nyc’s in a stila state of mind

May 20, 2010

apparently new york city is in a stila state of mind!!  last week at the annual makeup show (a tradeshow attended by all the pros in the industry), one thing was certain – there was not enough stila to go around!  stila’s booth at the show was crazy, helping makeup artists from around the area get their hands on the latest and greatest that stila has to offer.  what did these makeup artists want?  one step foundation and smudge stick eyeliners.  these 2 new products are innovative and a must have for everyone!  it’s no wonder they sold out so fast!!! 

p.s.  doesn’t our booth look pretty legit?  we thought so!

thinking outside of the box on the set of hair battles

May 5, 2010

stila recently sponsored the reality tv show, hair battle spectutacular, a new reality tv show debuting on oxygen in august.  this show focused on fantasy hair design and makeup to compliment these looks.  stila was thrilled to take on this challenge.  it gave us a chance to really think outside of the box when it comes to makeup and simply play.

it is easy to be intimidated by makeup.  yet there is nothing more empowering then sitting in front of a mirror and experiencing what makeup artists often refer to as the “art of makeup”.  you don’t have to be a skilled professional to try something new.  instead, you need a little creative ambition – and possibly a little extra time in the morning!  if you’re not sure where to begin, think a little outside of the box like we did in these photos!  and rely on go to items from stila like smudge pots and eye shadows!

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