it’s time for a giveaway!!!!!

Jul 14, 2010

if oprah and ellen can give away free stuff, we figured we might as well too!!  so we asked sarah if there was anything special she might want to giveaway to a lucky fan.  what did she want to giveaway??  not one piece of makeup, or something we’ve been carrying for awhile.  instead, she wanted to give away a FULL SET of our NEW smudge stick eyeliners!!!!  ever since we introduced these amazing liners, we can’t keep them in stock!  they are amazing and one of sarah’s favorite products! 

do you want the full set???  comment and tell us why you need this product!  We will randomly select a winner next wednesday, july 21th!!  hurry.  you only have one week to enter.

**one entry per person allowed.  winner must live in the continental US.

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  1. I want the Smudge Stick eyeliners since I live in a hot climate, I need makeup that won't melt off and stays true all day. I don't have much time to get ready in the morning (3 kids under 3!), and these look like fast, easy products to use.

  2. I need these because I spend all day sweating in a hot hot office (80 degrees + everyday!) and I need eyeliner that works as hard as I do!!

  3. I NEED them because that's one of the few Stila products I haven't tried yet!! I love to play with color and the blue, purple and gold Smudge Sticks are calling my name!!


  4. I need these because I have never gotten to experiment with colored eyeliners and I don't even know where to start! I love these colors! I want a new look for every outfit :)

  5. Love, love, LOVVEEE the Smudge Sticks!! I need them in my life to add some extra smooth, color boom-boom-pow to my eyes, especially on those days when every little bit helps.

  6. The colors are great and really make your eyes pop! they'll go great over a light dusting of Kitten eye shadow

  7. after 30 years of wearing makeup I finally started to do eyeliner, and now I'm hooked! I need these to make up for the lost time :0)

  8. I'd love to win these because pencil & liquid liners are my preferred method. I don't do very well with the smudge pots so this would be so easy for me to use. I've recently become a big Stila fan and I'd love to add these to my makeup collection.

  9. I would love the smudges stick eyeliners! I've been dying to try these out, the colors look like so much fun, and of course, they have the Stila quality to make them even more coveted!

  10. I need the smudgestick eyeliners because I love all of my Stila but these I haven't tried yet also my birthday is the 20th so this would be a great Bday present!

  11. I want the smudge stick eyeliners because I do makeup as a side work for weddings and sweet sixteens and its a great way to introduce & help ur brand expand by letting it be known that you guys came up wit this new awesome product to others whom haven't heard of. They will become a fan and fall in love just like I did when I first started purchasing your eyeliners! Which by the way some have asked to keep my eyeliners already!

  12. I would love the smudgestick eyeliners because I am new to the makeup thing, and I love experimenting. My favorite of the three I have purchased is peacock. It brightens up anybody's eyes and looks amazing! Stila is my new favorite obsession, and i would love to win these! THANKS!

  13. I want to win these because I'm a full time student and part time worker who is always on the go and I need convenient, portable makeup that is easy to wear and looks great!

  14. Sorry if this posted twice! I need these Stila Smudge Sticks cause I happen to be the family makeup artist! With it being Summer time I have lots of weddings and special events to get ready for!! And this 100 degree heat I need an awesome eyeliner to stand up to it! Thanks:-)

  15. I'm a mom. I need makeup that lasts + doesn't smudge because I am too busy keeping the kids busy this summer to stop + redo my makeup! Thanks for the chance!

  16. omg! I'd love to win!! I have the green one, and it's gorgeous!! I'd love to have them all, since they work so well and stay put!! I have a problem with liners either migrating or making my eyes water, and the Stila smudgesticks don't do either! They are a godsend!

  17. I would like this set because yesterday I put myself on a makeup diet, meaning I can't buy any makeup for the next two months! :( But giveaways don't count! :D

  18. I would love some new Stila items to play with and the Smudge Sticks look like they'd really rock.

  19. I want the teal one....I have not had a decent teal eyeliner since Clinique discontinued their quickliner in blue jade..actually I don't know if it ever made it to quickliner status...

  20. Stila was one of the first high end makeup brands I tried as a teen and I still love it today - BUT never tried the smudgesticks!!!!

  21. I love Stila products and would love to have one of everything, including the smudge stick eyeliners! I like to experiment with different colors and this product would always complete the look.

  22. I need the smudgestick eyeliners because I got pink eye and now I need ALL NEW EYE MAKE UP. How am I going to afford all of my fabulous eye make up?!?!?! I tried the disinfectant thing, but it totally didn't work. :o( I just hope that I can get some eye liners so it won't be so costly...

