in fact, i have received so many compliments on my skin because of the one step makeup. when you think about it, i am not really using less. instead, i am taking advantage of multi-tasking products from stila that have everything I need in one and save time.

what advice would you give to other mothers in your same situation?
be smart about your beauty choices. select products that are easy to use and will enhance your features. this is my favorite aspect of the one step primecolors!

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