stila supports CIS & JK livin

Apr 29, 2011

stila teamed up with dermalogica this week for an event that was very close to our hearts.  we worked with two amazing organizations that support high school girls - CIS (communities in school) and JK livin (just keep livin). at the event, the dermalogica and stila teams taught high school girls basic skin care and makeup application tips.  

special guests joined this event, including camila alves founder of jk livin, dermalogica owner jane wurward, and deanna kangas stila CEO.  

although beauty was the focus during the event, we all gained so much from the day.  together we learned from each other and were able to remember how great it is to be girls and women in today's world of opportunity.  these young girls are so inspiring. we are so grateful for their spirits, energy, and passion.  spending the day with them was truly a treat!  

guest blog - how were you introduced to stila?

Apr 28, 2011

we have a lot of stila fans across the globe.  it's fun to hear their stories and learn how they came to know stila - whether it was yesterday, 10 years ago, from a magazine, or a friend.  nav, a UK fan and blogger for beauty blogging away, recently shared with us the simple way in which she discovered stila.  we love it. learn more about nav below and read what she has to say.
"my first stila product was the lip glaze, and to this day it remains one of my favorites from stila. i received it from a friend!  it's a very pretty sheer-ish lip gloss which leaves a nice sheen and a bit of sparkle on my lips, and I love it! it's moisturizing, which is one of the main points that made me come back to it and use it over and over.

"since i first received this gift, i have picked up stila eyeshadows and other products.  today i love stila!"

***how did you discover stila?  did a friend turn you on to our lip glazes like nav's did?  or did you learn about it some other way?!?  we would love to know!

say goodbye to straight lashes

Apr 27, 2011

straight lashes are a frustrating problem for many women today.  and while the eyelash curler helps, it often doesn’t solve the problem.  fortunately, with stila’s new forever your curl mascara, you can now say goodbye to straight lashes.  amazing, right?!  here’s why this mascara is a must-have for your makeup bag.

  • forever your curl mascara curls your lashes instantly and perms your lashes over time
  • the encapsulated raw ingredient penetrates the hair follicle and enhances lash-curl memory
  • special polymers in the mascara lengthen the lashes
  • the mascara contains carbon black pigment for the blackest lashes
  • it is long-wearing, water-resistant, and melt-proof 

***pro tip:  toss out the eyelash curler and coat away.  according to sarah lucero, it’s the perfect lightweight formula for “feathery, fluffy, curled lashes.”

“PRO”file piece – jason araujo

Apr 26, 2011

meet stila star jason araujo. he’s our senior sales & artistry executive for the east coast and stila’s primary makeup artist on the east coast! we feel so lucky to have such a multi-talented individual like jason who balances both the business and creative sides of his job with ease. he always rises to the occasion – whether it’s in a store, with his team, at a shoot, or at fashion week. read the q&a below to learn more about him.

describe the business side of your job.
i partner with retailers including sephora, ulta and select macy's to ensure both stila's and the store's sales goals are achieved or exceeded. i make sure that we provide top-of-the-line training, artistry and operational support.

you are an artist as well – tell us about it.
makeup artistry is a passion of mine. i have a BFA in fine arts and makeup is my media of choice. i'm a versatile artist skilled in both beauty and fashion. i use 99% stila in my kit not because i work for stila but because it performs as promised.

how do you balance both the business and creative aspects of your job?
my passion for the more creative aspects of my job feeds the business imperatives and leads to successful results. i thrive off working in the beauty and fashion industry as well as the satisfaction of delivering strong business results.

what is the best part of your job?
the best part of my job is working with my team and the artists who work for our retail partners. i have met so many amazing people, many of which i call my friends, who all share a common passion for stila and the beauty industry.

do you have advice for today’s working woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for makeup but still needs to look great?
you don't need a lot of time to make yourself look good. stila has many multi tasking products designed to make your morning routine easier and faster.

is there one product you cannot live without?
convertible color! convertible color is the perfect cream for cheeks and lips. it gives you an instant lift, looks like it's part of your natural complexion, is non sticky and adds a beautiful glow to your skin.

pro artist tip of the week - smoky eyes made easy

Apr 25, 2011

the smoky eye remains a top trend on the red carpet or for a night on the town, for good reason.  adding drama to the eyes is a great way to look sultrier in minutes.  many people shy away from smoky assuming it's too difficult.  on the contrary, a smoky eye is really about soft edges, blending, and intensity.  you'll have it down every time if you stick to these tips.

-there are no strict rules for the smoky eye.  you can achieve the look with 2 colors or 4.  the key is to focus on how you want your eyes to look after the colors have been applied.

