giveaway day eight - 6 travel palettes!

Dec 10, 2010

courtney won yesterday's giveaway.  she said that a touch of fuschia convertible color makes her day! since today is friday, we thought we'd end the week on a high note!  our giveaway is spectacular and perhaps the most exciting among the 12.  enter now to win all six of these extremely popular, and sometimes hard to find travel palettes.

comment and tell us what stila product is a must-have for any vacation - whether you are in fiji, moscow, or the usa. please include your email address.

*winner must live in the continental united states.

158 Responses to giveaway day eight - 6 travel palettes!

  1. my must have for vacation would be all of the travel palettes!! No one wants to travel with a bunch of makeup so having it all in a palette is great!

  2. My must-have Stila for vacation is Stila Lipglaze in Vanilla!!! Its great for travel as the nude color goes with *any* makeup look that you might do (or any outfit)! Plus, it is just so pretty!!! My fav Stila gloss!!! Please enter me to win the travel palettes set!!!

  3. My must have stila product is the Peony convertible color! I think that it is absolutely amazing because it's GREAT for travelling, I can use it on my lips and cheeks to give me a nice healthy glow or a nice flush to my lips! thanks stila!

  4. Definitely My Stila Illuminating tinted moisturizer, it gives me a healthy pretty glow when I'm at home in NYC or visiting my family in beautiful Puerto Rico. It contains SPF so Not only does it enhance my complexion but it protects my skin which is very important.

  5. Stilla lip glazes are a must have for vacation!! You dont really have to wear much makeup and these are easy to carry around.

  6. I love the travel palettes! I have all of them except Aspen and the Breast Cancer one. These are perfect for traveling, and I have trouble deciding on just one.

    Tiffany S.

  7. Again im going to have to go with the Peony convertible color because its the perfect shade and works in so many ways!!


  8. Convertible colors are a must-have for a vacation! They're two products in one and provide a lovely flush to cheeks as well as lip color.


  9. My must have is the tinted moisturizer! It gives you the perfect amount of light coverage while moisturizing your skin!

  10. must have would be the convertible lip and cheekcolor in peony. perfect for a subtle hint of color that makes you cheeks glow and your lips pop!

  11. My must have for vacation is a convertible color. It is a great way way to add color to my cheeks and lips. I absolutely love it especially in petunia and rose.

  12. i change my mind!! stila kajal liner in onyx with a coat of major major lash mascara.. they make my eyes look more awake and my lashes fan out. must have for a vacay!

  13. A must have for travel is the convertible lip and cheek colors, especially in petunia. It's the perfect pink for a natural blush and looks great on the lips. Plus it's also good as a lip balm because it keeps my lips hydrated better than my chapstick. It's not just a two-in-one, it's a three-in-one, something that can lighten the load in my makeup bag.

  14. I recently went out-of-town and one of the biggest space-savers were Stila's convertible eye colors with the eye liner and shadow in one. I took several with me and it was great to have so many options by mixing and matching them. Unfortunately, I always seem to shatter blushes when I'm on the road, so the travel palettes would be invaluable.

  15. Any of the travel palates are perfect for vacation! I love that they are so compact that I have more room for extra clothes!

  16. One step correct, and one step make-up. Seriously Camping, vacationing, shopping, all those things are ONE step so you can one step it and GO. There is always room for more, but on the go girls need something sometimes that are ONLY one step n go.

  17. Stila Finishing Powder is THE vacation essential! I use Rose Gold to give my face that vacation glow and Bronze makes my shoulders and decollete look amazing!

  18. The Stila travel palettes are perfect vacation accompaniments! I'd keep one in my purse for freshening up at the airport, one in my going out clutch and definitely one in my beach bag for touch ups after a swim! Au revoir, Adios, Ciao!

  19. Kitten eyeshadow, it's an essential color that you can pay up or down for day or night use. It looks great during a hot night on the town in Paris, or during a day trip to a vineyard in Italy! ;) Gorgeous color that is pigmented and shimmering, everything a girl wants and more!

    Thanks! :)


  20. I think the must not do without for any trip is the convertible color! I love multi-purpose products. The lip glazes and travel palettes are a the top of the list also.

  21. Convertible color is a must-have for any vacation. Multi-tasking products help me pack less, which my shoulders and back really appreciate.
    I love my convertible color!

    stefandru at yahoo dot com

  22. First of all, those palettes are UH-MAY-ZING!!! ^_^

    One stila product that is a must have for a vacation is Stila's Sun Bronzer. My all-time favorite bronzer! No matter where you are, it is always nice to have a natural sun tan glow. Love this product!


  23. A must have for any vacation would be the Sheer Color tinted SPF 30 moisturizer. You definately need some color on your face when on your vacation but don't want to get burnt so this is a great product to have!

