Jan 31, 2012

hey stila fans.  our new jewel eye shadows are a hit!  and today you could win aquamarine and black diamond.  all you need to do is enter! make sure you "like" this post to share it with your friends!

comment and tell us why these shadows are a must-have!  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  contest ends at midnight.  xoxo, stila

how to look red carpet ready

Jan 29, 2012

it's that time of year... and no we don't mean the holiday season!  we are talking about award season.  with the golden globes already underway and the SAG awards tonight, we have a few tips for our fans on how to look red carpet ready.

-add an extra coat of mascara.  if you don't have time for fake lashes, one more coat of forever your curl mascara will do the trick.

-highlight your cheekbones.  we love to apply kitten all over shimmer along the cheekbones to make them shine.

-don't forget about your body.  make sure your skin looks ravishing. try illuminating tinted moisturizer or bronzing tinted moisturizer on the body for an extra boost.

-keep the powder handy.  no one wants to look shiny in their t-zones when the camera flashes.  instead, dust a little pressed powder right before your big moment.

-use waterproof products.  as a general rule, whenever possible, the longer the product wheres the better. you want it to stay!

xoxo, stila

PGA product favorites

Jan 26, 2012

stila artists, sulema and ruth, were backstage last weekend at the producers guild awards.  this big ticket event was full of A-list celebs including melissa mccarthy, kathy bates, and more.  women and men stopped by the stila makeup table for touchups before going on stage.  what did they LOVE?  our custom color coral blush and the new luxe glosses.  also, our pressed powder was a must!  make sure you have all of the above for your important occasions.

xo, stila

we love the laker girls

Jan 22, 2012

at stila, we love many things. and seeing the laker girls cheer in stila t's is amazing!!!!! almost as great as our new beauty balm - haha.

we wish the girls best of luck throughout the rest of the season. we'll be rooting for them! xo, stila

beauty balm. 10 in 1.

Jan 19, 2012

stila's new primer has 10 major benefits in 1....

  1. contains innovative micro spheres, which have been shown to hide skin imperfections and reduce wrinkle depth by up to 84%
  2. infused with natural, skin-protecting emollients which have been shown to increase antioxidant activity by up to 89.7%
  3. enriched with tripeptide-37, bamboo and pea extracts, which help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  4. long-wearing, high definition formula
  5. helps reduce pore size and provides oil and blemish control
  6. features an exclusive complex, which helps reduce redness and skin irritation
  7. uses the smallest particle size of coated pigments for seamless, smooth coverage
  8. luxurious beauty balm glides onto skin and leaves a silky, powdery finish
  9. ideal for all skin types and skin tones
  10. oil-free, paraben-free and dermatologist tested

this product is already a favorite among our pro artists.  here's what they have to say about it:

"i love the texture and how silky the skin feels after.  it also kicks up the coverage of tinted moisturizer without any weight!"  -jenn 

"this product is amazing.  all in one: evens out the skin, minimizes pores, reduces the look of fine lines, and has an amazing cooling sensation on the skin.  i love this product!"  -francesca

"my absolute favorite thing about beauty balm is the powdery finish it has on the skin - just a beautiful texture and finish.  plus the packaging is very savvy."  -tracy

"it absorbs oil and is weightless and undetectable on the skin.  it's gorgeous!" -jason

"it's filled with fantastic ingredients that leave the skin feeling revived and balanced.  it's good for both men and women too."  -david

"i love all the amazing hydrating properties for the skin." -ginger

"i love that you can use it by itself or as a primer." -sulema

how to keep your holiday spirit alive

Jan 18, 2012

stila fans!  we love this amazing article from the NY times about keeping the holiday spirit alive with your makeup.  sarah lucero shares her tips and insight about the bright and bold eye trends seen on the runway.  according to sarah, our new jewel eye shadow allows you to have a piece of this eccentric trend, but still look approachable.  how perfect!!  try them today for an eye-catching look that is sure to shine all year long.

xoxo, stila


Jan 17, 2012

win TWO of our favorite convertible colors in today's TWO for TUESDAYS giveaway.  one for an everyday look, and another for some pop.  enter now and "like" this giveaway to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us how you discovered convertible color.  we want to know how you learned about this cult favorite stila product!  please include your email address.

***entries need to be received by the tonight at midnight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xo, stila

give your skin a boost this winter

Jan 15, 2012

does your skin need a boost?  winter season can easily take its toll on your skin.  instead of looking and feeling down, turn to makeup you can trust for instant pizazz!  here are some suggestions.

illuminating tinted moisturizer.  use this product all over.  it's the perfect winter pick me up.  it minimizes tired eyes, smoothes dry skin, and brings to life cheekbones.

beauty balm.  this miracle in a tube works wonders.  an HD beauty product that is first of it's kind.  you'll get everything you need.

convertible color.  because sometimes you need some color in your skin.  take this multi-tasker with you wherever you go for extra color on your lips and cheeks.

happy winter stila fans!  xoxo


Jan 10, 2012

TWO for TUESDAYS is back!  today's giveaway features one of our favorite new products for spring - the smudge crayon.  this waterproof crayon can be used as an eye shadow or an eyeliner.  plus it has a built in sharpener!  amazing.  enter now to win kitten AND umber, and "like" this giveaway to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what your favorite stila smudge proof product is.  please include your email address!

***contest ends at midnight tonight.  winner must live in the continental united states.  xoxo, stila

winter HUES for your winter BLUES

Jan 8, 2012

the winter blues are here.  if you are suffering, forget medicine and move on to makeup.  it's the perfect cure!  makeup will enhance your mood in no time.  here are some of our favorite shades:

bluefin smudgestick: the perfect hue for your winter blues.  this seasonally appropriately eyeliner will highlight anyone's eyes.  plus, it's a nice change from basic black.

gladiola convertible color:  add some flush to your cheeks with this must-have.  as a bonus, the color helps counteract dark circles.  it's a great pick-me-up!

daring long wear lip color: go deeper on your lips.  it's edgy, sexy, and on trend.  it's the perfect way to make a statement this winter.

there's no need to feel down this winter!  boost your confidence with makeup and you'll feel great everyday.  xoxo, stila

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