-always apply the darkest shade at the lash line. this is where you want the most intensity. use a pencil, powder, or gel, to create the dimension you are looking for.

-highlight your lids with a shimmer shadow.  this prevents the "black eye" effect that is often feared with a smoky eye.  the shadow doesn't have to be light, simply a texture that will not make your eyes look dull.

-blend, blend, blend.  the perfect smoky eye has no harsh edges.  

-finish every smoky eye with lots of mascara.  we like major major lash for runway-like drama every time! 

happy earth day from stila

Apr 22, 2011

happy earth day stila fans!  at stila we are always looking for new ways to improve our production and reduce our carbon footprint.  since today celebrates our amazing planet, we thought it was only fitting that we shared with you some of the efforts we make daily to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

-many of stila’s products are produced locally reducing our carbon footprint.

-our illuminating powder compact is refillable, encouraging reuse and supporting an environmental goal to decrease material volume production.

-stila kraft packaging is 100% recyclable, made from a renewable resource.

***for more information, please visit our website.

convertible color – a “best beauty buy”

Apr 21, 2011

did you know stila’s convertible color recently received an in style “best beauty buys” award?  according to their beauty editors, it’s the best cream blush around!  we are so honored that convertible color is a “best beauty buy.”  we too love it and have loved it for several years!!!  

here's why some of our artists love convertible color:

“it’s my fav!  convertible color is a great way to “spruce” up your look in seconds.  just use your fingertips to add radiance to your cheeks and enhance your lip color.”  -viviana martin

“it’s fantastic.  it looks like it's part of the complexion and not just sitting on your skin like a powder would.  plus it makes you look younger and more healthy.” –jason araujo

“convertible color is my favorite product.  i have worn it everyday for 10 years!!!  i love the smooth texture and consistent payoff.  i like that you can wear it alone or over your favorite foundation for a pop of color.  when wearing convertible color on both lips and cheeks, it encourages “balanced beauty” and harmony by keeping the lips and cheeks in the same color family.  this is a key element in creating modern makeup.” –sarah lucero

easter makeup ideas

Apr 20, 2011

the easter holiday is approaching.  this weekend many of you will probably be dying eggs, visiting the easter bunny, going to family dinners, and more.  how fun!  in need of makeup help for these events?  we have it. 

-a pastel lip is a must.  it reflects the colors of the season.  smile when you wear it and share your happiness with others.  not sure what color to use?  we love the new lip glaze shades – try bubblegum or mulberry!

-keep the eyes simple with bold liner and minimal shadow.  we suggest prime pot all over the eyes and sequins sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner.  this combo will highlight your eyes without looking like too much makeup.

-lastly, don’t forget your cheeks.  a good blush makes you look healthy, happy, and polished.  for this occasion a natural flush of color is perfect.  you can achieve this with the custom color blush.  we love this blush.  it works like a charm every time, on everyone.

happy easter stila fans!  xoxo

summer 2011 - golden bronze babe look

Apr 19, 2011

stila’s summer collection offers so much variety. you can go bold with colors like bora bora and electric sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners. or you can keep it more neutral with our favorite new bronze products – one step bronze and rock candy sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliner. regardless you are sure to look amazing this summer.

need some guidance? check out this golden bronze babe look sarah lucero created using our new summer collection. use the facechart as a guide or try the look on yourself using our virtual makeover technology!

pro tip: blend rock candy all over your eyelid for a subtle, beachy look. layer the product at your lash line for intensity.

pro artist tip of the week – contouring, highlighting, shading, etc.

Apr 18, 2011

pro makeup artists definitely have several tricks up their sleeves - one of the most common being the art of contouring.  a makeup artist will contour to properly shape the face.  this means they will shade certain areas and highlight others.  here’s a basic rundown of why contouring is used and how you can implement it on your own to make your features stand out.

-contouring techniques can be used on all areas of the face including cheeks, forehead, nose, jaw line, and eyes.

-when you contour, you use shading and highlighting techniques to thin out areas of the face and brighten/enlarge others.

-the cheeks are commonly contoured to make the face look thinner.  you can achieve this with stila’s bronzer and kitten all over shimmer.  apply the bronzer starting at the apples of your cheeks.  blend up and back to create a subtle shading on the skin.  then dust kitten all over shimmer on your cheekbones.  these two steps will instantly draw the light to your cheekbones and thin your face.