  24. i dont own anything from stila but if i won these i would be sure to take them everywhere...ive heard great reviews about these but i just cant seem to get my hand on these....


  25. I love the travel palettes! And I think they are perfect for going on vacation - small enough to stick in your purse or backpack and colors for eyes, lips and cheeks. I think my fave so far has been Road to Radiance across the USA :)

  26. The best product for a vaca I would have to say is Raspberry Crush lip and cheeck stain. It's a great flirty "come and chase me" color and add them to your cheek gives you a innocent rose to your cheeks that the guys definitly cant resist. All around great multipurpose product thats a must have in your purse.

  27. The best product for a vacation, no matter where it may be, has to be Glamloureyes Mascara! You want to take advantage of all the scenic opportunities on a fabulous vacation, so if you can only grab one product on-the-go, this mascara is a must!


  28. I think a must have for travel would be stila smudge stick in sting ray and cherry crush lip and cheek stain because they give you a natural, beautiful look! (:

  29. Well, it's obvious that the 'travel' palettes are optimal for 'travelling' ;)

    But, I would have to say that the most important item (if I could only pick one) would be the One-Step Correct. It acts as a makeup and a moisturizer, in one bottle. Saves space and weight, especially considering the draconian airline luggage laws.

  30. Cannot live without the Stila tinted moisturizer! it provides a luminous glow and isn't too heavy which is great for those long travelling days! these palettes look lovely!

  31. One of my must haves when travelling HAS to be the makeup player that Stila came out with! First of all this carries all your essential in a cute train-like black case which. but the absolute BEST thing is that it has portable speakers so you can play music anywhere you go when you're getting ready to do your makeup! i love the fact that you can play music because a lot of times my friends and I will be getting ready to go out and we don't have speakers to play our music! with the makeup player you can bring it on the go wherever you want and plug and play, my favorite getting ready song is Rihanna's new CD and I'm so excited I have this! those who travel a lot - this is a MUST HAVE!

  32. What I wouldn't want to be without for any vacation would be my stila makeup player, of course! Other than being an entertainment system and a guide, it also houses all my stila necessities in a stylish, compact case - I love it!


  33. Definitely the one step makeup! then I don't have to worry about bringing 3-4 different things for my face.

  34. I have to say the One Step Makeup Primecolor in Pop of Pink since you can do almost anything with it.

    ramirez2550 at yahoo dot com

  35. Travel light and less is more!

    I think an essential would be bringing Stila travel palettes and some travel brushes. You already got everything you need in one 'book'. Bringing these would save you so much space and weight in your bag. You can instantly get a touch of color to your face without having to bring tons of makeup/products which can be a hassle!


  36. I love the convertible color in peony because it's so beautiful, affordable, and multipurpose! It helps with traveling light, and I'm in love with it!!!

  37. wow! great giveaway. i'd like to win these palettes. i could pretend i'm doing makeup inspired from each traveler. cool~

  38. I have a feeling I am late to the show on my entries. These palettes are awesome. I have used up two Make an Impression in Moscow palettes. I have to have the Aspen one!!

  39. needless to say I can't live without the moscow paletter mostly because the lily convertible color gives me soft and radiant cheeks.

  40. I used you bring a ton of products which was a lot of hassle, especially at airports. So now I have a rule that whatever doesn't fit in my small cosmetics bag doesn't come. Now I just bring the aspen palette (pale grey by day, gold and black smoky eye by night, and the black doubles as an eyeliner),mascara, a lip glaze, and tinted moisturizer, and I'm all set!

  41. The Stila eye for color eye shadow palette is definitely on my list of must have items for traveling. These colors allow you to create so many gorgeous looks!

  42. I love my Mango lip and cheek stain and my new Artist Inspiration Palette! They are both amazing products.

  43. My Stila Must-Haves for any vacation are the black Smudge Pot (you can to a sleek, defined cat-eye or something smoky for a night out) and lip glaze in Apricot. Smells delicious, looks pretty and girly and goes with every look!

  44. LIPGLAZE....nothing makes me "pretty up" while on vacation like a quick swipe of Lipglaze and I'm "better"!!!

  45. I entered the last giveaway & didn't win :(
    But I am determined to find out what all the hype is about Stila's products. Especially these travel palettes. I am always on the go & with a toddler I tend to take longer getting ready. I'd love for a product to be used for more than 1 thing & make the process faster. Everyone is always commenting about how great these palettes feel and make you look so I want to give them a try.

  46. My vacation essential is Lip Glaze because it stays put and is so shimmery. My favorites are grapefruit and sugar plum.

  47. When on travelling, or just everyday, my must have Stila product is Stila's One Step Makeup Primecolor in Rosie Posie. I use it on my lips and cheeks. It's a great multi-use product!

  48. My must have would probably be the travel palettes since it has practically everything that I need to get me beautified lol.

