giveaway!!!!! win a new summer look!

May 10, 2011

attention all stila fans! it’s time for another fantastic giveaway. and today it’s all about the perfect products for summer. one lucky winner will soon be the proud owner of one step bronze, 2 beach palettes (stunning in sayulita and haute in the hamptons), and bubblegum lip glaze. with these products you will be set for the summer.  enter now!

comment and tell us what you plan on doing when you sport these new products! please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states. entries must be submitted by sunday, may 15th at midnight.

xoxo, stila

129 Responses to giveaway!!!!! win a new summer look!

  1. Currently using my stila tinted moisturizer in #2 for my everyday gym workout. It's so nice to see some color and a glow even before I get my work out started. The Bronzer and lip gloss would be a welcome addition to get up and go!
    xxo Love your products!

  2. I would love to just use these for an everyday summery look or a fun night out on the town look. So many fun ways I could play with these products =)

  3. These look so fun! I'd sport this to a summer concert, to the lake with my family, and on date night with my husband!


  4. If I win I've got a certain someone in mind that I'm going to see. He can see how beautiful I'm am and I know he will fall for me right on the spot! With Stila I can't lose! Stila always boosts my confidence.

  5. I would head out to a day trip at my favorite theme park. The water rides, roller coasters, and wavepool will put the makeup to the test!

  6. I would use them for my everyday look. I could also spice them up a bit for a night out with a black winged liner. :D

  7. I'd definitely put these together for an awesome makeup combination for my friends' wedding coming up in June. :)

  8. I would love to use these products as an every day fresh summer look! Every product is perfect to complete a fresh glow.

  9. I would definitly take it with me on vactions this summer. Very cute and these products look like if they last for a long time but knowing me I would finish this immediately.

  10. I just got accepted into a accelerated 2nd degree bachlors in nursing program which just started last week. It is non stop program for the next 15 months. Even though i wont have much of a summer, ill be sporting these products during my clincals. Nothing like having stila and a smile on your face to brighten a patients days! =)


  11. These products are perfect for Summer 2011! :) I would use the Haute in Hamptons palette to brighten up my face for work along with the Bubblegum lip glaze. If I'm at the beach or at the pool, I would switch it up and use the
    Stunning in Sayulita and Step One Bronzer. I'd also be using my favorite eye liner, Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid eye liner because its so easy to apply and does not budge! :)

    Thank you :)

  12. I'll be traveling! I'm going on a trip soon and I can really see these products in my travel makeup bag! :-)

    onlinekizzy at gmaildotcom

  13. I'd love to use these products to spice up my summer makeup! :)
    light, fresh, and summery.. so that I'm wearing the makeup, not the makeup wearing me! :)

  14. These products would be great for a fun, relaxing day at the beach. Stila cosmetics are always so easy to use for an effortless summer look.

  15. I'd wear them when I visit my boyfriend this summer. We've been in a Long-Distance-Relationship (He's East Coast, I'm West Coast) for four years now, and rumor has it he's planning to propose when we go to the beach this year. So of course I'd want to look stunning! ;)

  16. My daughter is competing in a local pageant this summer (in July) so I'd be rocking that makeup while in the audience supporting her and she'd be on the stage rocking the makeup while competing!

  17. I'd wear the products whenever me and my girls go out. I know this summer we are planning of going on a road trip so yeah with a little beach trip as well. These products would be good for the day/night time:)

  18. those are amazing products!! i would use it for the summer definitely! looks good for the beach i think :)

  19. I'd love to wear these colors for the summer while out boating on the lake & spending time with my friends and family!

  20. id wear it 24/7, except when im asleep. i dont go anywhere without having my makeup on, even when i plan on staying home. you never know who might come knocking at your door ;)id be more confident and show off the new look that was provided by you =)i also write reviews on new products i use and talk to friends/family about beauty products and am approached all the time about recommendations. email is thank you for this opportunity !

  21. I am hoping to travel to SE Asia this summer, and these colors would look perfect- they're pretty and feminine, but natural-looking...perfect for climbing stupas and riding elephants, while still looking pretty and put together!

  22. I see myself walking down the boardwalk after a day on the beach looking fabulous wearing the products,the cool beach air on my warm skin!

  23. I love these summer colors. I would spot in Miami on the beach and out at night. Stunning colors :)

  24. I am going to be wearing them while on my 7 day cruise to Alaska! Whether I'm on land zip lining and experiencing the Alaskan wilderness, I'll be rocking my summer glow on the cruise ship.

