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May 16, 2011

as makeup artists we come across all types of skin.  sure it would be ideal to work on a perfectly prepped canvas every time, however that is not usually the case!  everyone has different skin and different issues/concerns.  although taking care of your skin is a process and something you do over time, there are definitely certain products you can use to save your skin and make it look better.  here are some suggestions.

  • does your makeup wear throughout the day?  if not, your skin could be dehydrated.  in many cases the skin eats the makeup because it lacks moisture.  if this is you, drink more water and try using a product like our hydrating primer.  it balances the skin and provides the extra moisturize your skin needs.
  • for those with oily skin, try skipping moisturizer during the daytime.  instead use a primer that will control oil like stila’s one step correct.  this product will not only smooth your skin, but it will also prevent the makeup from sliding off your face.
  • are you suffering from a bad breakout?  less is more.  sounds like an oxymoron – we know.  no we are not suggesting you walk around bare skinned.  instead use a lightweight foundation, a little bit of concealer on the blemish, and a powder to smooth the skin like stila’s illuminating powder foundation!

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