  23. Busy mommy/Stila love FTW! I just started playing with my makeup again and trying different looks. Would love to try those fabulous liners of yours!

  24. Oops! My name is Sandra and I was the one who posted about the pink eye -- my e-mail address is:

  25. I love Stila & that's all that I use. All of the products help my skin look its best and the color tones match me perfectly!!! pick me! :)

  26. I love Stila and I always want every product! I'm a little intimidated by the green, purple and teal Smudge Sticks, but this would be the perfect opportunity to experiment. Do they come with a Stila makeup artist? :)

  27. I need the smudgestick eyeliners because I haven't tried them yet. I love Stila. And I sure could use something fun to dress up and feel fancy in. Thanks!

  28. I need the smudge stick liners b/c I'm over 50 and always sucked at liquid liner anyway so these are much easier for me to use and the colors are gorgeous without being too bright and trendy.

  29. I need them because I have crazy oily skin and I'm always in a hurry (too much of a hurry to use the Smudgepots each morning), so the sticks are the answer to my morning problem!

  30. I'd love to win the smudge sticks because I have yet to find a liner that will not run under my eyes and I'm hoping Stila will have the key!

  31. I need the smudge stick eyeliners because I will be having a wedding next May and I am trying to be able to afford to have make up for all of my bridesmaids! Its going to be hot and humid and these would definitely do the trick!

  32. I need it because the Philippines has the best humid climate in the world and Filipinas are at their prettiest under the sun! This makeup will help me achieve an all-day-long look!

  33. Hi stila my bf and I celebrating our 2 yrs anniversaRy it would be nice if I'm going to win for a new look on our date thanks

  34. I would love to win the smudgesticks because I am stuck in a black or brown eyeliner rut. I usually only apply black eyeliner and recently I got the moray smudgestick and fell completely in love! My birthday is also the 23rd, so that would be a great present! Plus I am thinking about studying to be a makeup this would be a great way to break out of the box!

  35. I need these, so that I can share them with my hardworking Momma! She's turning 50 this year, and I just gave her her first piece of makeup NOT FROM THE DRUGSTORE! Can you believe it?! All these years, she's refused to pay more than $5-6 for makeup because she would rather spend money on others instead of herself. I'm gifting her with quality makeup as often as I can afford on my own student budget. She totally deserves it. <3


    Smudgestick Eyeliners is the perfect way to spice up a simple look! With a quick swipe of color, you can amp up your look!!! I would definitely use all of these fab colors!

  37. I need the smudge stick eyeliners because I work under hot lights all day and shadows fade fast, but I love bold colorful eye makeup. I need to try a new approach!

  38. I LOVE Stila, especially your eye makeup. I love the diversity of these sticks. I need these sticks because I can wear the more natural colors to work, and the fun colors on the weekends! <3

  39. I need this because I did a spring cleaning on my makeup drawer and got rid of all liners that were halfway worn (or halfway empty) :( That has left way too much open space in the drawer LOL

  40. I would love to get the set so I can recreate the look you did with all the colors! Can we say GORGEOUS! I'm a nurse working 12 sometimes 24 hour shifts and would love to have a liner last with me!

  41. Oh yes...I need this. Stila eyeliner is all that I use. The smudge products are the bomb diggity.

  42. I would enjoy the hell out of these liners since I use different color liners everyday and get tired of applying primer on lower lash line to make sure it stays on all day. I would also love to be able to do a review on my blog on these lovelies.

  43. I NEED and would LOVE to win the smudge sticks because I am getting married in the hot New Jersey Shore summertime, and wouldn't dream of wearing any makeup brand but Stila. Winning this set would allow me to experiment with colors to find the perfect look for my special day. Plus, I know the smudge sticks will stand up to tears, humidity, and whatever else surprises me on my special day.

  44. The stile smudge stick eyeliner is the best pencil eyeliner I have tried.

    My eyelids are quite oily, most waterproof eyeliner I tried won't stay on all day, usually they'll smudge around 2 to 3 hours.

    This product not only proofs its smudge-free, but also the colour is so intense that you don't need to use more than one stroke to have the full colour!

  45. I need these smudge sticks because I got the black one in the stila loves derby dolls set and I am desperate to try the other colors!

  46. i would be really grateful for the set of smudge sticks. i'm living off student loans and odd-jobs as i complete graduate school, and while i frequently find a way to pony up for stila makeup (cause it's THE BEST!!!), i can't muster up the money for *all* of the smudge sticks. :)

  47. I need to win this set of Smudge Stick eyeliners so I can pass them out to friends. I tried these months ago and they are the most wonderful eyeliners I have ever tried. The colors are beautiful and I love the subtle sparkle. Everyone needs these.