  25. These would be perfect for a pleasant glow while celebrating my 1 year anniversary with my partner. It's coming up next month. It's also the 2 year mark anniversary of being apart from my ex (hey, if you'd been married to him, you'd celebrate this too). Besides, I'm way overdue for new cosmetics and I can't tell you how much I *love* Stila.

  26. I would wear them to all the summer weddings and bridal showers I have this summer! xo

  27. I love tinted moisturizer during the summer, it feels so light and evens you out wonderfully! I would wear these beautiful summery colors to my vaction in San Diego in June!

  28. I would love to wear these as an everyday summer look. Being a mom to a busy body 8 month old son its hard to take time to put on all the necessities and having the option to have a few items from STILA, will go a long way. Having these few items will give me a fresh face look and highlight my natural beauty in a natural way and not over doing like other products. I'll be the best looking mommy in the summertime with these items! :)

  29. Just living an everyday

    tooluckyducky AT hotmail DOT com

  30. I would give myself a new look for summer for my cousin's wedding in June.


  31. Can't wait to have my hands on the bronzer esp. In Singapore it's summer all year round. The collection is perfect for the weather here. Currently using stila tinted moisturizer no 2 and bronzer no 1.

  32. I'm a stay at home mom and I would wear these everyday because I can still look good even if I don't have anywhere in particular to go.

  33. I would give myself a fresh new look to brighten my spirits and feel confident going into summer!

  34. I plan on looking good on the way to my awesome summer job, and afterward when I get to kick back and relax and have some summer fun.

  35. I'm disabled and can only get out at the weekends when my BF's not working. We like to go for coffee in the village to get me out of the house. It's always nice to put a bit of makeup on to help me feel a bit better and look healthier. The bronzer would give me a great glow and the lip gloss would be - just - YUM! :D <3 xxx

    may_mcgrath AT hotmail .com

  36. Perfect for those summer weddings and engagement parties we are attendng. Fresh looking with a beautiful glow.


  37. Love, love the colors - so perfect for summer and such a great accent to the pastels of summer!

  38. These products are great for a summertime look. Where I live in Nashville TN, we do get some hot weather. These will be perfect when I go to work (I work at a hospital) and the packaging is slim and compact so I don't have to carry a makeup bag full of makeup in my purse if I need to do a touch up. It will great when I go to outdoor festivals around the city from watching a movie in the park to an outdoor concert around town.

  39. I would definately use this look for a day at the beach.. I hate seeing girls with "date night" makeup on at the beach, poor things are a hot mess by the end of the day. Just enough color for a fuss free day in the sun. Perfect!!

  40. This would make for a great day at the beach! Would love to add this to my makeup collection!

  41. I would wear them as I venture out once again into the world of Internet dating. Bet they'd make me look great -- and help me hook a hottie!

  42. well since its summer time, these products would come in handy weather going to the local park with my poodle or going out on those warm summer nights.

  43. I just wanna look my best, radiant and full of summery glow when i hang out with my friends this summer. I know Stilla can make that happen. <3 Stilla cosmetics!!!


  44. Would wear them on a day at the beach or pool, and the green in "stunning in sayulita" would look lovely with a park backdrop. x)

  45. I'm imagining heading out for an afternoon with girlfriends looking fresh and summery while sitting on a deck enjoying a glass of wine. That bronzer would help to give this fair skinned gal that gentle sun-kissed look!

  46. I could see wearing these products everyday to help me celebrate summer! I love the summer!!! Going out for the 4th of July, my birthday, going to a friends wedding, a training conference in August, going to the beach or pool. I would even wear it playing on my boyfriends floor hockey league, although I am the only girl on my team I still like looking nice. amapelli83(at)yahoo(dot)com

  47. I would wear em while selling Stila in my boutique!! So I can spread the Stila love to all my customers:)

  48. THESE PRODUCTS would be so AMAZING to try out during the summer!! I would just pop the palettes in my bag, and easily create any look!You can take it from daytime to night time easily!these are so awesome I would love to try them out!!!!!!! in love with these by just looking at them hahaha!! The packaging is so compact and practical! these products are really foolproof!!I think the bronzer would give a gorgous glow, perfect for the summer time! thanks Stila for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  49. would wear these almost everyday but especially for the many cook outs we have with friends and family, having pool parties and when I can finally reconnect with a childhood friend that was hurt in a tornado recently, I havent seen him in over 10 years so I would love to look my best :) My email is

  50. I plan on using the one step bronzer all summer long while I work at community events recruiting mentors and sharing with families about the benefits of children having an additional positive adult in their lives. I'll probably also use the eyeshadows to glam up my summer dresses to stay cool with my sundresses! :-)

  51. i plan on wearing these products on a girl's night out to downtown or a special summer date with the hubby :)


  52. I plan on taking them with me to MIAMI!!! They are perfect for a nice day relaxing by the pool or a fun night out on South Beach. I'm so excited for summer time.

