pro artist tip of the week – the natural lip

Aug 29, 2011

for what seems like forever the nude lip has been a go-to.  sultry eyes and nude lips is a look to be relied on.  and while the nude lip is still a great option, we also like the natural lip.  what’s the difference?  The natural lip is exactly what it sounds like – a lip color that looks like lips.  it’s not overstated or understated.  it’s easy, pretty, and it's a great go-to lip option for your day-to-day makeup needs.  here are some tips to help you with your natural lip look.

-a good natural lip provides a flush of color.  for most people it is one shade darker than their natural lip color.

-what eye makeup should you wear with the natural lip?  it’s up to you.  however, if your eye makeup is subtler, bump up your blush!

-there is not one hue of the natural lip.  your natural lip shade depends on your skintone.  for some it’s a brown, for others it’s a light pink, etc.

-what to try?  try a lip & cheek stain in cherry, yumberry, or coconut.    also, the lipglazes are always a great go-to because they are sheer and provide a nice punch of color on the lips.

in style magazines top fall beauty trends

Aug 23, 2011

have you received your september issues?  beauty and fashion gurus alike know that september is the month for magazines, when the designers unveil their fall trends.  we've spent hours studying september issues - just to make sure we are up to speed.  and this year, it looks like we've hit the jackpot!  in style magazine used our stay all day liquid eyeliner to create what they are calling the "punk harlequin" trend - one of their favorites for fall.  we love it and we can't get enough of this eyeliner.

get your eyeliner today for this edgy look or for that classic cat eye that we all love!  xoxo, stila

guest blog - jackie's stila story

Aug 19, 2011

meet jackie from beauty chaotic. her stila story about one of our favorite vintage products is inspiring and gives you a small peak into the life of a beauty blogger!

it was the summer of 2008 when a broken heart led me into the world of blogging. i was sad and distraught, searching for a way to occupy my mind on those lonely evenings spent in my apartment drinking wine, listening to amy winehouse and thinking about the guy who jilted me. originally i planned on starting a celebrity gossip blog à la perez hilton to keep me busy. but then a friend suggested i ditch the celebrity gossip idea and write about something i was even more passionate about - beauty.

it seemed like such an obvious choice.  i couldn’t believe i hadn’t thought of it myself. i’ve always had an affinity for the glamorous things in life, even as a child when i was sneaking into my mother’s makeup drawer and wreaking havoc around the house - and my face -with her candy apple red lipstick.

so I went to work, staying up nights on my hot pink laptop, researching other blogs, thinking of story ideas and going over design options. it took months before i was satisfied with what i had created, but finally on christmas eve of 2008, i launched my site. at first i stuck to what i knew - product reviews, awards show fashion critiques and the occasional makeup how-to. but as my readership grew so did the demand for something i had never done before – a smoky eye makeup tutorial.

i knew nothing about how to create a smoky eye. honestly, I didn’t know much about how to apply eye shadow at all, outside of the basic highlight color all over the lid. so with limited funds and an open mind i headed to my local sephora in search of help and discovered the stila smoky eye talking palette.

i'd been considering investing in a palette for a while, and decided now would be a good time since it came with everything i needed, including instructions. so with the last money i had until payday i bought two palettes – the platinums and the bronzes. and what a great investment it was! i'd just moved out on my own and money was scarce, so for months those two palettes were the only eye shadows I owned.

and boy did I make the best out of what i had! i came up with every possible combination i could out of those 8 shadows - the silver smokey eye, the platinum smokey eye, semi-smokey eyes, dramatic smokey eyes, even the platinum/bronzy smokey eye. that one was a stretch, i know. but hey, it worked.

i was 5 months into my blogging adventure when heartbreak struck again - but this wasn't some boy toying with my heart.  it was a million times worse: my little brother was killed in a car accident. shocked, devastated, and broken, i was beside myself with grief and had no idea how to cope. i wanted to stop working, stop blogging, stop living. the pain was simply too much for me to handle.

one night a few weeks later i was in my apartment once again, sipping wine, listening to music and crying my eyes out when the urge to film a tutorial struck. i knew it was something. I didn’t want to give up and more importantly something my brother wouldn’t want me to give up. so I dried my tears, pulled out my platinum palette and filmed yet another smoky look – this time a shimmery silver eye with hot pink lips look that i still wear to this day.

