preparing for prom with dakota fanning

May 31, 2011

most of us can remember going to prom – a major part of growing up.  picking out the perfect dress was an important part of that experience.  then you needed jewelry, makeup, and hair to complete the experience.  last thursday, our stila team was able to relive this experience and participate in a great cause.

we were at CHOC hospital where dakota fanning helped 35 cancer patients and cancer survivors pick out dresses and jewelry (provided by bcbg and forever 21) for the hospitals upcoming annual prom. 

after the girls chose a dress, the stila team taught the girls how to apply their makeup and frederic fekkai stylists provided hair consultations.  every girl was so beautiful and inspiring.  we felt honored to be a part of this incredible day and hope all of the girls have so much fun at their prom.

a special thanks to dakota fanning who took time out of her busy schedule to work one on one with each girl.  she was a delight to be with and we are anxious to see her upcoming movie “now is good” where she plays a leukemia sufferer.  

lynn tilton in WEUSA

May 27, 2011

hey stila fans!  check out this amazing article in "women’s enterprise usa" magazine about lynn tilton, stila owner and CEO of patriarch partners.  we are honored to work for such a talented and inspiring woman.

stila makeover – literally

May 26, 2011

throughout the years, stila has given several makeovers to various individuals.  we’ve loved every minute of it.  but these last few weeks, we have been focusing our efforts beautifying something other than the face!  imagine that?!  since we like things to look pretty, we thought it was time to give our office a little makeover.  here’s a sneak peak at our updated world...

***a huge thanks to our creative department for helping us with our efforts.  we’d be lost without them.  

“PRO”file piece – jenn flannagan

May 25, 2011

we are excited to introduce you to our pro artist and account executive from san diego, jenn flannagan.  she has worked with stila for 7 years now and is such an asset to our team.  she’s an education guru, a talented artist, a fashionista, and more than anything “the skin expert”.  since summer is approaching, we thought it was fitting that we turn to jenn for some skin tips.  read below to learn what she had to say in our q&a.

as a makeup artist, how important would you say good skin is to the finished product?
i always say “great makeup begins with great skin.”  we may not have perfect skin naturally, but makeup can help.  i believe that women want to look like the best version of themselves.  a healthy fresh face is a great place to start, and often heavy makeup can be unflattering or unnecessary.

what should we be doing to promote healthy looking skin?
3 simple things.  moisturize.  use sunscreen.  and please, do not sleep in your makeup!

aince perfect skin is rare, what secret weapons can you share to help us look better daily?
a little bit of shimmer is your best friend.  i use a luminizing serum daily and top it off with stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer to make my skin look smooth.  also, I love blush!  whenever I am feeling down or tired, i put more blush on – it’s an instant pick-me-up. 

it’s easy to let a simple breakout ruin your confidence.  how can you avoid this?
first, love your face!  it’s the only one you are going to have.  every woman has imperfections.  that’s what makes us unique and special.  and when the unexpected blemish pops up before a first date – that’s what concealer is for!  i like to stipple perfecting concealer on blemishes and then set with pressed powder.  it’s a great trick that works like a charm!

how important are skincare products?
i am a big believer in selecting great skin care products that work for you.  the prep work is half the battle when it comes to great skin.  invest in a good moisturizer, eye cream, and sunscreen. and try exfoliating if you don’t already – it will help your makeup go on smoother.

makeup for your memorial day weekend

May 24, 2011

we are counting down the days until memorial day weekend!  are you?  it’s always nice to have a three day weekend.  whether you are going on a vacation or staying around town, you probably have some exciting plans.  we do!  here are the makeup must-haves to complete your weekend.

sheer color tinted moisturizer spf 20.  protect your skin and look good at the same time while you are outside having fun.  We love that this product is water-resistant and therefore long-wearing.

kitten smudge pot.  for long days and no fuss, use this product for smudge proof kitten on your eyes.  make them look bigger and brighten in seconds.  add some mascara and you are good to go!

lip & cheek stain.  finish with your favorite lip and cheek stain. which one do you have a crush on?  right now we are obsessed with yumberry and coconut underneath our new lip glazes.

happy memorial day stila fans!  xoxo

pro artist tip of the week – balanced beauty

May 23, 2011

do you remember the days when you walked up to the beauty counter and were categorized as a winter, spring, summer, or fall?  there was definitely something nice about those rules.  in a way, the knowledge it provided was empowering.  however, it was also limiting, keeping us in a box, when the beauty world had unlimited possibilities.  today, how do you blend the two concepts?  we have an idea.  focus on balanced beauty.  you will always feel confident but not unnecessarily restricted.  and achieving balanced beauty is simple.  read below for more information.

