pro artist tip of the week - makeup for rosacea

May 3, 2011

rosacea is a common skin problem today. those who suffer with this issue deal with skin irritations and often have redness and/or inflammation as well. fortunately, makeup can help. it’s simply a matter of knowing the right makeup to use. here are some suggestions.

-less is more with rosacea. this can be difficult because you are trying to cover redness. however, too much product can irritate the skin.

-look for products that are oil free and will neutralize redness. if you prefer a liquid, we recommend stila’s new perfect & correct foundation or our tinted moisturizer. Both are lightweight products that correct redness in the skin.

-for the fullest coverage, try using stila’s cover up stick to conceal redness. then set with our illuminating powder foundation. the two together are long wearing and simple – great for anyone with rosacea.

-lastly, to add shape to your face, skip blush and try a bronzer instead.

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  1. I'm so tired of a red face that just gets worse with most products! I'll check these out for sure. Great blog post, thank you!

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