that’s when the healing began. i spent the majority of my summer filming tutorial after tutorial with the same two palettes – to keep my blog going but to keep my heart going as well. by the time fall rolled around i had used nearly all the eye shadows to the very last bit, scraping the final remnants out of the pans with a paper clip.

i’ve come a long way since those days. my blog and youtube channel are both doing well and i’ve amassed a giant makeup collection that requires an entire wall to store. i have everything a blogger could need at my disposal - hundreds of eye shadows, lip glosses, blushes and eyeliners are now at my fingertips. but it all started with two stila smoky eye talking palettes and i’ll never forget that. and though they were emptied long ago, i still have the two empty palettes to remind me of where i started, how far i’ve come and how far I have yet to go.

"PRO"file piece - tracy sharpe

Aug 17, 2011

introducing sales and artistry executive, tracy sharpe!  she is incredible - a california native, enthusiast, optimist, hard-working, spirited individual who adds so much to the stila team.  tracy has over 20 years of experience in the industry.  when she is not working, tracy spends much of her time volunteering with different charities.  read the q&a below to learn more about her charity work and the effect that it has had.

how long have you been participating in charity work and what led you to start?
i’ve been doing charity work since i was little.  my parents always taught me to help those who can’t help themselves.  i lost a 7 year old nephew to leukemia and that too motivated me to become more involved. 

what charities are you involved with?
CB2U, humain society, leukemia, women of the year for leukemia by niello foundation, children's receiving home of sacramento, susan g. komen., ovarian cancer awareness, burn victims society awareness, spca, aspca, autism, and a few others.

does charity work help you stay positive?
yes.  i learned from my parents that “life is what you make it”.  this is the way i have always tried to live and i am fortunate to be involved with such great organizations.

is there anything that stands out from your charity work – a most memorable moment?
yes indeed.  my son could never talk about the fact that his cousin died from leukemia.  in 2007, i collected $88,000 for a charity contest.  when i was announced the winner of the challenge, my son decided to film a national video depicting his feelings about loosing a loved one to this ugly disease.  this video was a blessing to me and to all who saw it.

through your service, you build others confidence.  is it the same when you are working as a makeup artist?
definitely.  there are those individuals who have a low self esteem and need to build on that.  i believe makeup can help.  often, as i work with these people, i hope that the relationship i build when applying makeup will actually make an even bigger difference.

so one last question.  what stila products bring you the most happiness?
WOW.  so many.  the brushes, of course.  i love the lip glazes.  they are amazing.  i also think the eye shadows are the best quality i have ever seen.  and my new favorite is the kitten all over shimmer.  i think it lights up everyone’s face!

pro artist tip of the week – wedding makeup guide

Aug 16, 2011

at stila, we are no strangers to wedding makeup.  in fact, we love using stila on brides.  it’s a perfect pair for that special day.  however, we do have some suggestions for wedding makeup.  whether you hire someone or do your own makeup, keep this guide in mind.  it will ensure you look amazing on the big day.

use makeup to enhance your features.  we all love makeup.  but it’s your big day, and you want to see you, not your makeup.  you can go bold if you feel like it, but do it in the right way!

bump up your lip and cheek color.  there’s a reason for the ever-popular phrase “the blushing-bride”.  embrace it.  you won’t look like a clown with a little more color and you’ll definitely look better in the pictures.

leave the colors for the bridesmaid’s dresses. a wedding is a great occasion for fun colors.  however, these colors can be distracting when it comes to makeup – particularly with the eyes.  instead, stick with neutral tones to enhance your eyes.  try our new in the light palette if you need color options!

when in doubt, use waterproof.  waterproof products are always a good idea for weddings.  if there is a waterproof option, use it!

fall tips from sulema

Aug 12, 2011

hi stila fans!  have you tried any of our new fall products?  we are in love with them and have found so many fun ways to use them.  need inspiration or ideas to make the most of these amazing products??  here are a few pro tips from one of our pro artists, sulema fernandez-honn.