  49. The best Stila product to take on any vacation would be Stila's Primecolor in KItten because you can dab it on your eyes and cheeks to give you a fantastic natural glow. A close second would be any of the Lip Glazes because they give a great hint of color and shine on your lips and besides, who doesn't love how easy they are to apply?

    Nikki -

  50. My must have products are my smudgepots. I can do so much with them, and when I do my eyes I look wide awake even if I only had a few hours sleep!


  51. My vacation must-have is the convertible color in Lillium...what better to have with you on ur vacation than a product that can give you that subtle hint of glowy color from the moment you get off the plane and start your vacation till the moment you have to get on the plane home : )

  52. My must have product from Stila is Stila's Convertable Color in Peony. It gives the perfect pop of color anywhere!

  53. HEY STILA, my ultimate Stila product that is a must in my makeup bag/purse while traveling is without a doubt my lip glaze set!! That's right, I take the whole set haha.. wouldn't want to leave one out and make them feel bad ;) Also, I placed two big orders so I'm sure this question will be harder to answer XOXO -Brittany Michinock

  54. Lip and cheek stain! Perfect to add a little color where I need it and so travel proof.


    My must have would be the All Over Shimmer Luminizer in 6. I love using it on my eyes but it also highlights my cheeks and gives me a beautiful glow when i mix it with foundation.

  56. These travel palettes of course! What else do you need when you have 4 shadows and a convertible color for lips and cheeks. It's ALL IN ONE! I honestly keep this in my pocket at times for touch ups! lol

  57. I must have (MUST!) my Stila Illuminating foundation. Whether it be sun burn, wind burn or dry skin this wonderful little potion keeps my skin looking fresh, bright and brilliant on every vacation!


  58. Definately the custom blush! This is perfect for any skin tone, from fair to dark. It gives just the right amount of glow. It's so perfect that you can apply just a light layer for a morning look and for a nightout on the town you can just add more to intesive the color. No girl can ever go wrong with a flushed look to her cheeks. This will make anyone go from an innocent look to looking like a vixen.

  59. I love the bronzing tinted moisturizer with SPF!! great iteam to throw into your travel bag!

  60. On any vacation I would take Stila's kitten eyeshadow, bronzer, and a whole lot of lip glazes!! Love Stila products!! Kelly -

  61. My must have Stila for home or travel is my mascara!!! When I vacation or travel I do not always have the time to sit and do my makeup, I am way too active and wanting to explore as much as I can! Mascara is the easiest & fastest way to give your eyes some love. O.K. I bring along my waterproof as well as regular... you never know!

  62. I would bring Stila's Illuminating tinted moisturizer SPF 15 every time I travel because it makes your skin feel smooth for any time of the day. It protects your skin from the sun.

  63. my favorite travel item must be raspberry crush lip & cheek stain, great to give myself a hint of color.

  64. I have actually taken the travel palettes with me on overnight trips along with the traveler brush set and one step makeup, and they have covered everything I could possibly need! That's only 3 small items to carry!

  65. My must have is eyeshadow in Oasis! It looks beautiful on tan skin, very shimmery, I even use it as a highlight on my cheeks =)

  66. My must have is the tinted moisturizer...keeping things simple while on vacation.

  67. I seriously can not go anywhere without my "It girl" eye shawdow trio and my black smudge pot! those two peices go with EVERY outfit no matter the time of day or the weather outside!! it is a must have!!!

  68. I would have to say the Kajel eyeliner in Onyx since it can be put on as a solid base and then it can be layered with any if the smudge pots for a strong eye that will last all day no matter where in the world you are!

  69. my must have travel product is your pretty in paris pallete. its so easy to take along instead of single eyeshadows! plus if you take 2 or 3 you can do different looks. the one i have now is my moms so I would love to win one of my own!


  70. i cant travel without your palettes! they're so compact! i use the kitten smudge pot on the base and then the shadows, light or dark, depending if i'm going out on the town or just a normal day! stila makeup has given me so much confidence.. it never breaks my skin out! i used to have bad skin and started using stila and it has never failed me. i recommend stila to EVERY woman that asks " where is that beautiful eyeshadow from?" and " why is your skin so clear? what makeup do you use?" and surprise surprise, they always fall in love with it! it has brought self confidence back into my life. in fact, i'm wearing pretty in paris right now! love it!!

  71. a must have that i like to use is the lip gloss..amazing products cant go anywhere without it.. =] i love the sheer color of it i hve like two in my purse and ive also bought my cousin a gift pack of the full set lipglosses as a gift for christmas.. youll never see me without a stilla lipgloss on =]


  72. My must have travel palette is Pretty in Paris! It makes me look so fabulous even if I'm only staying at a local hotel for the weekend! I still look Jet-Set Chic xoxoxo

  73. Definitely Sheer color Tinted Moisturizer, Convertible Color, and Lip glaze! Nice combo for any vacation, anywhere in the world!


