how to properly operate a lip glaze

Jul 9, 2010

stila’s lip glazes have been a cult favorite since their debut. people seem to love everything about them. one client recently came into a store and asked, “where can i find the lip gloss that twists up with that great brush?” she was dying to get her hands on more stila lip glaze. and she is not the only one. people buy them in every shade, hoard them in their glove department for emergency on the go touchups, and are often seen at restaurants clicking this innovative, easy to use click pen. its no wonder all the celebs love them.

however, the operation aspect of this product can be tricky. did you click too much or not enough? whether you are an underclicker, overclicker, or simply overeager about your lip glaze, we completely understand – it is a fabulous product that you are possibly afraid to waste or excited to use. in order to help you, we talked with jenn, stila’s packaging manager. jenn has been working for stila for 7 years, and she’s been wearing stila’s lip glaze for much longer than that! follow her suggestions and you’ll be a pro at using this product.

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  1. i look at the brush from above as i click, and you can see the bristles start to part in the middle when the product is coming up through it. so i click one click at a time until i see the bristles start to part, and then i stop to apply. for me, this is usually enough product for one lip (since i have full lips), but sometimes it's enough for both lips (depending on how much product was already on the brush from the last usage), so i always apply it when the bristles start to part in the middle, and then click again for more product if i need it.

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