-combine custom color coral with kitten all over shimmer for beautiful cheeks!  sulema loves using the #24 brush.  she applies custom color coral to the apples of the cheeks with the fluffy end of the brush.  then she uses the flat end of the blush to highlight the cheekbones with kitten all over shimmer!

-moss liquid liner is the emerald color sulema’s been hoping for this fall.  she loves it for a bold cat eye.  she’s been using it with the lighter shades of the in the light palette and topping the look off with topaz kajal eyeliner in the inner rim of the eye for the perfect finishing touch.

-layering eyeliner has allowed sulema to get the depth and drama she’s looking for with her liner.  what are her favorite combos?  she likes stay all day liquid eyeliner in black under bluefin smudgestick and alloy liquid liner mixed with triggerfish smudgestick for an intense gunmetal finish. 

try these tips soon so you can look amazing!!!  have a great weekend!  xoxo, stila

congrats to our blog winner!

Aug 10, 2011

we are excited to announce that "not2haute just right" won the giveaway on our blog!  she will now be the proud owner of our extremely popular in the light palette.  congrats.  she commented and said,

"i love stila.  and i'm very tawny, so i'd really work this set.  "in the light" has all the right shades.  i can keep-it-casual with the top row or glam-it-up with the bottom row" 

such great tips!  as pro artists, we love using the shadows in this palette damp with our number 15 brush!!!  try it next time you pull out the palette.  you will love.

pro artist tip of the week – dramatic eyes

Aug 8, 2011

a few weeks ago we were hanging out with E! news and ken paves for some fun ambush makeovers.  we recreated some of today’s top trends including the dramatic eye – think kim kardashian!  this look was described as makeup, on top of makeup, on top of makeup.  sounds intense?  not necessarily.  it’s about using the right products in the right way.  here’s some tips.

-start with black smudge pot as an eye shadow base.  apply this to the lashline for depth and blend up for a diffused, smoky look. 

-top this with ebony eyeshadow.  layer and blend for a smoky, diffused look.  apply dune eyeshadow on the brow bone to polish the look.

-rim your eyes with lots of onyx kajal eyeliner.

-finish by lining with stay all day liquid eyeliner in carbon black.  then coat your lashes with several coats of major major lash mascara.

did you know our website has reviews??!

Aug 5, 2011

stila’s website now offers reviews from users like you.  read what others have to say and review your favorite products now!  here’s what some of our fans have to say about some of our products.

one step correct.  the multi-tasker I’ve been hoping for! this was my 1st purchase of stila and i am head over heels for it. Nnt only does it control shine (oily t-zone gals), it corrects all tone issues (uneven tone gals) and works to tighten, firm and reduce pores (aging and tone concerned gals)! what more could a girl want.....more stila!

custom color blush.  magic blush. i love this blush because it really does just customize to your skin, it look different on my tan skin compare to my friend's pale skin. both look good, and so i don't have to worry about switching blush for winter time. one for all is what I called this blush. love it!

stay all day liquid eyeliner. stays through it all. THIS EYELINER ROCKS. it stays through anything i do! working out, going to the pool, even surfing! lovelovelove.

sarah's fall trends

Aug 4, 2011

hey stila fans.  stay on trend this fall with these top 4 trends from our very own sarah lucero.

-monochromatic metallic makeup.  try using metallic eye shadows in neutral tones to recreate this trend.   we love our in the light eye shadow palette for this look.  use the shadows wet or dry to vary your look and take it from day to night.

-graphic colorful cat eyes.  head back to the 60s for inspiration with this trend.  mascara isn’t always enough to amp up your eyes.  if you are afraid of black, the new shades of our liquid eyeliner in alloy and moss are great alternatives for a bold cat eye.

-red lips “vintage merlot”.  a confident, sophisticated, daring, and strong woman will always bust out a bold lip color.  bold lips are glamorous.  try stila’s long wear liquid lip color in fiery for the ideal shade.

-bold brows. amazing brows transform your look and enhance your features.  try individually drawing on hairs with our new stay all day brow color.  this way they look bold but not overdone.

giveaway - win the best selling "in the light" palette!!!!

