guest blog - how were you introduced to stila?

Apr 28, 2011

we have a lot of stila fans across the globe.  it's fun to hear their stories and learn how they came to know stila - whether it was yesterday, 10 years ago, from a magazine, or a friend.  nav, a UK fan and blogger for beauty blogging away, recently shared with us the simple way in which she discovered stila.  we love it. learn more about nav below and read what she has to say.
"my first stila product was the lip glaze, and to this day it remains one of my favorites from stila. i received it from a friend!  it's a very pretty sheer-ish lip gloss which leaves a nice sheen and a bit of sparkle on my lips, and I love it! it's moisturizing, which is one of the main points that made me come back to it and use it over and over.

"since i first received this gift, i have picked up stila eyeshadows and other products.  today i love stila!"

***how did you discover stila?  did a friend turn you on to our lip glazes like nav's did?  or did you learn about it some other way?!?  we would love to know!

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  1. I discovered Stila on You Tube. Heard many YT gurus talking about stila products and now I have a huge stila cosmetics collection :)). Great products

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