  53. I would use these products to create a flawless look for a summer day out at the beach!

  54. i am a freelance makeup artist and would use this on myself when i am on the go and have to apply my makeup super fast!!! ;) i love how it creates a flawless look, and even on set i have used it on the models..and they love it!

  55. I'd wear these products ALL YEAR LONG. After all, I live in Hawaii where it's Summer here just about every day. :)

  56. I would sport these at Date nights with my honey, BBQ's with my family, and even when I am on location taking photo's of my clients!!

  57. I love love love Stila! To be honest I haven't gotten to try any of these yet but if I did I would take them with me on my trip to Fire Island so that when we're out at the beach during the day I can use the Stunning in Sayulita palette to play up my features or the Haute in the Hamptons paletter for a romantic dinner in the evening. And of course I would I'd be using the bronzer the whole time after all what's a summer look without a little bronzer ? Lastly, I love the playful look of the Bubblegum Lipglaze and I'd probably pair that with my Charming lip liner because that stuff stays on even after I've been in the water, it's amazing!

  58. I plan on wearing the one step bronze product to work so I can have a sun-kissed look even though I work inside all day! The stunning in sayulita and haute in the hamptons eye shadows will work wonders to brighten up my face during the day, or I will plan on applying them darker for a more dramatic look at night for drinks out with the girls! And most of all, the bubble gum lip glaze will be worn at all times, applied twice when I feel the extra urge to get a summer-lovin, bubble gum poppin look!

  59. I'd love to travel with the palettes and visit a gorgeous beach with the boyfriend sometime in the summer.

  60. I would lovelovelove to have and share this collection with my friend who can't afford gorgeous makeup like this and help her make herself feel beautiful :)

  61. I am a makeup artist always looking for new awesome products to use on and suggest to my clients! I would love to be able to use these cosmetics to try and promote your line to my clients, family and friends. I have a Massage, Spa and Makeup Services page on Facebook and I would love to have the honor of trying these products so I can do a photo shoot for an Stila summer look! I just had a baby boy recently which means I haven't been able to work as much as I would like or purchase all the cosmetics I wish I could, but hey! This sounds like a great opportunity for me! I do makeup on models, brides, bridesmaids, girls going to prom etc. Nothing makes me feel better than helping young girls and women of all ages have the confidence not just in their outer, but inner beauty as well. To provide makeup services for someone and see it almost bring tears to their eyes is why I love doing what I do! I hope I get the chance to win and show others how amazing Stila cosmetics are! =]

    Moriera Bobst

    May 11, 2011

  62. I never wear makeup to the beach, so it would nice to tuck these in my beach bag to primp a little when I plan on going somewhere after a day in the water.

  63. I would wear them while out abd about with my kids - to the park, to the beach, to the mall, wherever our days happen to take us. time to redefine what "looking like a mom" means. When you do it right, who wouldn't want to look like a mom?

  64. The lip glaze will not only give my lips the perfect flavor taste but also that romantic and flirty look…perfect for when I’m out on a date.

    I will wear the rosy colors of the Sayulita to give me a natural look yet a hint of light in my eyes…I will rock this look during my airplane travels, it will help me look fresh and awake!!

    The bronzer’s copper undertone will bring out that glow I’m missing when the sun hits it while its pink undertone will give me the perfect blush…absolutely cannot be ditch for the my bbq parties, beach outings, or grocery shopping.

  65. I'd use these to wear to work or a day out with my husband. Stila products are so versatile, you can wear them anywhere. And I don't have to worry about them not lasting. I already use and love the one step foundation and would love to also have the bronzer :)

  66. I would wear these products to my brothers engagement party for which I am a bridesmaid. I would also wear these when AI am sitting lakeside reading my latest fashion magazines while soaking up the sun in a safe and healthy way of course. A floppy straw hat and clarions sunscreen would be the perfect accessories with these produc

  67. I will be having a baby at the end of the summer, and these products are perfect for that sunkissed glow that ever mama needs! I will be wearing them to look healthy and happy all summer long!

  68. I would love to bring some of the beach to work! I can pretend I'm next to the waves even under florescent light.

  69. Hello! If I were to win these gorgeous Stila products...I would be doing all the things I already do with my boys (beach, pool, baseball games, chasing them around)...However, I would look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s while doing it! Thank you.

  70. I love being able to look nice and wear makeup to work then adding a bit of drama to go out in the evenings. If I won, this makeup would work twice as hard, in the day at work and in the evening, at cocktails with my girlfriends!

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