  48. I don't normally wear makeup, but when I do, I wear eyeliner. Stila is probably my favorite brand, and I absolutely love the colors of the smudge sticks! And not only does the formula not slide around on me even at work (under a bunch of hot lights), but they're pretty, bright, and quirky enough to fit in for someone who works in a toy store! Plus, the colors are so rich and beautiful that I could most definitely use them for portrait photography work as well. :)

  49. Stila has been getting rave reviews for these! My teen daughter and I are both oily and have eyes that tear from mild seasonal allergies. These would be the perfect solution! I'd share with her :) Thanks!

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  50. I would LOVE to recieve the smudgesticks, first of all because I adore eyeliner and adore stila- so a match of the two should be amazing!! secondly, the colors are so beautiful that my brain has already begun to think up a million combos and looks with the smudgesticks- and the fact that they can withstand the hot and humid climate helps too, especially because i LOVE to swim!! (also i would like to review them on my blog, !!)

  51. I need these because one, I do not yet own any Stila eyeliner, and two, I simply cannot afford more luxurious makeup at this time. As an unemployed college graduate trying to find a job, it is hard to look great at the interview without the right tools.





  52. I love these! I live in Washington (desert part) where it can be hot and humid with the summer thunderstorms, to 110+ dry heat. I promote our non-profit organizations at a lot of the local events which are outdoors and looking great hard to do when you are sweating. These smudgesticks are amazing! I've been rocking the kitten smudgepot for eyeshadow, colored eyeliners, and black mascara all summer and it lasts!

  53. I love these, especially the color moray. It stays put ALL day, especially at the beach!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get them in all the beautiful, sparkling colors.

  54. I need these smudge sticks because I love getting ready quickly. When I use my smudge stick in lionfish, I am able to make a beautiful and quick eye makeup look without having to worry, "Will this turn out well?" Stila makes getting ready a snap. Anyone can be beautiful. I'd really like to try out more colors, so getting this set would be a dream come true—and the perfect belated birthday gift (June 30)! Thanks, Sarah and Stila! Y'all are the best!

  55. These look amazing!!! I have been contemplating when my move to eyeliner will be, as I've never really used much before, and then literally I saw your smudge liners show up on my screen! The colors are gorgeous and I can just imagine trying on a few at a time. LOVE THEM! Thank you for your very generous giveaway ! xo

  56. I need these smudgesticks because I LOVE them....they glide on so easily and and are very pigmented. Stila Kajal liners used to be my fave, but these have taken first place - still love Kajal though ;)

  57. I would love to win the smudgesticks because I am a teacher who works in a school with no air conditioning. In spring/summer and autumn the building is so hot that make-up slides right off my face in front of a class full of scrutinizing 16-year-olds. Embarrassing! Dear Stila, to the rescue!

  58. I want them because I got the brown one and it wears like iron. Now I want the whole wardrobe so I can look great all day in any color I choose!

  59. I need these eyeliners because they would stay put in the swamp of DC! I tried Blue Ribbon yesterday for the first time: what a lovely color. Now I want to try them all.

  60. The only eyeliner I own is the Stila liquid pen. I love the way I can get a clean, neat line-perfect for the cat eye look that I love.

    But, I would really like to try a smudge-y smokey look every now and then. I've never done it but I think I could quickly learn with the right product; this set of smudge sticks would be just the thing to get me started!

  61. I'm a Stilla girl... I've tried just about every Stilla thing... but for some reason I haven't had a chance to try these yet! I can't wait to test them out, I haven't found the perfect eyeliner yet... I bet this will be the one!

  62. I want the smudge stick because I am pregnant and I can't fit into any of my cute clothes anymore, I can't dye my hair, I can't wear any of my high heeled shoes - but at least I can have my Make up looking fabulous! (And I love Stila!)

  63. I need this like I need cake, long walks on the beach, dirty looks of envy, platform stilletoes, mini skirts n socks, cigarettes n white russians, blue bottle coffee ice cream, and hugs n kisses fr the ones I love.

  64. i love stila...and i need to try these eyeliners! just think of all the things i could do with those colors. the possibilities are endlessly exciting!

  65. I'm a huge Stila fan,but have never tried any of the liners. This would be the perfect opportunity to expand my (admittedly fairly large ;0)) makeup universe.