  74. Hmmm this is tough , eyeliner in onyx , illuminating tinted moisturizer, and I love all the palettes . Eyeshadow in kitten is always a great staple!

  75. My musthaves for travel are Stila's one step foundation, a mascaa, and a crush or convertible color. I carry my Paris palette everywhere for a quick subtle touchup.

  76. Anything that can be used for more than one thing! Like the convertible colors. Lips and cheeks DONE in one simple product.

  77. No one want to travel with dark circles nor blemishes, One step makeup foundation is a must have!! when i'm on vacation, I don't want to spend a lot of time getting dressed, but to get out there and enjoy everything there is possible to enjoy, and the One step make up foundation gives me a pleasure of doing so.. 1,2,3 and TA DA!
    Another plus, I don't have to walk with a finishing powder :)) less things to carry better for me!

  78. Stila Jewel Palette is a MUST for me, I LOVE those sparles... boys go crazy when they see my shiny eyes. So I bring my jewel palette everywhere to be the center of attention! :)

  79. why do we have to pick one when we have all to pick one for every destination. recommend to have all of them to mix and match. travel palette is compact anyway. But if I am just allowed to get one, it must be adventurous in Aspen, super cool colors.

  80. my Stila must have everyday and during vacation is the Stila Sun bronzing powder in shade 1. It gives me that natural, matte, perfect glow! and thats all i need everyday to look my best. -

  81. My must have is stila's smudge pot in black! Soo versitile! Use it as eyeliner on trop and bottom lash line and it wont budge! Goes on super creamy and is A true black! Loooove!


  82. I must have Stila smudge pots! They are the best Stila product in my opinion. I waited outside LA Derby Dolls just for my chance to score the 4 mini smudge pots Holiday collection during LA's warehouse sale this past Saturday. <3 the smooth glide on appeal.

  83. Mango Crush lip and cheek stain got me through my trip to the Canary Islands. My boyfriend was training for a windsurfing competition, so the only beaches I went to were extremely windy. Wearing eye makeup was pointless because the wind made my eyes tear and styling my hair was out of the question, but Mango Crush gave me the perfect, long-lasting glow to complement my tan. I bought it specifcally for the trip; I'm so glad I did!

  84. The paris travel palette because it has great neutral colors that would work for any occassion.


  85. Stila is pretty great overall, but...
    I love that they can be eyeshadow bases and eyeliner. I love intense eyeshadow looks.

  86. Convertible color in poppy! It covers many bases in a small, travel-friendly compact. I have even used it as an eyeshadow in a pinch. Amazing!

  87. I love the Stila Cherry Crush lip & cheek stain.. it not only smells like delicious cherries, the stain gives me long-lasting natural, rosy lips for hours. It can also be used any time for a healthy glow on the cheeks!

  88. The crush lip & cheek stain is a must for travel-- I find it easy to apply, multi-functional product: great for moisturizing lips, getting a healthy glow, and achieving the perfect pout. It's important for me to look fresh and keep lips smooth during long, dry flights. Plus, it comes in six different shades, Yumberry being my favorite!

  89. My must have the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. Reason why is easy, i have tremendously oily lids that always produce oil and smudge my liner.So that does he job of keeping my eyes defined and in place;) and i always vacation in the Spring/ Summer when climate is hot so i love that miracle worker;)

  90. i'd want to have stila one step makeup with me on a trip....keeps the makeup bag small and tidy and wears all day!

  91. I love so many Stila products but have to say the new travel palettes are perfect for vacation. Not only do you get a convertible color for lips & cheeks but 4 different eyeshadows! What could be better than that?

  92. Most definitely my stila tinted moisturizer! It has just the right coverage along with SPF to make my skin look flawless and healthy. It also has 1.7fl oz. so I can fit in my carryon ;p.

  93. Can't decide between the Smoky Eye Talking Palette and the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer. The moisturizer is great for a 'no foundation' look, and the palette gives oomph so you look all made up!

  94. The must have product for me on vacation would have to be your lash visor waterproof mascara! You can jump into a pool and not have crazy raccoon eyes when you come out. I love it!(;

  95. For the college student constantly on the go, these are ideal. I have the Paris one, and I looove it. It was my first Stila purchase, and I've been slowly building up my collection since! I'm in love, and those lip colors are gorgeous. Whether I miraculously win or not, I want the Moscow kit haha.

  96. Definitely convertible color. It's only one item but works as everything, blush, lip color, eye color. And application is super quick! Who has time to put on makeup when you're on vacation?

  97. the lip/cheek stains! i love the intensity you can create...soft or bold! it is stunning on the lips and gorgeous on the apples of your cheeks. you can't go wrong with cherry but all the colors are beautiful!

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