Aug 3, 2011

it seems like everyone is in love with our new in the light palette.  this portable, compact palette comes with 10 eye shadows and an amazing chocolate brown smudge stick eyeliner allowing for limitless looks.  we are in love.  win your palette today by entering our giveaway and "like" this page to share it with your friends.

comment and tell us what you love about this palette.  we want to know!  please include your email address.

***winner must live in the continental united states.  deadline for entry is tuesday, august 9th at midnight. 

xoxo, stila

guest blog - cindy from prime beauty

Aug 2, 2011

cindy from prime beauty is on a mission - a mission to help women over 40 look and feel their best. in her guest post she explains how to create a summery bronze goddess look appropriate for women over 40.

let's face it ladies, when you hit 40 things change. the time for glitter lashes, bright colors and disco ball shimmer are over - it just looks like you're trying too hard, not to mention highlighting all the things we over 40 women are trying to hide!  stila is not just for the younger crowd - there are lots of great products created with us over 40 women in mind. here are some of my favorites for a fresh and easy summer look:

stila one step bronze - a triple threat and ideal for aging skin, stila one step bronze combines, bronzer, primer and illuminator in one product! resembling a soft swirl ice cream cone, the formula contains three illuminating bronzers:  matte bronze with copper undertone - to bronze, bronze with pink undertone - to enhance skin tone and illuminate and kitten - to brighten, illuminate and help diminish the appearance of sun spots. mixing the three shades ensures a soft natural look as opposed to the dreaded faux orange. it's oil free and melts into your skin. It can be used alone or over foundation as a bronzer, applying to the high points of the face. i prefer to mix it with my foundation to deepen the color and give me a natural bronze glow.

stila custom color blush -i have to admit, when i read that this blush would react with your own skin's PH to create a custom shade i was skeptical - very skeptical, but i thought "what's the harm in trying, right?"  i have been pleasantly surprised, i love this blush! although scary bright in the pan, on me it transforms into a fresh sun-kissed flush that is SO natural looking! It looks like I've been sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail out of a pineapple i wish!) - a reddish-pink cheek that looks healthy and youthful. the texture is extremely light and silky so it kind of "floats" on top of lines and wrinkles. it applies like a dream and you can layer for more intensity if desired. on my friend it's a brighter baby pink that suits her skin tone. you've got to try this, it won't look powdery or cakey--perfect for over 40 women!

stila eye shadow trio in gilded- i adore stila eye shadows, the texture is unbeatable. they are powdery, silky and blend like buttah! I also think they do an exceptional job with these trios. each trio is comprised of a base shade, a crease shade and a liner in order to create a complete eye look in minutes. gilded is perfect for a summer bronzy look; a shimmery peachy beige for an all over wash from the lash line to under the brow bone, a gorgeous bronze to use in the crease and a deep matte brown as a liner. the shimmer in stila's shadows are so finely milled that they appear more like a sheen instead of sparkly. too much glitter or sparkle on older eyes tends to emphasize lines, but these shadows make eyes glow.

stila smudge stick waterproof eye liners - i can't get enough of these! they are retractable and glide on effortlessly. i prefer stick eyeliners, mostly because i'm lazy and klutzy and using a brush takes some finesse (which I clearly don’t have). these are versatile in that you can draw a fine line (for under lower lashes) or draw a thick line and smudge. all the colors are spectacular, not a bad one in the bunch–i like lionfish for the bronze goddess look.  these liners also passed my rigorous testing in texas summer heat and humidity. i like the texture of smudge sticks; they are soft and creamy so they don't pull or tug on older eye lids. the shimmer is subdued and adds interest.

crush lip & cheek stains - raspberry crush was the very first lip stain I ever tried and it got me hooked me right away. i now have four shades and my collection is growing. i really love these which makes it difficult to chose a favorite but with the look above, I think either raspberry or mango would work nicely. the stain is very thin, almost watery and both raspberry and mango have ultra fine shimmer, making them ideal for summer evening cocktails on the deck or around the pool.  i like to layer with a gloss on top although it's not necessary. stila lip glaze in fruit punch works with either stain and smells exactly like fruit punch - makes me want to eat it!

with these awesome stila products i can create a bronzed goddess look that's easy and age appropriate for us over 40 women. the look is ideal for summer--bronzed skin with a natural flush, light eyes that pop and bright lips!

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