  66. I like to use the smudgepot and i currently use your eyeliner before i put on the smudgepot to get full effect to make sure it lasts all day. I would love to try the smudge sticks to with the smudgepot to get the full effects of what your eyeliners can do! thanks for the chance to win <3 your products!

  67. I would absolutely LOVE this set. Stila is the ONLY makeup I use & love - I have so many of the products & have not one single complaint. I love the smudge pots, so I am even more sure I would LOVE the smudge sticks!! MUCH LOVE STILA!

  68. I am a singer and I just began performing with a new band. I have been a Stila fan for years, and want the long lasting, don't smudge staying power of Stila Smudgestick eyeliners!!!

  69. I love these smudge sticks SO much! They are smooth, SO pigmented, and gorgeous. They stay put and are the perfect eyeliner. Would love to own them all...wish I could afford to.

  70. hey everyone! if you don't have one of the accounts listed, you can post as anonymous. just make sure to include your name in the post :)


  71. Love, love, love smudge sticks! I am a huge eyeliner/smoky eye fan, and these would make an awesome addition to my pallette. Thank you for this sweet giveaway!

    Nicole Bradt

  72. Smudge Sticks have become my favorite eyeliner. I keep one in the car and at work for "eyeliner emergencies". The color is great, application is easy and I always get compliments on my makeup when I use them. Thanks!

  73. I would love the smudge sticks because I am a fairly new Stila fan, with a rapidly growing makeup bag full of your products! Having all of the smudge stick colors would really help me to complete all of my new Stila looks! I am an eyeliner-every-day girl, so having these while living in San Diego will help me to always look my best!

    Jen Antonacci

  74. I love that these smudge sticks glide on so easily and I do not need to tug at my lids to manage a nice bold even line.

    Christine Seah

  75. I want/need the Smudge Sticks because lately my life has been crazy and with all the blood, sweat and tears I've shed this summer, I sure could use something pretty and new!

    Heather Zens

  76. I need the set of smudge stick eyeliners because I work in the fine arts in Austin, TX and my favorite canvas is my face. I can't imagine a better way to show off my creativity and my personality than with my makeup, and I do my best to show off new looks and color combinations as often as possible. Getting the full set of smudge sticks eyeliners would definitely widen my color palette and provide hours of fun! I always recommend specific brands and products whenever anyone comments on my makeup... help me spread the word and love for stila products! They definitely stand up to the heat and humidity here in Texas, which I desperately need!

    Kara Carline

  77. I would love the smudge stick set because I already have all of Stila's kajal liners and having a waterproof formula would compliment them well. :)

  78. I want Stila's smudge sticks to prove me wrong. Eyeliner is the only type of makeup I do not purchase from Stila. The bought the kajal eyeliner twice and I did not like it. It would just smudge and get messy. I went to sephora one day and almost bought one of these eyeliners, but I was skeptical. Please prove me wrong.

  79. I Love the stila pots and would love to own stila's smudge sticks! I've been eye these baby since they've first came out and never had a chance to get them.

  80. I love Stila in general, as a former active make up artist I have tested some of the best of the best eyeliners. Stila has NEVER disappointed and been a BIG staple for me to run to for weddings, proms, etc. As a consumer, I never find the perfect eyeliner, i tried this eye liner once and fell in love. Please help my addiction to wonderful eyeliners!

  81. I absolutely ADORE the smudge pot formula but find it cumbersome and time consuming at times to apply my liner that way with a brush. These will be ideal for me to use quickly and efficiently since they're in stick form. :)

  82. i REALLY REALLY want to try them.. because I have never used any colore rather than black.
    Also my eyes become panda with one that I have because it is easy to fade out..
    my waterlines are wet so i need eyeliners which are very strong so not make my eyes to be panda.

    i hope i be the lucky one who can try them on..

    Han Na Kim

  83. I want these sooooo bad! I'm a huge Stila fanatic, but I have yet to try the Smudge Sticks. I just graduated from college and I am still looking for a job. It's tough in this economy, and although I DESPERATELY want to try the Smudge Sticks, I just can't afford them right now. I've never won anything in my life, so if I won these it would pretty much mean that I could die a happy Stila girl. =)

  84. I need these liners because it's the first waterproof liner that is actually waterproof on me! I'm allergic to most things in the air, ESP my apartment, which causes my eyes to be constantly watery. Your smudgesticks actually stay in place, it's amazing! Plus I'm obsessed with everything Stila has to offer and an avid collector.

  85. i look like a racoon after a good cry because nothing seems to stay on my eyes. I would love to try these eyeliners so I can have one less thing to worry about in the afternoon heat.