balanced beauty is all about harmony with your makeup.  when you look at someone whose makeup is balanced, everything makes sense – sort of like a great outfit.

do not confuse balance with neutral/natural.  colors are great.  just make sure they do not clash! 

sticking to a warm, cool, or neutral look is a great way to maintain balance with your makeup.  this is why we love our convertible colors.  they encourage harmony in your makeup, allowing you to use the same color on your lips and cheeks. 

keep in mind that you are not restricted to warm, cool, or neutral.  change it up.  wear a warm look one day and a cool look the next.  have fun.  this is what we love about makeup!

always remember that neutrals go with everything!

lastly, do not over think.  if it doesn’t look right, you will know.  that’s what being an artist is all about J

makeup artist regan livingston uses stila on femme fatales

May 20, 2011

have you seen hbo’s new show “femme fatales”?  if not, you are missing out.  it’s a great new tv show.  we love everything about it, especially the makeup.  in fact, regan livingston, the show’s makeup artist has been using stila on set.  she just sent us these stunning photos for you to see.  aren’t they amazing?!!  we think so.

guest blog - get makemeover's "stila sisters" look

May 19, 2011

today's guest blogger, ebony from, has created a colorful look that we love.  below you will find more info about her, what her favorite products are and how she uses them, and some fun pictures.  enjoy!

stila sisters...

stila is best when shared with your girlfriends.  bright bold colors are in style for spring and summer.  stila eye shadows are perfect to brighten any look.   below, kiyana and ski share their favorite stila products with each other.

kiyana is wearing the following:

recreate kiyana’s look...
-apply azure over entire eyelid
-apply wheat from eyebrow to mid eye as a highlighter
-dust mystic in crease
-use indigo with an angle brush as an eyeliner for top and bottom lashes
-apply cherry crush lip stain to the lips
-dust bronzer on cheeks

ski is wearing

recreate sky’s look...
-apply barefoot contessa over entire eyelid
-apply oasis from eyebrow to mid eye as a highlighter
-dust coco in the crease
-apply cherry crush lip stain to the lips
-dust bronzer on cheeks

the ny makeup show

May 18, 2011

we had a blast at the ny makeup show last weekend.  it was so much fun to meet all of our ny stila fans!  they came in a hurry to pick up our eyeliners – especially the new sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners.  all of the pros that attended the makeup show seemed to agree that these liners are a must-have!  in addition, our new foundation - perfect & correct - was a huge hit!

one of the best parts of the weekend was participating in the show’s first ever “new york groove”. this event paid tribute to new york city’s influence on various beauty trends. stila was able to honor one of our favorite trendsetters – blondie!  check out these amazing photos from the event below.


pro artist tip of the week – skin savers

May 16, 2011

as makeup artists we come across all types of skin.  sure it would be ideal to work on a perfectly prepped canvas every time, however that is not usually the case!  everyone has different skin and different issues/concerns.  although taking care of your skin is a process and something you do over time, there are definitely certain products you can use to save your skin and make it look better.  here are some suggestions.

  • does your makeup wear throughout the day?  if not, your skin could be dehydrated.  in many cases the skin eats the makeup because it lacks moisture.  if this is you, drink more water and try using a product like our hydrating primer.  it balances the skin and provides the extra moisturize your skin needs.
  • for those with oily skin, try skipping moisturizer during the daytime.  instead use a primer that will control oil like stila’s one step correct.  this product will not only smooth your skin, but it will also prevent the makeup from sliding off your face.
  • are you suffering from a bad breakout?  less is more.  sounds like an oxymoron – we know.  no we are not suggesting you walk around bare skinned.  instead use a lightweight foundation, a little bit of concealer on the blemish, and a powder to smooth the skin like stila’s illuminating powder foundation!

simply shakespeare – simply spectacular

May 13, 2011

for the last few years, stila has had the honor of sponsoring simply shakespeare, an event organized by tom hanks and rita wilson.  each year various actors collaborate and have fun with shakespeare.  the result is simply spectacular for several reasons.  first, it is a great time for all who attend, including the amazing cast.  second, every year the event benefits various organizations (this year, the shakespeare center of los angeles).

at stila we are fortunate to work with the actors and actresses in the play.  we work behind the scenes prepping the actors and actresses for the stage.  it is so fun!  this year they loved our custom color blush J

blake lively wears stila on the cover of people style watch

May 12, 2011

how many of you stila fans out there love blake lively?  we do too!  her signature style always looks effortless and beautiful at the same time.  well guess what?  on the june cover of people style watch blake is wearing stila’s convertible color in gerbera!  pick up a gerbera of your own to recreate this perfect peach look!  it works everytime.

stila loves the la galaxy

May 11, 2011

we can’t help but love la sports teams, especially la galaxy. who can resist those talented soccer players and of course david beckham? last weekend we were privileged to work with several of the galaxy’s top fans at a special VIP mother’s day event.

this event was a fun pre-game experience for top galaxy fans – moms only though! during the festivities, the galaxy said happy mother’s day to these fans with food, manicures, facials, and stila makeovers! after everyone watched the big game! all and all the night was amazing.

enjoy these fun photos from the event!

go la galaxy!

giveaway!!!!! win a new summer look!