-if you want your eyes to look bigger, the same concept applies.   apply a light shimmer color on the lid like kitten eye shadow to brighten.  then dust a matte eye shadow color in your crease lightly (try eden or puppy) to shade and contour.  your eyes will look bigger in seconds!

-lastly, keep in mind when makeup artists contour, they are determining what they want to enhance and what they need to correct.  highlight what you want to enhance and shade what you want to correct.  just don’t go overboard!  it should look subtle and natural.

guest blog: everyday to runway's stila story

Apr 15, 2011

today we have a special guest blogger from everyday to runway.  lauren (pictured below wearing caprice long wear liquid lip color) shares her stila story with us in addition to other fun makeup tips.  enjoy!


makeup has always been a part of my life. since a young age i piled on false lashes, bold red lips, and far too much blush for any normal eight year old. i was a competitive dancer and between the constant weekend performances and summer travel schedules, i learned about makeup much sooner than my peers. when i wasn’t dancing, my extremely strict school did not allow makeup. while my classmates would stash candy as contraband, i would sneak in tints and glosses in neutral colors to get that extra hint of pink on my lips. i even tried to use the shortly popular “hair mascara” to give myself faux-highlights! sadly that little streak of blue hidden in my hair landed me in principal’s office.

once i transferred to public school, i went color crazy with my makeup, excited to have the freedom to wear anything other than beige-colored eye shadow. after my first trip to the massive sephora in san francisco, i discovered stila. the shimmery, bold colored brand had exactly what I was looking for. i picked up palette after palette of blues, greens, purples and of course the neutrals just in case. i stocked up on my favorite clear, click tube lip glazes to show off my collection at school as well.

as i grew older, i learned to love the simplicity of a little bronzer, a pop of pink on the cheeks and a sandy colored eye to highlight natural beauty. my collection has grown to house an entire drawer dedicated to lip sticks, glosses, stains, tints, with no fewer than six choices in my purse at a time. my daily look is a shimmery beige for the lid (like stila’s kitten), and a deeper chocolate (like stila’s java) lined with a dark brown rim around my eye, add a few coats of blackest black mascara (my favorite) and you have a quick but beautiful look for any ordinary day.

i will never give up my shimmers, colors, and variety. for the occasional bold night, i love a deep purple smoky eye or that neon green for a themed party. i love having the ability to transform any look from drab to fab with the application of a few products. having a brand like stila with the range for any occasion is what makes me love the brand that much more.

throughout the years of experimentation i learned a lot through trial and error. but there are a few tips and tricks i will always stand by:
  • a pop of white in your inner eye corners gives a wide-awake look despite how little you slept.
  • for fairer skin tones, using brown rather than black eye make up creates a less harsh look during the day.
  • for a night out, nothing is more classic than a smoky eye and a nude lip.
  • but a nude lip does not mean a naked lip. add a little liner, or gloss in a shade one lighter than your lip color to enhance your face.
  • on that note, a bold lip will never do you wrong on a girl’s night out. choose a hot pink, or even orange, to modernize that red lip look. pair it with a skin tone lid, and an extra coat of mascara to keep your lips the prime focus.
  • wear what makes you happy. even if a color isn’t “in” that season, if you want to wear an eggplant-esque color in your crease (great for hazel eyes like mine) wear it regardless of the trends for that year.

hope you liked hearing my story as well as my go-to tricks. stop by everyday to runway, to see more “must have” products that i love! xo

celebs love lip glaze

Apr 14, 2011

stila’s classic lip glaze has always been a favorite among celebrities, tia mowry being one of them.  us weekly just featured some of tia’s must-haves, including our very own banana lip glaze!  we love banana for a great nude lip, and we especially love the new shades of lip glaze that debuted for summer.  these sorbet shades are the icing on the cake to any makeup look!

is there a lip glaze you can't live without?

romona keveza fashion show

Apr 13, 2011

stila was backstage last week at the romona keveza fashion show.  jason araujo led the team creating a romantic, sophisticated, and timeless look to compliment romona’s new collection of wedding dresses.  according to jason, “the makeup was very chic and grown up” – perfect for any bride ready to say, “i do”.  recreate this look for your own wedding or just because you want to look fabulous!  here’s a facechart and pictures to help.

pro tip:  line the eyes first with stingray smudgestick eyeliner.  soften with brush #4.  then add stay all day liquid eyeliner on top right at the lash line for intensity.

***which dress is your favorite???

  • link
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  • link

pro artist tip of the week – how to use sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners

Apr 11, 2011

add some sparkle to your life with stila’s new sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners. they are the perfect summer product, providing a mixture of beauty and happiness at the same time. we love them. and guess what? they are easy-to-use and very multi-functional. here are some suggestions to help you get started.