  86. Here in Chicago, we have three seasons, not four: Hot, cold and construction. I would love to have this collection to help me get through each season looking good! Smudge pots are one of the best products that stila has created, these liners are def up there as well! Thanks :)

  87. I would love a set because I love to change my look to whatever mood I'm in and I would let everyone know that I'm using Stila . I will let them know where they can get some. Sharon

  88. I need this set because since I got laid off last year, i havent been able to afford anything so im using the last little nubs of eyeliners I have. Also, my birthday is on the 26th and it would be awesome to actually receive a gift. Oh and I came in second place in your girl of the month contest last month.. So close yet so far. and.. It took me 5 tries to get this to post :)

  89. I need this set because since I got laid off last year, i havent been able to afford anything so im using the last little nubs of eyeliners I have. Also, my birthday is on the 26th and it would be awesome to actually receive a gift. Oh and I came in second place in your girl of the month contest last month.. So close yet so far. and.. It took me 5 tries to get this to post :)

    **make it 6 tries.
    my email is

  90. I can't get normal eyeliners near my eye at all. I bought one of these smudge sticks in black and it was soft enough that I was able to apply it without any fear at all. I've gotten so many compliments, I wish I had found this product sooner!

  91. I need the Stila Smudge Sticks because I know it's a wonderful product that is easy to apply, accessible and fun to play with. I can use them on any weather, or any occasion. It would be great to have all the colors so I can use them according to my mood or wardrobe. They will also look great inside my Stila Makeup Player. :)

  92. I would like to win this set because out of all the eyeliners I own, I only use the smudge pots. However, I don't like using a brush to apply eyeliner because I always mess up, and it seems like the smudge sticks are the best of both pencil AND gel eyeliners!

  93. I've been a loyal user of the kajal eyeliners for a long long time now! I would love to win the smudge sticks because I don't know how to use them. And what better way to learn than to have the whole set to experiment with? ;-)

  94. As an employee for a company that requires me to wear a drab uniform, my only creative outlet is my face. My eyes are my one asset and I love to accentuate them, but my eye makeup tends to wear off very quickly so I've given up wearing it. Stila's Smudge Sticks sound like the answer to my prayers! Even if I don't win this luscious giveaway, I'll be trying these babies!

  95. I need these smudge sticks because I will use them everyday until every last one is out of product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. I need these smudge sticks because ever since I swatched them in store and they didn't budge, I knew they would be amazing for my oily lids and allergy ridden eyes. I think the swatches even survived a shower!


  97. I need them before eyeliner and mascara never stay put in New York City! I always come off the subway looking like I just bawled my eyes out. I need something that will stay put and fabulous all day long!

  98. I need these because I have such a hard time puting on eyeliner and these look easy to use!!

  99. I need the Smudge Stick eyeliners because they are the ONLY thing that doesn't irritate my eyes! They also stay put all day long no matter where I place them!

  100. i need the smudge sticks because, even though i have EVERY color smudge pot, i can't use smudge pots on my lower waterline. i do have sensitive eyes and have to be careful with what i put there. smudge sticks would be perfect! the color selection would allow me to change my look without changing eyeshadow! thanks so much for making me 1 of the 1st 10 finalists for Stila Girl of the Month. i didn't win, but i felt so honored!

  101. I am faithful to Stila, I have almost everything from Stila. I want and need the smudge sticks because my mother's birthday is coming and she's been eye-ing my Stila makeup collections but never got the guts to ask me for some. I want to give these to her for her special day, she is turning 40 but she looks like in her 20's to me. Thank you so much Stila for having this give away, it gives us all the opportunity to win something that we never can imagine.

  102. I need these smudge sticks because my eyeliner melts off my face in the summer. I own 2 smudgepots, but theyre not very travel friendly. I love love the idea of the smudge sticks and promise to use them everyday if I were to win. Thanks for this awesome giveaway btw! <3 Janice

  103. I have recently become a Stila convert and am constantly amazed by the pigment and smoothness of your products! I am inspired by the latest makeovers done in SOHO. Please choose me :-))

  104. The more dramatic and bright the liner, the more I LOVE it...I'm always searching for one that won't bleed into my lower lashes or smudge away easily after a day (or night) out. If I find Stila holds true, I could be made a real believer!

  105. i would love to win the smudge stick collection because this is (hands down) the most amazing liner on the market. i love being adventurous with liner and it's my one must have. the only thing that could make it better is to add kitten to the collection!

  106. I need this product because the absolute worst thing about makeup is when it doesn't last, and from what I have read, these liners last and last! I love colored liners and what better way to add some fun to my eyes and not have to worry about reapplications!

