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May 23, 2011

do you remember the days when you walked up to the beauty counter and were categorized as a winter, spring, summer, or fall?  there was definitely something nice about those rules.  in a way, the knowledge it provided was empowering.  however, it was also limiting, keeping us in a box, when the beauty world had unlimited possibilities.  today, how do you blend the two concepts?  we have an idea.  focus on balanced beauty.  you will always feel confident but not unnecessarily restricted.  and achieving balanced beauty is simple.  read below for more information.

balanced beauty is all about harmony with your makeup.  when you look at someone whose makeup is balanced, everything makes sense – sort of like a great outfit.

do not confuse balance with neutral/natural.  colors are great.  just make sure they do not clash! 

sticking to a warm, cool, or neutral look is a great way to maintain balance with your makeup.  this is why we love our convertible colors.  they encourage harmony in your makeup, allowing you to use the same color on your lips and cheeks. 

keep in mind that you are not restricted to warm, cool, or neutral.  change it up.  wear a warm look one day and a cool look the next.  have fun.  this is what we love about makeup!

always remember that neutrals go with everything!

lastly, do not over think.  if it doesn’t look right, you will know.  that’s what being an artist is all about J

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