-remember to always shake the product first before you open. this ensures that you will have the most pigment per use.

-for a basic eyeliner look, trace your lash line with the applicator. if you are right-handed, use left to right strokes. if you are left-handed, use right to left strokes.

-want to try a cat eye? wing up at the second to last lash. sometimes this look is easier to create after you have applied mascara.

-don’t be afraid to go bold and paint the color all over your lid for a colorful eye look that will stay all day. you can sheer out the product for less color or build for more drama.

-we love expressing our individuality with these liners. you can too. try lining one color on the bottom lash line and another shade on the top lash line.

-lastly, make sure you keep your eyes closed while the product dries! once it sets, it’s not moving :)

one step bronze – an instant tan

Apr 8, 2011

who doesn’t want perfect bronze skin during the summertime? at stila, we think it’s ideal. even better, it’s achievable with one step bronze, a new product that provides an instant tan in seconds. in addition to adding color naturally to your skin, it also illuminates, primes, smoothes, and corrects at the same time. how fantastic! need proof that this product is a summer must-have? check out these before and after photos we took using the product.



also, enjoy these tips about one step bronze from our pro artists:

  • one step bronze can be worn on its own, underneath foundation, or mixed with foundation.
  • mix one step bronze with moisturizer or foundation to add a hint of bronze to your skin.
  • layer one step bronze in areas where you want more color, especially the cheeks
  • apply the product on your chest area to tone down redness and mimic color in the face

don't miss stila at IMATS in new york

Apr 7, 2011

hey makeup pros!  are you attending IMATS this weekend in new york?  the stila team will be there in full force.  new summer products will be available, as well as our amazing HD foundation (perfect & correct) that just launched.  

don't forget to stop by the mercer stage on sunday at 1pm to learn innovative tips and tricks from stila pros, dominick briguglio and viviana martin.  

we can't wait to see you!  

reasons to love perfect & correct

Apr 6, 2011

stila’s new perfect & correct foundation is amazing. in fact, our pro artists are “obsessed” with this innovative foundation that glides effortlessly on the skin. the easy-to-use formula provides weightless coverage for your skin, improving the look and feel of your skin in minutes. additionally, the foundation provides the following key benefits.

  • 15 bio-available, ionically charged minerals suspended in the foundation read and react to your skin’s individual needs, and targets and corrects skin imperfections such as acne, sun damage and dryness caused by environmental stress
  • hyaluronic acid helps increase hydration levels of the skin
  • ginseng root extract and gingko biloba leaf extract provide potent antioxidant benefits and help prevent premature aging
  • chamomile soothes and improves skin elasticity
  • helps reduce the look of fine lines & wrinkles
  • hydrates & balances
  • controls oil and minimizes pores
  • medium, buildable coverage for a luminous, satin finish
  • high definition and high performance
  • paraben and fragrance free

*pro tip: for best results, apply this foundation with stila’s #33 brush! layer where more coverage is needed.

the winner loves dark blue

everyone is excited about the release of stila's sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners.  in fact, the winner of last week's giveway said "the dark blue one is a must-have."  we agree.  it's a nice change from black eyeliner during the summer time and it looks great on all eye colors, especially brown! 

have fun using these liners and tune in soon for another giveaway!

xoxo, stila

pro artist tip of the week - using a lip and cheek stain

Apr 4, 2011

the crush category at stila, better known as lip and cheek stains, is a popular product at stila.  what better than beautiful lip and cheek colors that stay?!  add to this an amazing shade range - bright red to brown and lots in between :).  plus, we're pretty sure that anyone on the go can use these "crushes" with some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and look good all day.  need help applying?  read these tips.

-prep your lips properly before application.  remove any flakey skin and make sure your lips are free from oil and other residue.

-for the best looking pout, apply the product all over the lips and then press them together to ensure the product adheres.  then add another layer-kind of like a top coat.  this will set your color and ensure it looks smooth and balanced on the lips.

-if you just want a little color, apply the product to your lips with your fingers.

-when using the product on your cheeks, try removing the gel from the container and then blending onto your face with your fingers.

-the brighter colors (acai and raspberry) can be toned down for proper cheek application.  mix them with illuminating tinted moisturizer and then apply to avoid looking overdone.

making some facecharts...

Apr 1, 2011

yesterday was arts and crafts day at the stila studios.  one look after another was created on stila facecharts for imats in new york next weekend.  maybe soon we can vote on a winner!  haha.  for now, check out the mess/fun that is involved with facecharting!

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