  107. I'd love to have these smudge stick eyeliners because 1) I am in l-o-v-e with color and 2) living in the city during a heat wave does NOTHING for your make up. I need something that will last and bring out my energetic youthfullness(?).

  108. I really need this because I've used sooooo many eyeliners and i haven't found the right one yet. I hope that if I win these smudge sticks, I won't have to look anymore. I would like to add that I love stila and i LOVE these colors.

  109. Oh wow, I NEED to win this set! My birthday is next month and I'm having a candy-themed party which means a lot of colorful makeup for this birthday girl! ;) I'd love to wear some of the pretty colors from the smudge stick collection and show it off to all of my friends. I love eye makeup and I think these sticks would be so much fun to experiment with! Thank you!! :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  110. I've just started using the Stila line and love them! I am 50 and just started doing my eyes. I noticed so many young women around me at work with gorgeous eyes. I got on the net and found your education that has helped me start. These eyeliners are just the next step!

  111. I currently use the Stingray eye liner & LOVE it! This stuff does not budge even when I wear it to the beach & swim in the ocean. Best eye liner on the market. Would enjoy experimenting with all the other colors as well.

  112. I hate wearing makeup because I can never get the eye liner to do what I want it to do. Also, I haven't found one that doesn't make my eyes irritated after washing it off. Please send me the set...I want to wear makeup but get so frustrated I just don't wear it.

  113. I need these liners because I'm a makeup artist and I can use them in my kit! After I take out the ones I want-that is!
    I'm such a Stila lover that I always recommend the Illuminating Powder Foundation to all my clients, even when I was working for other brands!

  114. I love playing with bright colored eyeliners and I desperately need the peacock and purple tang so I can put them head-to-head with my Urban Decay and MAC liners and see which ones are the most awesome!

  115. I am in a total make up rut, and I think these smudge stick eyeliners are just what I need to brighten up my look!

    Please pick me!

  116. I would love to try these, as I love gel eyeliners, but using a brush is tricky and I think these would be a breeze to use!

  117. I need these because I cannot afford to buy them and lusting after them in Sephora is torture!!

  118. I have been using Stila since the products first came on the market and love the line. I adore the smudge stick eyeliners are a must for me all year. They apply easily and stay all day in the hot humid weather. In the cold weather, my eyes tear alot and I still need the smudgeproofness. =) Right now I am a frustrated unemployed Stila fan in need of a fix. Please help with my Stila addiction. =)

  119. I really need these because I love eyeliner and I need some more because I am running out. I also would love to use them to make different looks.

    karenar22 at yahoo dot com

  120. I would love to win these liner. As full time student all I have time to do in makeup is foundation, liner and massara. So a splash of color would be great. Plus I going through my 5 th heat wave so a line that last would be great too.

  121. I need this set because I am a total make up girl. I am always on the look out for a good waterproof liner that wont feather during the day. I am a teacher in an urban school district. My make up usually looks like it is running off of my eyes by the end of the day in the spring and fall heat. I would love to start back to school this fall, and feel good about my make up all day long.

  122. I need them because I cannot live without eyeliner, especially stila eyeliner! I already find it difficult to live without my convertible eyecolor sticks!

  123. Love the Smudge Sticks - super easy to use and super fun colors! Would love to have the rainbow of colors to play with, especially for my performance makeup! Fingers crossed!

  124. I need this product because I am obsessed with Stila and eyeliner! I haven't tried any of the smudge sticks but I am dying to! I know I could use them on the go and for touch ups. I could use them for my everyday look or a dramatic night time look! (hello, long wearing and smudgeproof!) They are so versatile and come in so many different colors I wouldn't need another eyeliner!

  125. I would LOVE to win this prize. These eyeliners are amazing. I use the black everyday. It goes on easy and stays on. I have used tons of other eyeliners before and nothing is as amazing as the smudge stick. The colors are so vibarant and I would love the opportunity to use them in all colors.

  126. I have been using Stila for about 10 years now and nothing else compares! These eyeliners are just another reason why I am a devoted fan!! And plus they actually stays on my oily lids. Thanks!!

  127. Like most of the other folks here, I too have humidity problems...

    As a portrait photographer, I'm always on the lookout for solid eye products with the wearability to last through the most grueling photo shoots. If these babies can stand up to the makeup-melting heat and humidity of a Memphis summer, then they're EXACTLY what I've been needing!

