say goodbye to straight lashes

Apr 27, 2011

straight lashes are a frustrating problem for many women today.  and while the eyelash curler helps, it often doesn’t solve the problem.  fortunately, with stila’s new forever your curl mascara, you can now say goodbye to straight lashes.  amazing, right?!  here’s why this mascara is a must-have for your makeup bag.

  • forever your curl mascara curls your lashes instantly and perms your lashes over time
  • the encapsulated raw ingredient penetrates the hair follicle and enhances lash-curl memory
  • special polymers in the mascara lengthen the lashes
  • the mascara contains carbon black pigment for the blackest lashes
  • it is long-wearing, water-resistant, and melt-proof 

***pro tip:  toss out the eyelash curler and coat away.  according to sarah lucero, it’s the perfect lightweight formula for “feathery, fluffy, curled lashes.”

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