winter HUES for your winter BLUES

Jan 8, 2012

the winter blues are here.  if you are suffering, forget medicine and move on to makeup.  it's the perfect cure!  makeup will enhance your mood in no time.  here are some of our favorite shades:

bluefin smudgestick: the perfect hue for your winter blues.  this seasonally appropriately eyeliner will highlight anyone's eyes.  plus, it's a nice change from basic black.

gladiola convertible color:  add some flush to your cheeks with this must-have.  as a bonus, the color helps counteract dark circles.  it's a great pick-me-up!

daring long wear lip color: go deeper on your lips.  it's edgy, sexy, and on trend.  it's the perfect way to make a statement this winter.

there's no need to feel down this winter!  boost your confidence with makeup and you'll feel great everyday.  xoxo, stila

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