May 10, 2011

attention all stila fans! it’s time for another fantastic giveaway. and today it’s all about the perfect products for summer. one lucky winner will soon be the proud owner of one step bronze, 2 beach palettes (stunning in sayulita and haute in the hamptons), and bubblegum lip glaze. with these products you will be set for the summer.  enter now!

comment and tell us what you plan on doing when you sport these new products! please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states. entries must be submitted by sunday, may 15th at midnight.

xoxo, stila

pro artist tip of the week - the perfect red lip

May 9, 2011

red lips are a hot trend right now. after all, who can resist a red hot lip. plus, it seems like an easy way to spice up your look. however, it's not always that simple. the application process alone can be a struggle. and figuring out what to pair with your red lip is another issue. don't fret. here are some helpful hints to help anyone achieve the perfect red lip.

-what shade? the orange-red looks great on fair and deep skin tones. a blue-red is perfect for medium to dark skin tones. and a true red like lover long wear lip color will work on anyone!

-for a defined red lip, begin with a lip liner. if you prefer that pouty lip look, opt out of lip liner

-need your lipstick to stay? dust stila's hydrating finishing powder on the lips in between lipstick layers!

-clean up mistakes with perfecting concealer. apply it to the outside of the lips with the #11 brush.

-smile when you apply your lipstick. this makes it easier to coat every part of the lips and helps you achieve a precise line.

-tired of your red lipstick bleeding? try our long wear liquid lip color in fiery. this lip color wears all day and will not move or bleed! no more worrying about your teeth or your chin!

-lastly, keep the lips the focus of your look when wearing red. we recommend adding some bronzer and lots of mascara!

daily candy event at fred segal

May 5, 2011

last week stila sponsored the daily candy event at fred segal in santa monica.  this jam-packed occasion was full of fun for everyone who attended.  what more could you ask for than food, shopping, blowouts, manicures, and stila makeovers?!  it’s no wonder people didn’t want to leave! 

the stila team had such a great time working with everyone at the party.  we used our new sparkle waterproof liquid eyeliners to add some light and beauty to everyone’s night.  they were a huge hit!  people loved them in all colors – whether they tried the bold electric teal or went more neutral with the rock candy brown shade.  thanks to all who attended.

btw, how cute are those lollipops?!  the perfect accent to our new summer lip glazes!!!

xoxo, stila

send your mom some love with makeup this mother's day

reminder!!!!!!! mother’s day is this sunday. we are counting down the days, and we are here to help. this year, tell your mother how beautiful she is inside and out with some of our favorite makeup items! you can’t go wrong with these options...

garden bliss palette. this luminous bronzer is a perfect all over powder for summer. it adds a subtle glow to anyone’s complexion and is a great pick-me-up. even better, no one can resist the pretty packaging!

one step correct. every mom wants her skin to look better. one step correct makes good looking skin obtainable, for everyone. and it’s versatile. this product can be worn alone or as a primer underneath your foundation.

lip glaze. there’s no better way to say, “i love you,” than with lip gloss. stila’s new sorbet shades of lip glaze are perfect glosses for your mom. we love honeysuckle and bubblegum.

pro artist tip of the week - makeup for rosacea

May 3, 2011

rosacea is a common skin problem today. those who suffer with this issue deal with skin irritations and often have redness and/or inflammation as well. fortunately, makeup can help. it’s simply a matter of knowing the right makeup to use. here are some suggestions.

-less is more with rosacea. this can be difficult because you are trying to cover redness. however, too much product can irritate the skin.

-look for products that are oil free and will neutralize redness. if you prefer a liquid, we recommend stila’s new perfect & correct foundation or our tinted moisturizer. Both are lightweight products that correct redness in the skin.

-for the fullest coverage, try using stila’s cover up stick to conceal redness. then set with our illuminating powder foundation. the two together are long wearing and simple – great for anyone with rosacea.

-lastly, to add shape to your face, skip blush and try a bronzer instead.

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