  128. I have never tried but would love to! I love to wear eye makeup and the quicker I can put it on without having to mess with applicators and such, the better! I am 6 months pregnant and have a 6 year old son. Waking up in the morning to get ready for work doesn't allow much time to put on eyeliner, eyeshadow of three colors to blend in, and mascara. Anything to make life easier for us working moms is so welcome!! I love the colors in this set and hope to win the giveaway!!!!

  129. I have huge eyes and these babies go a looong way! :)They r great and easy to smudge... They would be great for when I give my makeup tutorials to my friends and family. I love Stila and consider myself a Stila consumer and Rep. :D

  130. I am a second grade teacher. If I do not look good those little ones will tell me so! :)

    Lynne in IL

  131. I soooo need these sumdge sticks!! I don't have any good eyeliners and wanting to try these from Stila since I've heard such great things about the formulation! Would def use them to rock a sultry smokey eye! <3

  132. I need this set...they are so beautiful and I love all of Stila's products. Sadly, all my makeup was stolen in a recent robbery last month and that included all my eyeliners/lipliners that were in one of my vintage Stila cans :(

    Shauna in NV

  133. I would love to win these. Eye liner is something I have very little variety in, I have deep set eyes and I find a challenge getting a soft look without it migrating under my eyes and making me look tired. I'm a SAHM of three kids with number four on the way - I don't need any help looking tired! haha. Good luck to all of the entries and whoever the lucky lady is!

    hgallaty (at) hotmail (dot) com

  134. I would love these to give to my 16 year old who loves to wear eyeliner, but I would have to keep the green ones for myself. My daughter loves the Stila brand and maybe she would like me again for 1 fleeting moment if I got these for her.

  135. They are super fab colors. i would really love to with them, as a mom always on the go I know it's a product that will look great and stay put even when I don't feel so great running around with my kiddos.

  136. I want the Smudge stick e/l's because they don't budge.They will help me give my clients the looks they want no matter what event,time of day or season. They work well as bases and just for a pop of color with that neutral look. I've always loved Stila products and these amazing pencils will stand out in my kit like a light bulb. Thanks for the opportunity.

  137. Why do I need them? A few simple words: Smudge Pot in a Stick! I'm a professional makeup artist and need a product I can depend on to stay put all day on my brides in the hot weather, on my models under hot set lighting, and on myself while I'm running around doing it all!

  138. I had already posted, but I forgot my e-mail address in my first post, so I put it in a second post. --> This is actually going to count as my ONLY post, because I didn't finish the first one! I will put it ALL in one post so it is easier for you!!! This post is also longer and better than my first one.

    I had REALLY bad pink eye so I had to get rid of my FABULOUS and VERY expensive eye make up (I tried disinfecting, but it kept coming back). NOT COOL when I do not have the money to get ANY make up at this point because I am on disability (recovering from brain surgery). Forgot to mention THAT tidbit of information in my first post. Maybe that will help make the decision.
    Anyway, Stila is my favorite brand because 1) it's ridiculously cute and looks fabulous when I put it on; 2) it's quick to put on - good for when I actually DO have a job and good for now, when I am recovering but want to feel like my typical beautiful self but do not have much energy; 3) it STAYS on - thank goodness for not having to reapply all of the time, and finally: 4) one can use the same product (such as smudge sticks) for multiple purposes, such as making it a darker shadow, etc. I am weak from the surgery and do not need to lug around lots of products. THAT is why *I* love Stila. AMEN! :o*

    My name is Sandra and my e-mail address is

  139. I would love these smudge liners because i need something more colorful in my life and won't melt off my eyes in sunny socal. I'm stuck with black liners that melt off and give me raccoon eyes at the end of the day.

  140. I have been collecting Stila for years & years. I have never met a product that didn't agree with me. I feel that I MUST own these also!

  141. I'm new to the brand and would be thrilled with a chance to try these.

    If I won, I'd give some to my sister (blue eyes), my mother (brown eyes), my friend (who competes in horse shows) and keep a few for myself (hazel/brown eyes).

    Thank you! (j a u 8 4 @ <-without the spaces

  142. I would love to win these because eyeliner is my favorite beauty product! Plus, my eyes are shaped such that I often have problems with my eyeliner transferring onto my eyelid and I know these would stay in place and make my eyes look fabulous!

  143. I live in the desert and am constantly battling to keep my makeup looking fresh after the incessant sweating caused by our ridiculously high temperatures. I love Stila products and would love to win a set of these smudge sticks! They look fab!

  144. When these smudgesticks first came out, I wrote to you suggesting that you sell all 8 in a special limited edition set, maybe for the holidays. I am incredibly happy to see that you're doing this VERY generous giveaway. I'm still hoping you will consider selling a complete set of the smudgesticks around the holidays. As for why I love these smudgesticks so much and would like to win? I bought the smudgesticks in every color and I am having a blast experimenting with all the color combinations to see the different looks I can achieve. I have tried probably every "waterproof" eyeliner out there only to be disappointed yet again with the raccoon eyes. Your smudgesticks are truly waterproof. Especially during the summer months when we're all sweating, it's nice not to have to worry about black streaks running down my face. Also, especially in the hot weather when other eyeliners start to smear, they also cause my eyes to burn, which makes my eyes water even more causing smudging to get even worse. By the time I can wash my eyes enough to get rid of the stinging, I'm left with red eyes and just remnants of what used to be make up on my face. However your smudgesticks NEVER run. The color payoff is incredible, the colors are so beautiful, they all seem to compliment each other so well that its easy to use a few colors on your eyes without one color smearing into the next. I especially love that they can be used on your waterline where they stay put. I cant think of anything more you could do to make these smudgesticks any better other than come out with more colors, maybe add some shimmer to some, metallic to others. I never go anywhere without throwing a bunch into my pocketbook. However the truth is. you never need a touch up with these babies. Once the color is applied, they look as beautiful until you decide to remove them. These smudgesticks make me feel more confident in myself, make application time so much quicker and easier and most important, they put the fun back into make up. I also feel comfortable tying looks I never thought I could wear and look forward to trying to come up with new styles I can achieve. I'm actually now matching my eyeliners with my clothes, which I think enhances my appearance because the eyeliners bring out their corresponding colors in my outfits. When I started using these eyeliners, for the first time, people are approaching me dying to find out brand of eyeliner I'm using. So when you take into account how easy they are to apply, how easy they are to manipulate in order to get either a thin or thick line, the amount of time you save every day applying these mistake proof eyeliners, that once applied, the colors dont spread or run into each other ruining the look you sought to achieve AND they're waterproof, one would have to be crazy not to COVET this FANTABULOUS Giveaway.I can't think of a better gift to receive. Stila is #1!!!!! DLori

  145. OOPS. I forgot to put my email address into the comment I JUST posted. I had used my google account, user name DLori but would rather use my regular email at kleimanlaw at aol dot com. Thanks again.


  146. I think my eyes are my best feature. Trying to find eyeliners that don't make my eyes water, yet have the ability to stay on all day with AH-MAY-ZING color payoff, I found the stila smudge pot. Although super fantastic, I would like to try something more portable that I can just grab it and go. So, I would be ever so grateful to try the smudge sticks.
    Thanks stila for making my super oily skin bareable in this heat and humidity!

  147. Dear Stila & Sarah Lucero,
    I am very intrigued by your product, yet I must be honest and say I have not tried any of your products yet but I have ordered your It Girl Eye Shadow Trio Palette – Warm from Sephora. I cant wait for it to arrive, but what more can make things better than add your collection of Smudge Stick Eyeliner to my starting up makeup collection, I am a eyeliner girl that’s basically all I wear along with mascara but ive made the leap to try more thing to beautify myself (looking into your face primer and other products) But I must say by adding this to my “New Me” collection that will be GREAT, NO it will be TOTALLY AWESOME to have and as a birthday gift as well (My b-day July 22nd) =)

  148. I have been a Stila fan FOREVER! I love the colors in the smudge sticks. I just told two of my girlfriends about the smudge sticks yesterday and they are both running out to buy them. I would love to have all of the colors in my pro kit.


  150. I'd like to win these because I absolutely love smudge sticks! I keep one in my purse all the time. They are easy to use and can be worn for a simple natural look or intensified for a more dramatic look.

  151. I LOVE Stila, but have yet to try the Smudge Sticks. Have been wanting to, as I love eyeliner pencils in general, and have heard such amazing things about these!!! OMG, how I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win the entire set!!! What an awesome giveaway. I use eyeliners practically everyday and these look to be the bomb! There are so many different looks I could totally create with these sticks. Unfortunately I haven't had the money, or at least one of them would be in my possession right now. Man, it sucks trying to buy a house and pay down bills to do it! All my makeup supplies have had to take a backseat! Sephora misses!

    Deb Scott

  152. I love these smudge sticks because they stay put! I wear contacts and need a product that will not budge. The colors are so vibrant and versatile and really make your eyes and look pop. While black is great it's so fun to mix it up with some color or combination's. These are the bomb!

  153. I've used many brands of liners and this is the only one that has ever stayed on. I normally only use black and would love to try all the other colors stila has to offer.

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